Registration & Reservation


Reservations & registrations are the corner stone’s of a customer’s. Our company supporting a customer’s from beginning to end. CCBS’s Hospitality Solutions are performance-tested, and designed to help businesses of any size with booking, reservations, registration and scheduling over the phone. All calls are answered live by professionally trained operators following carefully crafted, customizable scripts. We’re ready around the clock, 365 days a year, to answer questions, provide details, capture demographic and marketing data, and register individuals for your event. We do much more than man the phones, we work to optimize occupancy and attendance, and manage your online calendar and booking systems. From basic questions answered with one call, to booking, reservations and registration. We do it all.



Selected Features

  • Live 24/7 Booking, reservations and registration.
  • Accurate, consistent sign-up with custom-scripted protocol.
  • Seamless integration with your booking and calendar systems.
  • Friendly, professional agent’s answer each call live.
  • Automated confirmations and notifications on multiple platforms.
  • Create and host customized solution registration scripts and host the registration process, giving you real-time access to registrants from our web portal.
  • Use your existing CRM or web-based solution.

Completely Tailored Reservation & Registration Outsourcing Services

Our reservation services going to be in synchronize along with your with your business demand. Before the commencement of a project, we work closely with you to gain a detailed understanding of your requirements. We then adapt our services to meet the specific needs of your organization. By customizing our services, we ensure that you get the maximized benefit from our partnership and can deliver optimized customer care. Integration with your systems and web-based applications enables real-time monitoring of attendance numbers, so you’ll never overbook and event or trade show. Communication with both attendees and individuals on waiting lists can be automated with dynamic responses distributed by text message, email or phone. Cancellations can be immediately off-set, as a cost-effective CMS call center helps increase reservations, event registration, conference participants, and decreases vacancies. All while providing superior customer service.