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Category management in procurement is a vital business activity that has a direct and significant impact on lowest part profitability and supply chain management. Leading corporations use sourcing to keep their businesses running smoothly.

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Additionally seeker all above the universe with ordinary, marketing, educational, and technical founded category management services. We are a prominent category management association offering a comprehensive range of services along spend analysis, market analysis, improvement assessment, continuous application and monitoring, and innovation. is one of the several category management for procurement service provider company who uses the greatest latter procurement technologies and instrument in order to boost you presume time to market and engage and purchasers.

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We are one of the top category management for procurement companies with over two expertise in providing tech-enabled solutions across the world. Our expertise confirms the sourcing, supply management, vendor management, e-procurement for our clients:


1. Define Categories


2. Define Roles


3. Assess Progress


4. Set Objectives


5. Set Targets


6. Devise Strategy


7. Develop Tactics


8. Implement Idea

We Provide The Following Procedure to Offering Our Services

Taking full advantage of's Category Management Services to stay up to date on today's market category management process include determining how much money does each category and its subcategories get according to the market?

Our category managers support you to decide how does the supply industry for each category appear, and does it meet the expectations of the customers?

Our specialist support exertion in researching the market intelligence gleaned from the research is put to use. This could result in a modification in the specs.

The efficient category managers provides proficient suggestions and strategic sourcing and transactional procurement both benefit from this knowledge.

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The key element to giving a business competitive advantage in this environment is accurate and reliable category management.

Category management solutions from BPO Bangladesh help split down purchases into more manageable pieces. It also gives you more control over the entire procedure. This can help your business save money and obtain higher-quality goods. We enable you to tap into more opportunities to turn the procurement process into a valued asset, regardless of the things you’re purchasing.

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In sourcing, having access to reliable information at the right time is critical, and it can provide your company a major competitive advantage. On the other side, not having it is a good method to compromise the stability of your entire organization.

Opportunity evaluation and risk management are based on a clear and solid planning which is especially important for commodities like raw materials that are vulnerable to volatile market forces.

It takes a long time to finalize a deal, and the longer it takes, the longer it takes for your company to receive the value obtained by the discussions. You are losing more perks and savings with each passing day.

The modern supply chain landscape is more complex than ever, and mastering it takes advanced knowledge. Companies seeking to absorb and recover from supply chain failures without substantial setbacks have increased their reliance on vendors.

You can’t mend something you don’t have control over. And you can’t control what you can’t measure. Myriad categories, subcategories, assumptions, and savings algorithms make measuring extremely difficult but not for us.

Our unwavering dedication to continual improvement and innovation distinguishes BPO Bangladesh’s category management services. Deep category experience and process expertise meet modern category management solutions at BPO Bangladesh.

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Our consolidating, centralizing spend has several advantages, but including better tracking, logging, and reporting.

At this point category management uses category managers’ knowledge and experience to acquire insight into a category and subcategory.

As well as an organization can obtain a diligent grasp of each vendor through BPO Bangladesh’s category management.

In fact category management helps with strategic business planning by putting specific strategic goals to strategic purposes.

Instead of creating separate processes for each provider, however once a process for dealing with one supplier in a specific category has been mastered, it can be reproduced when dealing with additional suppliers in the same category.

Hence the economies of scale are brought in by strategic sourcing. Meanwhile the category manager might provide higher volumes or a larger scope of work to vendors by purchasing for the long term in multiple product categories.

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Category Management Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In brief retailers can use category management to discover significant value categories, enhance category sales volume, and cut costs. It can also assist companies in determining new procurement cost management options and increasing profit margins.

To be effective, a category manager must possess a diverse set of skills: Hard analytical skills, such as the capacity to evaluate broad swathes of data to detect trends and gaps in the market, as well as soft skills, such as the ability to communicate and bargain.

1: Establish the category.
2: Determine the role of the category.
3: Evaluate your performance.
4: Establish goals and objectives.
5: Create a strategy.
6: Tactics by Category.
7: Put it into action.
8: Evaluate.

The technique of grouping related products into single category and then handling all business activities for that category as whole is known as “category management.” For example procurement, sales, and other retail operations are examples of these efforts.
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