Our PEO Solutions Simplifies Your Expansion

Looking for a leading payroll outsourcing company in Bangladesh? Legally Speaking most of the HR & Payroll services can be outsourced. We are one of the top Bangladeshi Payroll & HR Outsourcing Service Company offering Payroll Outsourcing, Professional Employer Organisation (PEO), Employer of Record (EoR), Timesheet Outsourcing Company servicing over last 15 years.

Hire World-Class Staffs With Our ( Professional Employer Organization) & EOR( Employer of Record Services) in 6 Simple Steps

1. Professional Co-Employer

Our Professional Co-Employer team provides services and benefits to a business and its existing workforc by managing employer-related responsibilities that are outlined and agreed upon in the LSP / MSA or CSA.

2. Remote Co-Employment

Professional co-employment Service is To create operational efficiencies, minimize risk and also maximize talent so that your business go faster in remotely in abroad. Being an employer allows the PEO to offer benefits to its worksite employees.

3. Workers’ Compensation

As an co-employer, Our PEO team will take on a your workers compensation risk by providing worksite employees coverage under a LSP or MSA policy to take proactive measures to avoid workers’ compensation claims.

4. Strategic HR Support

Our PEO team will do everything in its power to help you effectively and sustainably grow your business. When your company expands, often so does your headcount. Our PEO Services includes human resource consulting, safety and risk mitigation services, payroll & PF processing and payroll tax filing.

5. PEO Powered by ASO

As a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) we manage contractual HR risk and Critical Human resource responsibilities for clients by maintaining an employer relationship with local employees and act as Administrative Services Organization (ASO). WE handle company’s payroll and tax filings and paperwork.

6. Administrative Services

As a professional Administrative Services Organization (ASO) is a firm, We oversees the day-to-day administrative aspects of managing your company’s human resource functions. We allow you company to retain control without having to deal with mundane details on a daily transactional HR tasks.

World-Class PEO Service Solutions For Every Outsourced HR & Payroll Related Activities

BPO-Bangladesh offers more comprehensive PEO services all-encompassing services to your company that really takes over every aspect of staffing for your company also. All legal responsibility for staffing (handling HR paperwork,
tax paperwork, workers compensation matters) is handled by the PEO; in addition, employee benefits,
health insurance plans, and also regulatory compliance is handled by our PEO team. In general, a traditional PEO
contract means that all of these benefits are handled by the PEO, under the PEO’s name; the client company is not involved with these matters.

Administrative Challenges

PEO team takes on all the challenges of administrative functions in addition to the responsibility for the correct implementation of these functions.

Cost Saving Process

Overhead cost associated with HR services are typically also very high. A fully-functional HR department requires additional office space and highly trained and also experienced HR staff.

Risk Management

Employment and labor laws change regularly, and also it can be difficult for you to remain up-to-date on regulations that affect your workplace. Outsourcing HR functions can help you manage employee performance and also development.

PEO Facilities
HR & Payroll Outsource

Beyond payroll and tax overhead, other expenses are related to health insurance premiums, workers’ compensation insurance, payroll processing, and legal cost. The cost of outsourcing payroll is very inexpensive compared to the cost of maintain an in-house payroll staff.

PEO (Professional Employer Organization)

Get Our PEO Running On Your All HR Mechanics

BPO-Bangladesh offers superior ASO bundle with PEO services which allow you to rest easy knowing experienced professionals provides necessary consulting to help your company run more smooth. Our solutions services such as:

  1. Payroll
  2. Online Payroll Processing
  3. Direct Deposits or BFTN transfer
  4. Also Individualized Payroll Reporting
  5. Workers Compensation
  1. Employee Handbooks
  2. Solutions for Time and Attendance
  3. PTO and also Commission Accruals
  4. Tax amd VAT Reporting
  5. Employee Health Benefit Packages
  1. Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Compensation
  2. Risk Management Consulting
  3. HR Administration Service (ASO)
  4. Also Background Checks
  5. Drug Screening

Engage With Our Cost-Effective Administrative Service Organization (ASO)

Our ASO services are a cost effective way to consolidate and coordinate the outsourcing of payroll, tax administration, employee benefits and general human resources administration allowing HR professionals to focus on employee relations and other HR activities that contribute to a your business success.As one stop resource, we treat both to our clients and employees, with respect, and to ensure they are confident in our ability to provide accurate and timely payroll, invoicing, and benefits administration as the employer of record.BPO-Bangladesh administrative services organization (ASO) we provide HR administration, payroll support, regulatory compliance, and benefits administration, but does not operate under a co-employment service model. The key benefits are :

  1. Administrative Relief
  2. Consolidate Vendors

3. Paperless HR administration
4. Increased Product Offering


Outsource Your All Hassles and Risks to Our Employer of Record (EOR) Structure

An employer of record (EOR) is how a BPOBD service can legally employ staff abroad for their multinational or foreign  clients. While the end client still manages the work and time of the employee, the EOR is the local, legal employer, and handles all of the administrative and required compliance tasks including TAX and VAT. This includes sponsoring work visas, running payroll, withholding tax and social contributions and ensuring all labor regulations are being met. As an EOR (Employer of Record) service provider, we bear the liability of your employment arrangement and takes on all the administrative back office tasks such as payroll, benefits, terminations, and onboardings for you. We offer as local legal provider and also employ your chosen workers on your behalf, managing all the responsibilities which coincide with staff.  The key benefits and also value we bring to the marketplace are as follows: 

  1. The minimum number of workers required to start your business also differs.
  2. Insurance plans are included with an EOR services.
  3. Workers are classified differently also.
  4. Takes care of all administrative tasks regarding employment locally
  5. Sets up the contract in accordance with the local laws
  6. Handles most of the recruitment expenses, including employment arrangement
  7. Terminates contracts and also dismisses employees
Payroll, Human Resources, Co-Employment and Risk Management

How Do Our EOR Services Work For You

Hire employees abroad, without setting up an entity.

When you are hiring staff / employee from outside the country your business operates in, without going through the process of  opening a sub sidiary or branch in each of the countries you plan to recruit in.

 Hiring people through the employer of record services means you don’t have to have a company locally.

Joint-employment or co-employment model

Increase Profitability Integrating the Co-Employment Relationship with a Professional Employer.

Employer of record services can help you hiring overseas employees with required set you skills through joint-employment or co-employment model.

There are a number of reasons that you would use an EOR when hiring overseas, including:

  1. You are new to the foreign market and also not prepared to make a commitment of opening a branch office just for employment purposes.
  2. The foreign country has complex and also unusual employment laws that are unfamiliar to your HR department.
  3. Also One of your strategies for global expansion is to outsource the employment and administrative functions.
  4. You are hiring remote workers in other countries, but still need a way to run a local payroll for them.

No matter what your reasons are for using an EOR, selecting our service can add value when you considering business in Bangladesh.  Just like a tourist in Dhaka or Bangladesh, you can usually find the best restaurant by doing some research and finding reviews, instead of just choosing the first one that you come across in the street.


Here, Services such as co-employer, payroll and taxes are filed under the PEO Service model. It is new unique way to save on HR outsourcing model makes you compliant with the local labor law through also our cloud technology.

In a co-employment relationship, the BPOBD acts as the administrative employer while the client continues its role as Worksite employer managing daily operations in Bangladesh.

PEO control

Though PEOs formally accomplish all the staffing requirements, the actual business owners or clients can still directly supervise or control the staffs. The customers regulate job responsibilities, quality standards, salary rates, performance standards, working hours, compliance with rules, and other terms.

PEOs undertake a contractual obligation to pay salaries. Moreover it full fills with the taxation rules and regulations of a country. BPOBD is expert in reporting income and with holding taxes and making sure all the kind of required taxes are paid on

Companies that seek to expand their business to foreign countries, often face the issue of not having the adequate and also knowledge or experience of the regulatory compliance. This is where PEOs come into play by professionally handling payroll, accounting, and also compliance matters.

If you are a client of our BPOPD Professional Employer Organization (PEO) service, and also we are giving you a reasonable option to pay your insurance premiums. Moreover, If health insurance for any covered person in your account is cancell due to non compliance with pre-paid health care act, BPOBD will refund the premium for any pre payment in excess of the covered period.

BPOBD is Your Most Trusted Partner Who Will Help You to Give The Best PEO Services in Bangladesh.