Business Process Outsourcing Services for Textile Industry

Textile industry has significant role in the economical growth of a country. Its magnitude is underlined by the fact that it accounts for around GDP, industrial production and country’s total export earnings .Growing demand for textile & garment industry means increased dependence on technology to find and capture scarce resources, optimize transmission and streamline distribution. Currently this industry is facing great challenges in its growth rate. The main reasons for these challenges can be the global recession, internal security concerns, lack of proper customer support, unavailability of skilled human resources, unfavorable trade policies,lack of co-ordination of budget & resources, the high cost of production due to increase in the energy costs, different safety issues specially fire, etc. The textile industry is always in need of abundant and skilled workforce to meet the demands of current market trends.

There are still sectors in the industry where is mismatch between the demand and supply of experienced resources in the industry. Consequently, employment generation and turnover rate remain high. For this reason, due to the rapid growth & increasing demand of the textile industries business owners feel the urge to do outsourcing to overcome the challenges and to reach the needs of the customers in quick turn-around time. Our professional team understands the demand of skilled professionals in the textile industry. We provide customized outsourcing service that is totally based on research of the present condition of the industry and client’s requirements. We deliver excellent quality of BPO services that maximize the profitability growth rate in every sector of textile industries.

Our textile BPO solutions include:

At BPO Bangladesh, we provide full-suite of BPO solutions for textile industry.

  • Accounting & Payroll Processing
  • Order/Invoice processing
  • Inbound & outbound call center
  • 24/7 Customer service support
  • Bilingual Call Center(English/Bangla)
  • Sales support
  • Telemarketing
  • IT Support
  • Offshore staffing
  • Data Entry & Data Processing
  • Product Image editing/retouching
  • Digital Marketing services
  • Market research