Outsource File Conversion Services In Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, BPO BD is a major and professional file conversion service provider. We've been in the outsourcing business for over a decade and have worked with a diverse group of national and international clients. We have a staff of highly skilled and professional experts with extensive file format conversion experience.

Get Document File Conversion Service For Audio, Video, Text, Image Or Other Format Affordably

BPO BD strives to provide you with the most reliable, accurate, and cost-effective file conversion services. We produce faultless results and provide continuing customer support. Our services stand out in the business due to a mix of cutting-edge technology, excellent people, efficiency, knowledge, and the ability to work on large projects.

Document File Format Conversion Service In Bangladesh

Our team of records management experts can help you plan, manage, and consult on your file conversion. We can assist you with your file conversion needs, whether you’re converting top tab files to a space-saving and personnel-productive side tab filing system, merging color coded files from numerous locations into one central place, or migrating your color coded filing system across the country.

Benefits You Get From Our Successful Services

While outsourcing their file conversion procedure to us, most of our clients and customers have this query. The majority of file conversion features are already accessible in MS Word, Excel, and online file conversion apps, as far as we know. The data can be transformed into hundreds of other file formats. Our experts can help you with anything from spreadsheets to music and video to writing.

Why BPO BD For File Conversion Services?

BPO BD also provides the most accurate, cost-effective, and dependable file conversion services available. We deliver faultless results as well as continuing client service. Our services are unique in the business because they combine cutting-edge technology, talented staff, efficiency, knowledge, and proficiency in addressing large projects. So get in touch with us to get the world-class services.

6 Successful File Conversion Services You Get From Us but Not Limited Are

We provide you with high-quality file conversion services at a reasonable price.

  1. File Convertion (Audio)
  2. File Convertion for Video
  3. An Image Convertion
  4. Transform text to HTML
  5. The preparation of Electronic Publications
  6. File Conversion, Text Processing… & much more.

We Specify the format that output should take as specified by our clients

  1. Audio files in realtime
  2. File format: .txt
  3. Documentation (.pdf)
  4. File type: .avi

Our File Conversion Services Only For Updating Your Process

  1. While in Bangladesh, we provide a comprehensive range of services to our international consumers. It has highly developed skills and utilities for converting files between a variety of formats. We charge a very low price for our file format conversion services. It employs experts with extensive experience in converting file formats across many domains.

What Make Us Different To Provide File Convertion Services?

Obviously our company provides a wide range of document conversion services to high-profile clients. The trust we have gained from clients is testimony to the quality of our services. In addition to offering the best technology, we have specialists with the highest qualification and experience to meet tight deadlines or take on complex tasks with 24/7 hours customer care support.

We have many reasons for you to bank with us-

  1. Since our workforce comprises experts in a range of fields.
  2. We offer file conversion services at the most competitive prices in the industry.
  3. You can trust us to deliver a quality that is nothing less than 99.97%.
  4. The modern Word, MS Excel, WordPerfect, and PDF formats can be effectively converted into older formats such as Word, Text, or Spreadsheets.
  5. We maintain stringent audit procedures which ensure the quality of our data.

Generally both of the dedication and commitment with which we work have earned us the trust of major clients across geographic boundaries. Our highly committed team goes out of its way to complete challenging tasks, resolve problems and meet deadlines. In order to ensure a successful project for each client, we assign a project manager to every task undertaken, working as a team with the client to produce the desired result.

FAQs For File Conversion Services

During in any 24-hour period, you can convert up to two files and compress up to two files using our free service (for files up to 50MB in size). With a paid BPO BD account, you get unlimited daily conversions and compressions, as well as the ability to upload up to 25, 50, or 100 files at once (depending on the plan you are signed up to).

With the premium version of Adobe Reader, a PDF file can be converted to other formats such as Word (.docx), Excel (.xlsx), or an image (.jpeg,.png, etc.). While if you don’t have the paid version, you can hire someone to convert your files for you, or you can utilize a safe online PDF converter or file converter program.

As a matter of fact thousands of file formats, including document and picture formats, music and video formats, e-book formats, CAD formats, and compressed formats, can be converted using BPO BD. On our formats page, you’ll find a list of all the conversions we provide.

Once your file has been sent to us, it will usually be converted or compressed in less than 10 minutes (and often much faster), however this can vary depending on the file’s size and complexity.

Need Document File Conversion Services?

Let us be an extension of your team with our state-of-the-art technology and dedicated team. Contact us today.