Protect Your Brand Impression With UGC Content Moderation Service In Bangladesh

Constant Inspection and examination for Images, Texts, Comments, Profiles, and Videos. Perform your custom controls. Eliminate profanity, violence, nudity, disturbing content and more. Help your users obtain a seamless online community, shield your brand. Guideline compliant. Customizable.

Our Content Moderation Service Identifies 6 Ways for a Safe Space

1. Social Media Moderation

Checking the offensive & erotic contents to secure the social media's clearness & spam-free experience.


All types of images and videos are moderated on social media, community gatherings and other various sites.

3. Hiring Foreign Workers

Governing the improper posts, comments, information or files posted on the online communities.

4. Dating Site Moderation

Prevent users from being deceived and supervising fake profiles, chats or any other unusual activity.

5. Employer of Record

Regulating the UGC at online marketplaces making the user’s purchasing experience hassle-free.

6. Employee Recruitment

Published contents supervised to keep engage more readers for online media and publication corporations.

Outsourcing 4 User Generated Content Monitoring & Moderation Solutions

In this digital era of social media and the internet and various types of content sharing of data and information, communities nowadays require moderation to assure that the data complies with the website's policies and orders and to ensure its accuracy.

Other cases of attention are to restrict cyberbullying and to safeguard the viewpoints of other users. That is why BPO Solutions offers content moderation services to help brands better control their online content.

Children Site Moderation
1. Children Site Moderation

Getting the kid’s websites more safe securing your child’s online safety for seamless education.

Website Moderation Services
2. Website Moderation Services

Frees up Websites from any typos, inconsistencies, damaged or broken pictures and videos, links and loops to phishing sites and malware, abusive content, and inaccurate reports.

Gaming Site Moderation
3. Gaming Site Moderation

Moderating unusual user behavior, chats and other actions making your gaming action spam-free.

Profile Moderation
4. Profile Moderation

We verify all profile images and information of each member. Eliminate Scammers, Fake profiles, Catfish, Identity Theft

Most advanced and High-Level Content Moderation Service Provider in Bangladesh

Well Proven Monitoring Solutions

High-Level Content Moderation Service Provider in Bangladesh

We offers excellent content moderation services to moderate voluminous content in real-time. We engage certified teams for Image, Text, Video, Profile and also Social Media moderation services.

Through our Services, we control the user-generated Content Moderation such as comments, videos, and images to assure they are pleasant to your brand and adhering to the guidelines or policies of your company. BPO-Bangldesh’s expert workforce can moderate content on a real-time basis protecting the reliability of the brand and the goodwill of your firm Globally. This is an essential part of any company.

Our Professional and Highly Experienced content moderation service assures the reputation and reliability of your company while improving the brand image, product and services in the overall market.

Fast & Cost-Efficient Media Analysis & Measurement

Services include Various Text and Image Checks, Content Moderation. While managing huge Sites and Online Platforms it's not easy to filter out everything all by yourself, therefore our team of professionals helps you segregate malicious elements from a large volume of content, like profanity, nudity, hate speech, etc.

  1. Nudity 
  2. Offensive Gestures
  3. Image Quality and Colors

4. Fraudulent Users
5. Face Detection
6. Hidden Faces

7. Artificial Text
8. Profanity
9. Weapons

10. Drugs and Minors
11. Hate-Speech
12. Blurriness

Our Roles

We provide 24/7 services such as a constant lookout for harm, offensive or disturbing regarding context, where seemingly harmless and simple posts that may pass automated moderation tests are framed in a potentially damaging manner, and thus eliminating it.

  1. Image Moderation Services
  2. Video Moderation Services
  3. Social Media Content Moderation Services
  4. Filters UGC, such as written text, username, chats, files
  5. Profanity Filtration

Protect Your Users & Site by Eliminating Violence, Nudity, Abusive, Offensive, Racist, Sexist, Disturbing, Predatory, Sensitive & More.

  1. Online Review sites
  2. E-Learning platforms and Sites
  3. Websites & Apps with User-generated content.
  4. Dating Sites
  5. Social Networking Sites 
  6. Educational Websites and apps
  7. News Sites
  8. E-Commerce Portals
  9. Gaming Platforms
  1. Video Tagging
  2. Video moderation
  3. Image tagging
  4. Image moderation
  5. Forums Moderation
  6. Profile moderation
  7. Q & A moderation
  8. Social Media Content Moderation
  9. Review moderation
  10. Comment moderation
  11. Text on Image Moderation
  12. Community Moderation
  1. Fast
  2. Efficient
  3. Reliable
  4. 24/7 Service 
  5. Cost-effective
  6. Customized Services 
  7. Experienced Staff
User Generated Content (UGC)

Dedicated & Organized Content Moderation Expert team

When it comes to content generation by fans and users, around 35% of UGC impacts buying decisions, brand awareness, loyalty, and retention. We engage certified teams for Image, Text, Video, Profile and also Social Media moderation services.

Our dedicated and well-structured work staff for Image Moderation, Text Moderation, Video Moderation, Commercial Site moderation, Social media moderation including Profile moderation services carry system-specific expertise. Our professional moderators are strongly versed with the country-specific distinctions and also experts in multiple languages.

FAQ For User Generated Content Moderation Service

The capability to moderate more images in fewer time is just one of the many advantages of executing an image moderation solution on your platform. Regulation on the content of your site displays and protects your brand’s integrity in a multiple ways.


Your platforms or site can profit much from our moderation services, as our highly qualified team are proficient in giving users a great experience while controlling the forums live and active. It’s in our deep-rooted duty to keep the content clean and our expertise speaks on our behalf

With the expert services of Human moderation and technology, we work in Real-time correcting, fixing and perfecting everything, so that you can always count on BPOBD’s annotators. Our annotators’ moderate Multilingual content moderation services through all-in-one user-generated, influencer, and short-form video content platform in real-time by leveraging our tailor-made AI models.

Our company is open to give you a Facility Tour. One significant factor in guaranteeing the success of your brand is making sure that your image moderation team is happy with our work environment, so we make sure to tour the facilities to our customers. Even if you’re not capable to show up in person, ask for pictures or videos of the area.

BPOBD offer our proficiently tailored services at reasonable charges. Get flexible offers and specialized outsourcing arrangements from us. Moderation services created by industry specialists for developing brands and established corporations. Enjoy our No hidden fees or charges, just efficient assistance all the way.

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We are here to identify nudity, minors and illegal symbols and safeguard your brand impression.