Data Management

We Offer Data Management Services in Dhaka Bangladesh.

Fully Integrated in-house Operations, Engineering and Management.

Our payroll services will help you to manage financial activities including monthly and annual calculations. We will help you to balance the finance, monthly and annual report, send the pay slip to your company and employees, make the budget slip and make sure that your staffs get their wages in time accordingly. We also provide the tax payment, bank payment, CPF, Item payment, office fund for other activities including time schedule. Moreover, providing the staff holidays, calculating their leaves and working hour will be also our responsibility.

Payroll Bangladesh does not limit its activities within national peripherals but extended its expertise for expatriates visit in our country. Currently we are working successfully with foreign investors came from more than twelve different nations all around the world.

The responds from them are fabulous so far. We have provided international class salary management schemes and recruiting strategies as well assist them to cope up with the TAX and VAT phenomenon of this nation.

Data Entry Services | Outsourcing to Offshore Bangladeshi Company

Sales Marketing and Collection

Marketing and sales are very different, but the goals are the same. Payroll Bangladesh provides the highest quality of supplies and recruits of personnel for a ranger of disciplines. We can have providedpersonnel and supply in all types of sectors while specializing in offshore staffing.

About Sales And Marketing Collection

We are best recognized as a provider of HR Consultancy and recruitment solution for technical and professional roles in Bangladesh.However, we had extensive experience of delivering high volume temporary solutions, together with on-site management support, for both skilled and non-skilled workers from Bangladesh.


As an HR resource consulting company, it is our aim to work together with passion using our state-of-the-art industry specialization. Our team uses its local knowledge mixed with global expertise in offering customized solutions.


All projects we handle are provided with a managing team composed of experts with a balanced combination of industry skill and knowledge. We make sure that our engagement on every client’s organization brings a strong and visible impact.


Our team offers valuable services that improve an organization’s HR performance and lead to a higher return on investment. Our clients are the team’s priority and delivering them the result they are after is our focus.Onshore Staffing Services in BD.

Handling a Difficult Customer for Sales Marketing

A full- Proof Recruitment Solution is available only from us nation. Our years of experience in this field is unparalleled in the industry.We have an expert team of recruiter who have the reputation of selecting and appointing efficient and capable employees for various companies in Bangladesh.


Facility management

Our company offers the finest facility management services to local as well as foreign clients ready to establish their business in nation.

  • Accommodation management.
  • Office premises arrangement.
  • Provides PA, accountants & maintenance staffs.
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    Investment Compliance

    When investing, you need to keep in mind several compliance aspects. We assist you in fulfilling those necessary compliances in business

  • Risk control & asset class monitoring
  • Establishing regulatory and internal policies
  • Corporate due diligence management
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    Accounting Services

    We brought marketing leading accounting service for business and assures error-free ledger and audit reporting at every instances.

  • Daily ledger and transection maintenance.
  • Auditing and cost minimization process.
  • TAX and VAT calculation process.
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    Bookkeeping services

    Keeping financial transaction and statements records are now much convenient with our experts on board for bookkeeping services

  • Error-free company transection records
  • Effective monthly and year end auditing
  • Financial statements & balance sheet management
  • 7 Basis for Achieving Marketing and Collection Growth Corporate Solutions:

    Experience a Phenomenal Outcome with our Payroll and HR services. We are among the most top leading HR and Payroll service providers here in Bangladesh, providing you with tax filing, human resource record management, recruitment of human resources and other back-office jobs and much more!  We provide services for all Top, Senior andMiddle-Level Professionals, startups and Large Organizations across Multiple Industries.

    Payroll Bangladesh is a company specializing in HR consulting service headquartered in Bangladesh. As one that offers HR consulting and payroll outsourcing service, we effectively made our business a one-stop solution to your organization’s manpower and payroll process needs.

    Our services are operated ideally for companies that wish to focus on the essential tasks and require a centralized and streamlined organization to the HR process. Our team can fulfill all these while ensuring that each of your local requirements is taken care of.

    Our Short Code Generator is a pleasure to use with an amazingly beautiful user interface! Quickly & easily build custom pages using all the short codes Aveda includes.

    Our business is centered on working with companies along with their payroll providers and ensures that accurate and timely payroll administration and wage disbursement are met all the time. Payroll2Bangladesh’s HR consultants understand that each company is unique.

    We have an excellent Payroll servicing team that has experts working for our clients with years of expertise to handle all the customer needs. Payroll Bangladesh is a multidisciplinary HR consulting hub with a diversified business specialization paired with expert consultants.

    We provide skilled and technical manpower services to the various projects subjected to certain jobs kind. We offer industrial manpower supply for various following technical specifications for professional services. Our experience in certain industries helps us in choosing the best candidates for the required jobs.

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