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We can help you index all your records and attaching information that describes a document (metadata) to digital methods.
We offer Medical records indexing, scanning document outsourcing help to access to organized accurate medical records & give advantages of electronic business records.

Sophisticated 8 Different Ways To Index Your Records


Our master patient index is a list of all patients in a hospital with lists of patient names and other identifiers.


If the patient does not have a health card, the last name, date of birth, or some form of identifier is enter.


Our protocol indexes a list of the diseases that a facility treats. Data from patient records and coded information.


Due to the loss of the patient chronological visit history and avoided repetition, we arranged missing data.


5. Physician index

Our physician index is generate by using a facility assign number, which is then abstract during the coding.


Our registry is a data collection, storage, retrieval, and analysis system which is a secondary source of information.


7. Statistics

A description of a collection of data using maps, graphs, and tables is known as descriptive statistics.


Shows resource management, utilization, and efficiency. De identified data is compiled into particular categories.

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Document Data Capture and Indexing: The rise of world-class medical facilities and a patient center approach has result in an increase in BPO Bangladesh health-care records. Our Medical database are important in many aspects of health care, including patient care, administration, science, and education. Our Medical records are often create to measure the quality of treatment, or for a specific reason.

1. Average Daily Census

The average daily census is used by the administration to schedule hospital services.

2. Patient-Centric Data

Patient-centric data is information about patients to keep the record for future.

3. Comparative Data

We will Show health-related outcomes and research with comparative results.

4. Replacement Registries

Data on hip and knee replacements is collected by joint replacement registries.

Error-free & Digitalized Medical Record Indexing Solutions

BPO Medical records indexing is a critical feature in the health care sector, and it must be handled meticulously with great precision and attention to detail.

Our source oriented medical record and the problem oriented medical record are two separate medical record documentation pattern that are stored using medical records indexing.

Filing Processing and Indexing

Our Medical records indexing enables medical personnel to quickly identify the location of a particular medical record in archives.

As a result, health care record indexing is critical in the medical industry in order to save time and effort for employees.

Health care organizations will benefit from us by our efficient medical records indexing because it will enable them to prescribe appropriate drugs to patients based on effective analyses, which will eventually improve patient care.

Our Healthcare document indexing can also enhance internal employee coordination, allowing for more accurate decisions and increase efficiency.

Maintaining digital health records was proving to be extremely difficult for healthcare providers. As a result, medical companies have begun to outsource reporting activities to Medical Records Indexing Service Providers. BPO Bangladesh is a leading Medical Records Indexing Service Provider. We examine our clients’ needs in detail and include the best in class healthcare records indexing services. We have a team of seasoned professionals who have provided cost-effective compliant medical records indexing services.

These advanced Medical Records Indexing Service with BPO Bangladesh can overcome all obstacles to complete the job in a cost-effective and reliable manner.

Our Medical record data that used to take hours to review can now be analyzed in seconds with pinpoint precision, resulting in better overall patient care.

BPO Medical Records Indexing Service Provider will conduct periodic tests to ensure that all medical records comply with legal requirements and that the Medical Records Indexing procedure is followed in a more efficient manner.

As a result, our expertise are no longer burdened with paperwork. BPO Outsourcing healthcare record indexing is the most cost-effective way to get high-quality results at a low cost.


Keep copies of all medical bills and insurance claims as they come in.


This information is share with federal, and international health agencies.


A hospital admission/discharge registry, is an example of a register.


The key goal is to include measurable data that can be use to make decisions.

Enhance Usability Of Confusing Data

Compiling this data on a regular basis will give you a comprehensive and easy to understand picture of your health. To assist you in obtaining the most recent copies of your documents, keep the following techniques in mind:

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Although and clinic and hospital keeps a record of your care

  • A personal medical record is a collection of all your medical records, such as test results, treatment histories, and notes from your health care team.
  • Having a full file for your own use is vital so you can share it with a new doctor.
Record Indexing Services

Faq's For Medical Record Indexing

Our Medical record are often create to measure the quality of treatment, or for a specific reason.

Compiling this data on a regular basis will give you a comprehensive and easy-to-understand picture of your health.

BPOBD helps organizations with their scan requirement by converting paper records into electronic files and index the data into an accessible, user friendly system. Indexing is the act of describing or classifying by index terms or other symbols. Document index is the process of associating or tagging documents with different search terms.

There are a many reasons why paper based records are not completely sufficient in the digital age. Short of being inaccessible, inadequate and time reducing to manage, paper health records do not meet the guide lines to guard a patient personal information.

In BPOBD medical records scanner works as a distinct or organization that converts patient records into electronic files and indexes the information into an accessible, user friendly system.

Outsource Medical Records Indexing Process.

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