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Services for Data Cleansing & Processing

Data cleaning should be performed frequently to improve data quality and reduce  costs. It is essential for successful data cleansing to conduct regular data analyses, such as audits of the data.

The process of auditing your files will detect the cause of any spreadsheet or database errors, allowing you to focus on the relevant issue.

Data cleansing costs can then be clearly seen in each segment of your  information.


All organizations can overcome these challenges by partnering with the Flatworld Solutions (FWS) data cleansing and data management team -

  • The data cleansing process is especially challenging when organizations operate in different countries with different languages and time zones.
  • It is common for companies to outsource work to contractors who do not speak English fluently.
  • It is always challenging to find ISO-certified data cleansing professionals.
  • It is time-consuming and can require new employees to clean data.

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Services for Data Visualization

The actions of data cleansing, comparison, integration, and deduplication ensure that highly sensitive information remains accurate, consistent, private and current.

Applied location and demographic data from online sources will enhance business data.

Ensure all company information, including addresses,
telephone numbers, emails, etc. is accurate, updated, consistent and complete.

Optimizing quality data governance, marketing, and sales efforts by creating, managing, and maintaining a centralized mailing list.


It is far more likely that your data set will be fit for purpose and, therefore, will be able to be confidently transferred to a new system or format, if it has been verified before migration.

A data migration project cannot be successfully completed without preparing data first. Cleansing data correctly requires not only careful consideration, but also knowledge of advanced data cleansing techniques and best data cleansing practices to achieve the best possible results.

We provide you with a point of reference for your data cleansing project that will help you avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls data migration brings.


Our goal is complete transparency when cleansing your valuable data. As a company, we are deeply responsible to you, and we aim to earn your trust.

Let us show you potential errors to bring down your return on investment with our free data health check.

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We can help you take care of your most valuable business asset

The quality of your data determines how effective your decision-making can be. A business’s most valuable asset, data, requires your full attention.

We at Span Global Services help you manage, manage, delete, modify, format, modify, validate, organize and format data from a variety of fields and  databases.

We provide data cleansing services that ensure high operational efficiency and reduce the costs of resolving  bad data. We also use them to provide high-quality data solutions.

For our clients, we highlight the vital information during our thorough data cleaning and data scrubbing services.

An asset is any resource owned or controlled by a business

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