Integrated Revenue Cycle Management Services for Hospitals and Health Systems

Outsourcing healthcare revenue cycle management services to improve administrative functions with claims processing, payment, billing, revenue generation.

Our Clinically Driven Revenue Cycle Management Managed With 8 Effective Process

BPO BD offers a broad range of revenue cycle management (RCM) services that are both technologically advanced and patient-centered. Our revenue cycle management services are designed to assist hospitals, healthcare organizations, physician practices, and health systems of all types in better managing the challenges posed by persistent increases in the financial burden placed on patients as well as the level of complexity of the revenue cycle management.

1. Submission of Claims

Our Claims are sent electronically to the payer after they have been scrubbed, and their status is monitored.

2. Obtaining Accreditation

For in-network claims collection, our participant providers are partnered with the payer network.

3. Follow-Up

BPO Monitor receivables, make insurance company appeals, and contact patients for unpaid balances.

4. Coding in Medical Field

Our Claims are reviewed for the use of standard codes in accordance in order to maximize collection.

5. Posting Payments

BPO Bangladesh charge slips, and other documents will be posted to the patient's account by our skilled & experienced billers.

6. Management of Denials

Our expert and skilled team determine the source of the rejection, take corrective action, and resubmit claims to increase payment.

7. Registration Services

Our emphasis on early detection of pre-registration issues may aid in the identification of your healthcare eligibility issues.

8. Insurance Counting

Finding out whether a patient has insurance and how much they have to pay in, we calculate and inform clients about that issue.

Our RCM Service Strategy Accelerate Cashflow By Redesigning Process

Our ability to help our clients ensure that they are rapidly reimbursed and that all of their patients have access to the best financial care is due to our breadth of expertise across the whole healthcare continuum, paired with our countrywide resources. We have a comprehensive, empirical grasp of the healthcare business and how to adjust to the volatility of federal, state, and regional healthcare legislation and programs as a result of our lengthy experience.

1. Pre-Registration

Our emphasis on early detection of pre-registration issues may aid in the identification of your healthcare eligibility issues.

2. Assistance

We will help you to assist your medical facilities for healthcare solution.

Confirm benefits
3. Confirm Benefits

We assure Medicare services for our clients to identify beneficial insurance.

Calculate insurance
4. Calculate Insurance

Finding out whether a patient has insurance and how much they have to pay in, we calculate and inform clients about that issue.

RCM Strategy Accelerates Cashflow by Redesigning Process

Our Revenue Cycle Management Services Bring Core Benefits For Best Financial Care

BPO revenue cycle management begins when the patient makes the appointment and ends with successful payment collection. Human mistake can result in lost revenue due to coding complexity, miscommunication, medical billing problems due to duplicate data, and missing information or misspellings. And we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) refers to the process of identifying, collecting and managing the practice’s revenue. From payers our service based on the services provided. With our successful RCM process is essential for a healthcare practice to maintain financial viability and continue to provide quality care for their patients.

The payout from the claim evaluation and denial procedure is mostly out of our provider’s control. Claims denied due to insurance eligibility concerns and increased efforts to combat healthcare fraud and abuse may result in long waits for billing and claims to be processed for provider payments.

Issues that can disrupt the RCM process include:

If patient payments are collected during, or before, their service then the risk of non-payments is avoided completely. 

The priorities of the front and back ends of the office are sometimes at odds. Claim denials can occur if information is not supplied. Specific methods or codes that cause problems might assist raise awareness and reduce recurrences.

1. Shared Information

If information is not provided, it can lead to claim denials and other issues.

3. Ignorance

Increasing efforts can cause to combat healthcare fraud and abuse.

2. Data Collection

Although some may perceive these positions as merely data collection.

4. Insurance Procedure

Issues with specific procedures or codes, can help increase RCM procedure.

BPO BD Improves Financial Outcomes In Acute & Ambulatory Settings With RCM Services

Administrative professionals who are familiar with the specific needs of various payers can assist in the development of an efficient billing and collection procedure. Organizations must spend in staff training on the usage of billing forms, coding, chart documentation, revenue cycle management, and insurance verification, according to BPO Bangladesh. Some medical practices seek to outsource their RCM efforts in order to benefit from the economies of scale and expertise of dedicated partners.

Our Revenue Cycle Management Is A Sophisticated Blend Of Technology, Operations Expertise, & Humanity

We work with healthcare organizations to enhance and speed payments, prevent denials, stop revenue leakage, and improve patient satisfaction. To deliver revenue cycle management excellence, we use disruptive automation technology. With Access Healthcare's best practices, you can expect better results. We assist you in resuming your revenue cycle management, lowering costs and increasing income.

  • Developing a strong supporting healthcare IT infrastructure can assist with RCM and the ability to process necessary reports.
  • The implementation of an electronic workflow can also help to seamlessly coordinate front and back communication and eliminate lost paper documentation.

FAQs For Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Services

You can profit from RCM’s efficiencies as well as our knowledge by depending on BPO BD. We will simply be able to do the same work that you do in-house, but much more quickly. You will have more finances at your disposal if you receive your revenue in a much more timely manner.

BPO BD can help you with denial management for your current claims. Consider this: according to Healthcare IT News, 44 percent of hospital executives polled by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Analytics said we use a revenue cycle management vendor to manage denials, compared to 31 percent who use manual methods and 18 percent who use in-house tools.

It’s only natural to want to know exactly how much revenue cycle management services will cost your company. However, keep in mind that each instance will be unique. From practice to practice, the number of patients you serve, the number of different insurance plans you must deal with, and the number of patient encounters you have will all vary.

Anesthesia, ASC, Cardiology, DME, Emergency Medicine, Family Practice, Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine, OB/GYN, Pathology, Pediatrics, Podiatry, Radiology, and Urology are just a few of the disciplines we support.

Our RCM Services Brings Core Benefits For You

Our revenue cycle management services that help hospitals, health systems & medical billing companies improve efficiency & reduce costs.