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Sales & Support in BPO Industry in Bangladesh

Have you ever received a call regarding your e-commerce purchase? Or, have you attended any call from financial services or banks related to their credit card offer? Do you think all the time the staffs from the concerned company only call you? If you are thinking from this point of view, you are thinking slightly in wrong direction. It’s because of the fact that many companies both in Bangladesh and in abroad love to outsource call center services. It is a source of minimizing the cost of the company taking the service of a third party.

In Bangladesh, the BPO sector is growing every year. According to the data of BACCO(Bangladesh Association of Call Centre and Outsourcing) ,in 2018 the size of the BPO industry in Bangladesh was $300 million.

Its continuous growth comes primarily from the private sector according to the report of the daily star.

Many international companies from USA or Europe, are also involving in the outsourcing format for serving their clients with call center service by utilizing the cheap labor cost in Asian countries. Bangladesh, due to its efficient and educated manpower is slowly tipping into the pinnacle day by day. Sales and support service is a fundamental issue in BPO ecosystem. In this article, I will share the ins and outs of the entire support system focusing on sells in this sector. I hope, you will surely enjoy the ride with me.


The aim of a bank reconciliation

Sales and Support Procedure in BPO

Sales is the keyword for the growth of any company all around the world. No one can imagine a sustainable company without sales. The upward curve of a company depends heavily upon the efficiency of sells team. In this era of internet-based commercial ecosystem of e- commerce, bank, telemedicine and other industries, the sales of the products rely on the pre-sales and post-sales customer support.

Without proper support, the buyer cannot trust an online entity effortlessly.

To make the sales and support system effective enough, the construction of the ecosystem needs the inclusion of the following area:

In most of the cases, the recruitment committee of the call center team emphasizes on the communication potential of the candidate. In reality, communication skill and sales skill are quite dissimilar in pattern. The candidate needs to be in the point of intersection between these two dynamic skills.
If the candidate is communicative enough, but unwilling to work in the area of sales; this candidate will become frustrated and will be unable to serve different clients consequently. To avoid this kind of scenario, the recruiters need to emphasize on the passion of sales in the candidate besides his/her communication skill.

In the case of big companies, the number of customers are gigantic in number. Often, it becomes difficult for service providers to track such huge number of clients manually.

Here comes the role of data science to play to make the system automated enough to gain the advantage of such an enormous amount of data.

To make the call centre service sustainable, the proficiency of speaking smart English is a must for any call centre executive.

Even our neighbouring country India has moved forward to reach the peak of the earnings from global market of BPO using their strength in communicative English.

Taking this reference as a lesson, our young call centre executives also need to make themselves proficient enough in English to display their prowess in international affiliation.

This field of BPO is a dynamic one with tons of information roaming around the globe. The employees in this field are
serving the customers with answers related to the queries of the customers. So, to be able to be impromptu in satisfying the customers with accuracy; the call center service holders need to be intelligent enough in the respective field. Continuous learning is the key to success in this area. To make this learning process more engaging, the companies need to arrange monthly training for their employees. By getting in touch of the knowledge of the experts, the employees will be able to sharpen their knowledge to serve the customers with their level best.

I hope you have enjoyed going through the article. What’s your take on BPO industry in Bangladesh?