Accounts Receivable

accounts receivable

Accounts Receivable Service

For an organization to maintain a strong and vibrant business, it needs to have an effective account receivable outsourcing process which ensure companies to get back their payments in short duration of time, develop their collection rates and facilitate faster processing of invoices.Through accounts receivable outsourcing service, you can take care of key finance functions that increase your control over every account with consistent check on every invoices which impact the overall cash flow management of business.

Our expertise team provide a wide spectrum of account receivable outsourcing service that help your organization successfully execute the beginning to end management of the order to cash cycle.

  • Billing preparation
  • Credit memos processing
  • Refund check approved by customer
  • Monthly balance statements to customers
  • Invoice receipt verification
  • Management of subsidiary receivables ledger
  • Credit decision tool with monitoring
  • Sales order to invoice conversion
  • Applying cash received to customer accounts and resolving short pays
  • Preparing accounts receivable reports

Our Solutions

Our accounts receivable outsourcing service gives you an accurate assessment of your overdue invoices and financial status. We provide you to make best value out of your investment by empowering latest technology in our system which help you to gain efficiencies, predict future challenges and enhance enterprise growth to develop new opportunities.

  • Minimized delinquencies
  • Reduce cash collection shortfalls
  • Reduce bad debt write-offs
  • Gain visibility into receivables transactions
  • Ensure more effective credit control
  • Maintain healthier accounts by lowering the revenue costs
  • Increase in cash flow and recoveries
  • Minimization in operating cost
  • Universal repository for all customer service required documentation
  • Easy retrieval of documents and data 24×7 through cloud access
  • Improved speed, accuracy and flexibility
  • A virtual extension of customer’s credit department
  • Updated with latest software such as QuickBooks,Sage,CheckMark,MultiLedger, M.Y.O.B
  • Improved customer loyalty through quality assurance processes and a problem-solving approach
  • Customized account handling system based on customer relationship strategy
accounts receivable