Trustworthy Quality Control Inspection Services In Bangladesh

BPO BD is one of Bangladesh's leading quality control inspection firms, offering services such as in-factory inspections, field inspections, quality control inspections, audits, production control and management, building quality control, quality control consulting, government/trade services, and more.

Smart Quality Control Inspection Services: Safeguard To Your Products Quality & Protect Brand Image

Customers all across the world benefit from our one-stop comprehensive quality assurance services. Quality control inspection, factory/supplier audit, consumer goods testing, production control and management, quality control consultancy, training, government/trade services, specialized business services, loading supervision, and port cargo supervision are just a few of the services available. We also take industrial equipment and buildings all around Asia.

We can deliver innovative and cost-effective quality solutions that are adapted to your specific requirements, whether they are short-term or long-term, thanks to our nationwide network of professional inspectors and auditors. Our experienced team is available on short notice and ready to help with quality inspections, factory audits, compliance, and testing.

Quality control inspection

As part of our quality assurance program, we ensure compliance with good auditing practices and the procedures agreed upon for auditor work. Our company is continually developing new methods and instructions for auditing. We conduct internal quality assurance inspections to encourage good auditing practices.

As part of our quality assurance efforts, KHT, JHT/JHTT and HT auditors participate in external quality assurance as well. 

We Offer Special 6 Successful Quality Control Inspection Services But Not Limited Are







How Our Valuation Quality Inspection Services Beneficial For Your Company Productivity?

1. Avoid losses:

As a manufacturer, inspectors can detect hidden flaws before mass production, lowering costs and losses from rework.

2. Flawless production:

QC inspectors can assist firms in identifying and correcting problems at any level of the manufacturing process, ensuring that products satisfy quality standards.

3. Protect reputation:

Experienced QC inspectors evaluate your items to ensure that you continuously offer high-quality products and maintain your firm’s reputation.

Branch Office

We Offer On-site Quality Control Inspections Services:

Based on the supplier’s or buyer’s requirements Inspectors concentrate on the needs of the client. On-site quality control inspections can be divided into five categories: They are Initial production checks, During Production, Inspection Pre-Shipment Inspection, Container loading check, Production monitoring, Pre-Customs Clearance Inspection services are carried out in a quality control chain, with each inspector inspecting or checking one product at a time. Your quality control inspector will use a comprehensive quality control checklist to avoid mistakes.

Why BPO BD Is the Best Solution for You

Meeting with our team and visiting our office will give you a brief overview of “Why we are the best fit for you and your needs”. Overall, you can take a look at our website so that you can get an idea about BPO BD.We are committing to continue high levels of customer service and Business Development Strategy Services including Business Process, CCTV Monitoring, Phone Answering, Finance & Accounting, Telemarketing Service, Technical Support, Virtual Office, Process Outsourcing. By logging into your online account or contacting us directly, you can keep track of the status of your product inspection.

Our Dedicated Team Always Work For Updating Your Business

We are very dedicated to our work and provide you with the most effective and profitable solutions for your business. Almost every aspect of the campaign is covered by us. We ensure the quality of our services. As a result, we never miss anything because we always keep a pre-made checklist.

Our Philosophy Is On Our Services Excellence

Our system of input documents every stage of campaign/web development. That helps our client trust us. So get in touch with us to get the best quality control inspection services.

FAQs For Quality Control Inspection Services

We can look at as many variables as you want. You may always customize an inspection or add factors as needed, but keep in mind that the complexity and length of an inspection will effect the pricing because it will take longer to complete.

Mostly. Our organization has inspectors in all of the major industrial zones of China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Bangladesh.

Detail information about workmanship, functional testing, packing & packaging, product general appearance, product size, and production status is available for quality control. You will be able to determine whether your potential vendor is a factory or a trading firm, whether the company is legal, the factory production capacity, and the factory quality control system through a factory audit.

A random factory audit takes 48 hours from the time of your booking reception. We require 7 days notice to the inspection for 100%

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