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We provide Factory audit, Pre-production inspection, Pre-shipment inspection, and loading supervision to increase the productivity and reliability of vendors and suppliers. Our third-party inspection, factory audit & supplier development services improve product quality.

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Our inspection and factory audit service assures that the supplier or vendor can design and manufacture in accordance with industry standards. It also assures that a new or existing manufacturer can produce high-quality goods, make ongoing improvements, and run smoothly. As we assist local and international clients in inspecting product quality, auditing manufacturing processes and quality systems, improving factory performance, and ensuring the reliability of their suppliers. Always we are known for our experience.

We specialize in Services such as:

As a matter of fact factory quality system, building, product line, workroom, machine, workers and mechanics, warehouse; inspecting factories keepers and buyers, quality practice, workroom, construction, building, product line, capability, operators, skill.

BPO BD Verifies that your supplier’s production facilities are suitable to create your product. Our team always focuses on securing your supply chain has decent operation conditions and circumstances and individual rights practices. Especially we work on developing your company’s brand image and customer loyalty empowers your supply chain safety.

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Markedly BPO is a well-known and experienced organization for inspections and factory audits. They follow different levels of strategy and specific checklists for their operation. Indeed our engineers and project managers collaborate with you and your suppliers to achieve your quality objectives. As a result We tailor our inspection and factory audit services to your requirements and divide our resources between short- and long-term initiatives.

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BPO has nearly 15 years of experience in both auditory and management fields. Extensive training and knowledge help them identify any defect in manufactured products and workmanship both. They perform both onsite and remote audit processes in case of urgency. Quick measurement and testing result in tremendous output and tend to reduce unnecessary waste of money.

To acquire the objectives a company has to follow certain strategies. Managing and maintaining the strategies is the crucial part of the game. BPO uses high efficient apps and software to maintain the game plans. Even in a ton of factory hazards in the calculations, you can get the desired service through their methods.

Different sectors need different strategies. But BPO is highly encouraged by global audit methods to put on cost reduction techniques. Compliance and safety are their main two reasons and goals. Using the global inspection method they can earn good reviews.

BPO finds out the profitable supplier for your manufacturers. Many of the factories outsource the suppliers.

There is a risk to it and it is also hard to appoint and trust a new supplier.

BPO estimates the background, capacity, financial status, and authenticity of potential suppliers.

Hence BPO works step by step for transparent and clean measurements. The working steps are verification, inspections, reports, follow-up, management, and final report. In every step, clients become assured that they are working on a purpose.

BPO has its own audit programs. They use to do factory inspection and quality inspection separately to avoid the conflict of the supply quality and product quality.

Why BPO BD For Inspection And Factory Compliance Audit?

Because our Inspection and factory audit services in anywhere Bangladesh, the supplier’s site, warehouse, port. Bulk commodities inspection such as steel, semicoke, mineral, etc. BPO-Bangladesh also sorts out the competency in the market for better progress. They have been doing significant operations for the last decade. Because of having expert teams and successful project in data mining, management, IT, and payroll support, they can utilize the best tools and effort in the inspection and factory audit.

FAQs For Inspection And Factory Audit Services

  1. First Article Inspection
  2. Pre-Production Inspection
  3. During Production Inspection
  4. Pre-shipment Inspection
  5. Container Loading Supervision

Formally we have unique packages for our VIP clients who schedule inspections on a regular basis and have been with us for a long time.

Because most clients cannot afford to inspect every unit in an order, BPO BD tables estimate the amount of units to inspect in order to produce a statistically reliable sample size. In other words, if the inspection of the randomly selected lot goes well, problems in the rest of the order are statistically unlikely to be discovered.

Additionally the cost of the inspection is determined on the size of the property. Because larger homes require longer to inspect, their rates are higher than those for smaller homes. However, don’t let the cost of the inspection determine whether you obtain a home inspection or whose home inspector you use. As a result the knowledge received from an examination is well worth the money, and the cheapest option is the best one.

BPO BD for Inspections & Factory Audit

Contact us for maximizing your investment and productivity.BPO completes a realistic and close analysis of clients’ demands and vendors’ resources. The unparalleled knowledge of their technicians approves the international audit standards.

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