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IN Bangladesh As the name suggest the Liaison office setup by a foreign company  to carry out the liaison activity for its business such as Representing the parent Company for Promoting export or import from / to Bangladesh.

Liaison Office of Foreign Company

Engage in 6 One-Stop Liaison office Setup Procedure

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We have experience to deliver image moderation service to Foreign Company / Corporation for a liaison office setup by obtaining permission from the Bangladesh Bank and subsequently registering it with the RJSC.

3. Net Worth Requirement

The bank account is required at this stage with inward remittance an amount of foreign exchange equivalent to US$ 50,000 (fifty thousand dollars) or more must be brought in Bangladesh with an Encashment Certificate.

4. Approval of Registration

After getting the approval from BIDA, a bank account must be initiated in any bank in Bangladesh. The foreign parent company must have a profitable track record attested by certified auditors.

5. Employer of Record

After obtaining an approval from both Bangladesh Bank and BIDA, the final step is to register the Liaison office with the RJSC by providing documents like MOA, AOA, list of board of directors.

6. Get a good Service

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Executing Stress-Free Liaison Office Setup Process Workflow:

We provide all below services for new business set up. we assist in setting up of foreign subsidiary in Bangladesh, We advise client on all aspect of direct and indirect taxation in Bangladesh.

We not only provide full Liaison Office setup services and also provide complete services when and after it is in operation. Therefore we can help you to take-over all administrative, accounting and local authority matters so that our customer can focus on their core business growth.

Scope of Operations
Scope of Operations

The liaison office can Represent the foreign company in Bangladesh who can Promote export from or import and also Encourage technical or financial collaboration between parent or group companies and Bangladeshi companies.

A Communication Channel
A Communication Channel

Act as a communication channel between the parent company and the Bangladeshi company. A Liaison Office, however, is not permitted to undertake any business or commercial activities for generating revenue in Bangladesh as it is not subject to pay corporate tax in Bangladesh either.

Liaison office set up process Workflow
Representative Office Setup

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To commence business, every company must register itself with the appropriate taxation authority (the Deputy Commission of Taxes of Company Circle, Zonal Taxation Department) under the National Board of Revenue (NBR) and procure a tax identification number for the new company.
The various VATs incurred while operating the business will be controlled by the NBR Customs Department and VAT and Excise Department

Liaison Office Setup Management – What We Can Do for You:

Liaison offices as the word suggest it is an office that facilitates close professional relationships between the parent company situated abroad and the business parties in Bangladesh. The other term for Liaison branch is Representative Office. Liaison offices have restrictions and cannot undertake any business activities in Bangladesh and also cannot earn any income in Bangladesh.

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We can provide Liaison Office Registration / Incorporation Service in Bangladesh

We offer our services for liaison office setup for foreign companies for start  up foreign companies. Foreign investor feels it easy and comfortable way to work through Liaison office setup is in Bangladesh, Liaison office act as representative office of foreign company and has certain limitations about scope of work, Liaison office can promote product of foreign company , can liaison with buyers and suppliers but can not do purchase and sale contracts directly and can not do business to earn profits in it’s own name, can not import and export in it’s own name, It can provide only liaison services to foreign company and buyers and sellers in BD.

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FAQ For Liaison Office Setup

Generally, Representative Office and Liaison Office in Bangladesh are the similar business entity in Bangladesh. However, Liaison Office is different from a Branch Office in their procedure & possibility of work.

Liaison office can remain very limited activities through upholding coordination with the local agent, distributors/exporters’ institutions with the Major via personal contact, by means of electronic media or corresponding work.

The liaison office gathers business information, accumulate analytical business data, and carry out necessary survey related to its ground of activities as mentioned in their letter of approval. The liaison office is not allowed to receive from the local business activities & the whole establishment, operation & worker management price would have to borne by the Parent company.

The Liaison Office of a foreign parent company shall not be regarded as a distinct and independent body in Bangladesh and, for all tax purposes, the Government of Bangladesh shall tax the income of such entities at upper rates.

All expenditures for setting up a Liaison Office and operating it are basically borne by the parent company which is established abroad.

Basically 30-45 days need from application date. Therefore, one meeting hold once in month. Additional time or second meeting might essential if application is rejected for lack of papers

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