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Outsource medical transcription services including audio prescriptions, patient information, medical records, dictation from doctors and more. Outsourcing healthcare transcription services to us can assist you focus better on patient care and provide your customers with the excellent customer service.

Outsourcing Exclusive 8 Medical Transcription Services For You


1. Medical Certification

Our BPO-approved credential consultation will provide you with a wealth of medical terminology information.


2. Obtaining Certification

Our audio file is available to new medical transcriptionists with clear medical treatment and files.


3. Acquire Experience

Our BPO transcription opportunities will help you gain medical transcription experience.


4. Transcription Assistance

They spend the whole day on their feet, doing all they can to assist the patients with their treatment.


5. Calculate Output

We will give you proven written form of transcription from where your productivity surge. We are the best in this area.


6. Change Resume

You'll have everything you need to work as a professional healthcare documentation we will update your resume.


7. Job Application

Apply for a job as a medical transcriptionist with your revised resume. You could apply to work with us for betterment.


8. Correction

For those suffering from an injury or accident or who are unable to leave their homes, medical transcription to choice.

Hire A Team of Highly- Skilled Medical Transcriptionist

Doctors, nurse practitioners, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals have demanding careers. They spend the whole day on their feet, doing all they can to assist the patients with their treatment.
There's a lot that can get in their way, and many of them show frustration because they're so swamped with paperwork that they can't spend enough time with their patients. We, BPO Bangladesh give the written file based on patient’s case story and file for cases, treatment or for insurance.

Anywhere Solution

Anywhere Solution

Stay-at-home moms can gain knowledge’s from our documentation from the comfort of their own home with BPO Bangladesh.

Error correction

Error Correction

For those suffering from an injury or accident or who are unable to leave their homes, medical transcription is an excellent choice.



This is a good career option because there are so many growth opportunities, a flexible schedule, and great benefits.

Forum on the Job

Forum On The Job

Individuals can work part-time or full-time from home, depending on their skills. We will help you to work remotely by our services.

Outsourcing Medical Transcription Services

Your Confident Clinical Data Transcription Partner In Bangladesh:

Medical transcription is the process of conversion of voice files into paper or electronic format which can easily be review, transmit and store. It converts voice record reports into text format which is dictated by physicians or other health care professionals. But to acquire accurate medical transcription is a difficult task and also require deep experience.

Outsourcing medical transcription can help to streamline operations as it is done by professionals. That’s why it is one of the best remedy that many healthcare providers have discovered to reduce expense and maximize existing internal resources maintain high quality health care services and patient care.

Fixing Your Every Medical Transcription Outsourcing Challenges In 4 Ways

In the challenging demand considering time and budget, managing medical transcription can be burdensome. To meet these demands faster possible way, transcription service providers use more advanced technology, highly skilled staff and outstanding quality control measures. Let’s find it out the benefits of choosing outsourcing to medical transcription:


1. Help To concentrate More On Patient Care

In-house medical transcription department can cost you lot of time and money in hiring in house staff. But if you choose medical transcription outsourcing it can help you to reduce investments to a great extent. This can help you to serve better healthcare.


2. Help To Maintain Detail Records Of Patient

Medical transcription outsourcing helps you to maintain detail documentation records of patients which improve efficiency in work-flow and help you to serve your patients more professionally in a better approach.


3. Deliver Highly Accurate Transcripts In Less Turnaround Time

Outsourcing medical transcription gives you access to professional skilled staff deliver highly accurate transcriptions in shorter turnaround time.


4. Maintain HIPAA Compliant Medical Transcriptions

In order to ensure optimum accuracy, outsourcing service providers deliver medical transcriptions according to HIPAA compliant medical transcriptions standard.

Many healthcare professionals spend an hour or more at the end of each day transcribing their reports, we hire an expensive in-office medical assistant to support them, so, find that the documents take too long to complete.

They’re either too costly to do right now, or there are inaccuracies due to the fact that they’re using untrained staff, we solve this certain issues.

The best option is to hire a medical transcription services firm. You can outsource all of the transcription work to a company like BPO Bangladesh, where we have transcriptionists who are qualified to create and transcribe a variety of medical records. Let’s look at what our makes medical transcription special, and how it can help you, your practice, and your patients.

All you have to do is give us your audio files, and we’ll turn them into an accurate transcript that’s formatted exactly how you want it. Medical transcription services are, of course, limited to those working in the medical field. Many organizations may also employ general transcription to transcribe their audio files. For health care providers, this is not a choice. We are working with specialized medical transcription is essential due to specialized, esoteric industry terminology, more complicated formatting, and privacy issues related to or general protection. Voice recorders that save files after they’ve been recorded onto the computer are popular because they’re fast, simple, and convenient.

It assists them to speed up the process in the short term. However, it takes a long time when they have to transcribe the dictations for them selves later.

Our organizations are committed to maintaining the highest standards of protection and will go to great lengths to ensure that all privacy, security, and regulations are adhere to. Look for companies that have valid in Asian country, government registrations, and business licenses that are current with the state in which they are registered.

  1. Clear turn around times and process in place to ensure  quality.
  2. Business located in the Bangladesh, with business licenses, address, and bank accounts.
  3. Accepts whatever sort of audio files you generate.


We at BPO BD have transcriptionists who are qualified to create.



Clients are current with the state in which they are register.


Our Reliable BPO services

Our Bpo services assure help you, your practice, and your patients.


Freelance Transcription

You might look for a freelance medical transcription with us.

Integrated Medical Records For Safety

These dictations are often required for patient medical records, insurance claims, and immediate diagnosis and care.

  • This is valid if a single doctor is treating a minor ailment or an entire team is operating on a more complicated diagnosis.
  • Cardiologists, pathologists, radiologists, physicians, and a variety of other specialists work
  • Accurate patient medical records are an integral part of that.
Outsourcing Medical Transcription Services

FAQ'S For Medical Transcription

Consider having a good command of the English language, medical vocabulary expertise, and a quick typing speed is need if you want to be a professional medical transcript.

You can be a medical transcription using just a laptop computer. However, you can work more easily by getting a foot pedal and a headset.

If you are interest and have require qualification, you might look for a freelance medical transcription job right now.

The moment you partner with BPOBD, we consign an account manager and a team of medical transcription for your project. When they receive your dictation, the transcription get to work and transcription with high accuracy. It go through several quality checks before we submit the final to you.

We have a strict on documents security and protection. We make sure that no customer transcript or information is publish, sold or circulate to any third party. All our staffs sign a non agreement when join an assignment. We can fully give assurance that your data is kept secure,  and safe with us.

Yes. We prioritize rapid turnaround times and put up all turn around time requests, depending on the urgency of the assignment. Rest assured, we can send them to you within your indicated time frame, and uphold the accuracy and quality of each transcript.

BPOBD pride on provide complete customer support from start to finish. Whenever there are queries, concerns, or disputes, you may address them directly to our friendly and professional. We’d be happy to your condition and be of assistance.

Thinking About Medical Outsourcing Transcription To The Bangladesh? You’re In The Right Place.