What is File Convertion

Converting files from one format into another is the process of taking a file of one format and making it into a different format. In case you work with files that are incompatible with the different programs you have to use, this is especially useful.

Document File Format Conversion Service In Bangladesh

A professional document conversion service that you can trust.In general, a file format determines how data is to be stored. Business owners often require files to be stored in multiple formats. It can be a difficult chore to enter the data again in a specified format.

Accounting outsourcing service

The solution is to use file conversion services, a judicious blend of manual and software techniques that can accurately and accurately convert all of your files into the desired format. Often, file conversion can be a complex process, and in the absence of expertise and infrastructure, the process may prove even more difficult. Rather than dealing with this issue themselves, businesses will outsource file conversion services to professionals to gain access to faster and better means  

A file convertion project needs to be outsourced

Technology and software have made file conversion a simple task. It is not always a matter of pressing a button that a conversion is made. The best file conversion services are familiar with a variety of file formats and have the expertise, knowledge, and software to manage simple to complex file conversion services.

File convertion services provided by eDataMine

EDataMine offers the most accurate, affordable and reliable file conversion services. We provide flawless results and provide ongoing customer support. A combination of state-of-the-art technology, talented manpower, efficiency, knowledge, and proficiency in tackling voluminous tasks make our services unique in the industry.

Our Services at eDataMine-

We provide you with high-quality file convertion services at a reasonable price.

  • File Convertion (Audio)
  • File Convertion for Video
  • An Image Convertion
  • Transform text to HTML
  • The preparation of Electronic Publications
  • File Conversion, Text Processing… & much more.

Specify the format that output should take as specified by our clients

  • Audio files in realtime
  • File format: .txt
  • Documentation (.pdf)
  • File type: .avi

Our website accepts files in almost any format.

  • The files are video or audio
  • The Book
  • Documentation on microfiche
  • Documents on paper

It is possible to receive the files via CD, DVD, FTP transfer, email, or even via the Internet, TelNet, etc.

File Convertion Services are offered by eDataMine

Our company provides a wide range of document convertion services to high-profile clients. The trust we have gained from clients is testimony to the quality of our services. In addition to offering the best technology, we have specialists with the highest qualification and experience to meet tight deadlines or take on complex tasks.

We have many reasons for you to bank with us-

  • Our workforce comprises experts in a range of fields.
  • We offer file conversion services at the most competitive prices in the industry.
  • You can trust us to deliver a quality that is nothing less than 99.97%.
  • The modern Word, MS Excel, WordPerfect, and PDF formats can be effectively converted into older formats such as Word, Text, or Spreadsheets.
  • We maintain stringent audit procedures which ensure the quality of our data. At every level, data is carefully scrutinized by team managers to identify missing data, duplicates, and other errors.

The dedication and commitment with which we work have earned us the trust of major clients across geographic boundaries. Our highly committed team goes out of its way to complete challenging tasks, resolve problems and meet deadlines. In order to ensure a successful project for each client, we assign a project manager to every task undertaken, working as a team with the client to produce the desired result.

How Business Process Offshoring Can Help?

Let us be an extension of your team with our state-of-the-art technology and dedicated team. Contact us today.