Medical Records Indexing

Medical Records Indexing Service

Medical records indexing in healthcare sector is imperative functionality which needs to be managed carefully with great concentration to accuracy and detail. Paper medical documents require a considerable amount of storage space that can get cluttered, lost or misplaced over time which is difficult to retrieve when needed.

The best solution to this time consuming and complicated problem is to do outsourcing indexing. We can handle all the process of indexing digitally from start to end. All you have to do is to send scanned documents of medical records. Then our expert team following standard procedures receive your scanned documents and indexed into electronic files that can be easily accessed from your practice management or EMR software which help you to save both of your time and space.The benefits of partnering with us:

  • Professional indexing team
  • 24×7 indexing support
  • Affordable service
  • Secure transmission and storage of data
  • Maintain data accuracy
  • Access data anytime within seconds

Medical Records Indexing Process

1. Scanning of documents

The process starts with medical records scanning provided by healthcare service provider and the document is sent to us.

3. Indexing of medical records

After review & categorize of the medical records, then indexed into digital records & stored in a client-based central location.

2. Accessing of documents

After transfer done, we access the scanned documents of medical records with our secure VPN connection

4. Quality check

 Quality assurance checks are performed at appropriate intervals for accuracy & consistency.

medical records indexing

Our Medical Indexing Services

Medical records indexing is the process of organizing and storing patient related information together in one place. After completing indexing process we place the electronic records in client’s practice management software or in cloud based secured system so that hospital personnel can easily access and retrieve data when needed. We can handle different types of medical records for indexing such as:

  • Insurance claims & billing information
  • Medical insurance id cards
  • Patient demographics sheets
  • Explanation of benefits (EOBs)
  • Clinical history records
  • Medical charts
  • Patient records
  • Medical reports
  • Prescriptions
  • Lab report and diagnosis records
  • Health insurance id card
  • Several other types of records