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BPO Service Company in Bangladesh

One of the larger and reviewed BPO call center outsourcing company in Bangladesh

Call Center BPO  services center has a progressive range of features for both inbound and outbound call center services. Almost all kinds of services of a call center are available here which you’re looking for. This call center outsourcing company can handle many different types of surveys. It also offers a vast amount of feature to small and mid-sized businesses. Overall customer service experience with us was positive. The call center agents are able to take and process orders and set appointments as needed and speak the multilingual language. CCBS center is one of the best call center outsourcing company in Bangladesh which maintains and improves quality results by adhering to standards and guidelines; recommending improved procedures. Remain assured that our call centers operators have a clear understanding of the own company, products, and services which are rare in Bangladesh.

Call Center Service Outsourcing

With our leading-edge technology and experienced management and staff, we can deliver reliable high-quality technical support, outsource services to supplement or replace your in-house team.Customer assistance is available anytime over the phone, so you can get help for any issue immediately

Business Process

Our company chooses a Business Process Outsourcing service including MLM leads, direct marketing, email marketing and B2B outsourcing etc that can handle more varied and complex tasks. Globally business process system brings effective process automation and reduction in long-term total cost of ownership to their BPO automation

CCTV Monitoring

Proficient CCTV monitoring and surveillance is important for protecting the assets of any company, preventing an unauthorized access, and maintaining industry-specific safety protocols. Immediate identification and action in a problem situation, CCTV monitoring service; advantage to your organization’s safety and security.

Telemarketing Service

Telemarketing is the most popular and dynamic direct marketing technique. It helps businesses in generating interest amid the potential customers about new products/services launch, builds the customer base, and generating qualified sales leads. Call Center BPO  services center is a pioneer telemarketing outsourcing company, can meet your all requirements.

Technical Support

Technical support is one of our most important functions. We provide successful training programs and our agents are able to tactfully deal with disgruntled customers and perceive sales opportunities. Our technical support programs are grounded in hands-on training and knowledge. We call to you when needs immediate.

Phone Answering

We have a live phone answering service that combines all of our business communications with awesome virtual receptionists so our customers can be wowed 24 hours a day. This service is on demand service among live phone answering service in the call center for the business process outsourcing (bpo) industry

Process Outsourcing

We have formulated the perfect solution in call center outsourcing. The aim of our service has grown and flourished in the past several years.  When you partner with Call Center BPO services center, you don’t need to worry about the headache of running your own call center. We provide sales outsourcing and marketing services for the B2B market

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Sales Lead generation

Our company lead generation service will immediately impact your bottom line. We specialize in lead generation service for business to business as well as business to consumer markets. We use telemarketing and other methods to help generate targeted leads for product or service providers.

Interactive Voice

Our company operates Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that interacts with callers, gathers information and routes call to the appropriate recipient. IVR applications can hand off a call to a human being who can view data related to the caller at a display. It is important for later handling any call.

Virtual Receptionist

Our company can provide 24/7 live support to the customers in a way that is cost-effective, professional, and accurate by using our virtual receptionist services or virtual call service. With our Virtual Receptionist services, you can have all of your calls answered by a 24-hour live call answering service.

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