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Perfect Imaging is the correct answer for hospitals, radiologists, teleradiology providers, imaging centers, and imaging clinics that want to practice outsourcing imaging studies. In addition, we provide cost-effective solutions for hospitals that wish to use after-hours radiology services or wish to augment the services provided by their radiology department.

Medical Imagine Solutions and Services of BOP.COM.BD

Medical imaging is a significant diagnostic instrument applied for moving forward medical treatment. BPO.Com is probable explanation of medical imaging is stern for the diagnosis of disease. BPO.Com with services to the procedure of acceptance images of several intestinal parts of the body in order to diagnose and behave different ailments of a person. Ours outsourcing medical imaging services can be an effective option in mandate to cut out operational and employment consumption as well as decrease the probability of forbearing discontent. It is a sole dedicated on growing facility service provider for medical imagine:

  • Outsource Medical Imaging Services
  • Medical imaging services
  • Outsourcing Tele radiology Reporting Services
  • Offshoring radiology tele radiology service  

BPO.Com has over many years of experience in providing acme-notch medical imaging services to its clients based in the Bangladesh. We giving 24 hours’ radiological service with timely communication of critical reports. Our undertaking to perfection have collaborate our clients enhance clinical outcomes, promote management decision-making and enlarge service line strategies.BPO.Com is a guidance supplier of heavy biomedical equipment of different brands and types with undertaking to credibility and quality of services.

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Outsource Medical and Offshore Healthcare Data Entry Services

Outsource Medical Imaging Services to BPO.COM.BD

If you are search for persona grata medical imaging solutions for your hospital, clinic, or diagnostics center service BPO.COM can complete all your medical imaging needs with its professional team and impetuosity for perfection. With BPO.Com you get price-effective, high-exorcism medical imaging services from licensed radiologists.

We are well-decorated with the momentous technology, materials and team of specialist to deliver timely and compatible multiplication services. We provide these services:

Outsourcing to medical imaging companies like BPO.Com can be a durable choice if you are looking for spanking service at an affordable cost and has a professional and expert team of diagnostic radiologists who are licensed in delivering world-class medical imaging services. BPO.Com provides extraordinary multiplication and price-effective imaging services, such as -

  • MRI Scans
  • CT Scans
  • Ultrasound
  • Mammography
  • Plain Films
  • Nuclear Medicine Scans

Our Medical Imaging Services

Our team is to start with accountable for designing, incentive and observing Diagnostic X-ray, Radiography, Fluoro & Mammography. We overstep in acquire and maintaining the desired image multiplication because our eldest consultants remain up-to-date on the variation and invention in the medical imaging and implement the modern technology and supervise other radiologists. We make elaborate reports for the following:

Outsourcing Tele radiology Reporting Services to BOP.COM.BD

Bangladesh has acquired a middling range on grounds of development in several economic sectors and has constantly been looked above as an attractive striking destination for trade ventures. The scenario has affected the enhancement of offshore back office services like Radiology Outsourcing. The Tele radiology reporting services model support the growing popular advantage of teleradiology services to correspond the current and future urgent of NHS radiology reporting. The framework contract applause on-site and off-site radiology reporting. This teleradiology reporting framework supports early diagnosis of patients through the fast turnaround of medical imaging ascertain.

BPO.Com is a radiology outsourcing company that provides explanation services via tele radiology. We comprehend that the need for image and diagnostic explanation services in radiology is growing at hospitals and imaging centers broad wise the Bangladesh. Our radiologists expert in explanation radiology images for special parts of the body. We provide outsourcing solutions for mention physicians, patients, radiology residents, final attending radiologists and many other separate and radiology groups.  Our radiology interpretations meaning improve the efficiency of physicians to improve patient care.

Our Services

If your medical facility or imaging center is looking for a top hospital or healthcare outsourcing company and would like additional information regarding our radiology outsourcing services, please contact us.

  • Radiology Reading Services
  • Turn Around Times
  • On-Site Professional Services
  • Tele radiology Setup
  • IT Services & Radiology Department Support
  • Tele radiology Image Development Implementation
  • STAT Reporting & Critical Results Reporting
  • Administrative Services & Tele radiology Credentialing
  • Tele radiology Credentialing
  • Referring Physician Portal

What are the benefits using of BPO.Com the Medical Imagine solutions and services?

The convenience of outsourcing medical imaging services and tele radiology can be actual to all stakeholders together with patients, service providers and reporting radiologists. Since the key puncture happens to be in capital expenditure and developed operational proficiency some of the other momentous advantage include:

  • Services can involve out of hours’ service provision to report on medical images 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to provide a quick, reactive and multiplication secure service.
  • An extent of 13 suppliers on the framework exploit both outsourced and insourced layout, providing on demand tele radiology services for every day, emergency, specialist and backlog reporting.
  • Tele radiology services provides radiology reporting electronically and so can outcome in waned overheads.
  • Leveraging a cooperation access to provide quality care.
  • Approach to proficient reporting resources on demand
  • Increased usage of conceive equipment’s
  • Considerable shortening in wait times for results
  • Simple entry to specialist radiologists for second thought enables confidence to increase receptivity to meet exigent and increased national demand.

BPO.Com medical imaging solution is known for the extensive assortment of services it offers to universal customers. BPO.Com global customers are highly satisfied with the services offered by BPO.Com.

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