Onsite IT And Computer Network Solution Company In Bangladesh

We solve IT providing network services and solution to businesses from onsite to your offices.

Outsourcing Managed computer network IT Services.

Onsite IT services

1. On Demand IT Support

Also known as break-fix IT support or commercial onsite IT services. After this model comes with no conditions attached and is ideal for solving an urgent computer or Laptop issues when it arises. 

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2. Schedule IT Support

Schedule at least a quarter of on-site help to receive a discounted rate. At this point Ideal for routine maintenance, deployments, and non-critical desktop support for your company.

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3. Remote Desktop IT Support


Get such as a block of IT remotely hours that you can use over the course of a month. Also, we act as your company's IT helpdesk, resolving daily computer issues and providing IT advice.

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4. User-Based IT Support

This provides your company with a full Managed IT Support plan. Such as, you get full IT administration, including end-user support, network management, and BCP/DRP planning, for a predictable price.

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5. Customized IT Support Agreement

This plan gives you with the precise IT Support Services that you require. At this time, for conditions where special Scalability times and provision of services arrangements are required by your company.

Distribution Model

6. Outsourcing IT Services

Find a dependable partner for on-site task at your Thai branch offices. Also, we go above and beyond by providing advice, solutions, and documentation to ensure that the job is done correctly.

Best BPO Onsite IT Services Provider In Bangladesh

Onsite IT services with BPO Outsourcing Energy and Utility Services

When looking for just a Managed IT Solution Provider, firstly it can be difficult to know where to start. If you choose the best price, how can you be certain it isn't too good? And also, how do users know you're getting good value for money if you go with the highest bidder?

Presently, we understand that the tech world isn't for everyone, and that is why we handle the minor in detail so you don't have to. Additionally, We could provide bespoke solutions you've been looking for with apps and resources tailored to your company's specific needs. It is what enables us to surely that your IT systems flow efficiently in the background. At this time, never causing unplanned downtime that can affect a company's reputation overnight. Correspondingly, We provide all you need to develop with the touch of a button, thanks to a new and straightforward approach to technology. Also, our mission is provide our consumers with the finest network experience possible.

Our Onsite Computer Services For Your Business

We offer a variety of packaged and tailor - made managed solutions to businesses that require technological computer support for a wide range. Such as PCs, notebooks, servers, computer hardware, and applications on a regarding proper maintenance level or as a controllable pay-as-you-go agreement.

  • Server Setup and Maintenance
  • Computer Health Examinations
  • Consulting in Technology¬†
  • Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Remote Managed Services (RMS)
  • Backup and recovery of data
  • Remote Data Backup
  • Monitoring and management of networks
  • Computer and Network Security
  • Encryption Technologies
  • Installation and maintenance networks
  • Security for Computers and Networks
  • Secure Digital ID for your business
  • Internet Security and Anti-Virus Software
  • Software Instruction

Our Onsite IT Services And Solutions

PayrollBD offers residential clients quick and also affordable solutions. Accordingly, our IT Specialist can provide service directly to your home or residential, including weekends and nights. After that, allow us to handle your desktop parts and maintenance needs. Please see the table below for more information on our particular residential service offerings.

1. System Installation

Whether you are establishing a new office, basically expanding an existing network, or upgrading your IT facilities, our group of IT specialists can assist you.

2. Website Hosting

PayrollBD is the preferred option for commercial web hosting. As well as, our fast, dependable servers networks deliver the best server performance and uptime.

Networks Managed IT Services and Computer Support Annually.

Find a list of the most frequently explicitly ask Onsite IT Services we also offer to our customers in Bangladesh. At the same time, we perform as an extending of your current workers, collaborating with our self to provide the assistance require to make items run as smoothly as possible. Specifically, we serve our clients like family and will collaborate with them if possible to list eliable advice and expertise.


1. 24 Hours/365 Days Support

Due to our priority support and technological input for each client, also you would never have to queue for urgent assistance.

Next-Gen Solution

3. No Obligation Consultation

Meet with our technology experts to learn however we can transition your company. With one click, you can begin that.

Outsource Operations

2. Quality

It is not an option to cut corners or use undocumented workarounds. This saves user time and money.


4. Experience

One person can only know so much about an IT subject. You gain access to a team of IT Services experts.

24/7 Outsourced IT Support and Services

Yes. Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. However, if you need to contact us, we have had an on-call service available. A live person will answer your call and connect you for one of with us on-call engineers, who will contact you and resolve your critical issues.

The Active IT Control plan begins at dollar 83 per month per user.


Everyone is concern about cybersecurity as hackers are becoming more skilful and breaches become more common. This is particularly true in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, when more workers are engaged from home. Network People prioritizes your safety in three ways:

First and foremost, cybersecurity training. Generally, our IT engineers and sales people have received over 245 hour shifts of security awareness training in the last 4 months alone.

Secondly, stage is prevention, sensing, and response. Each one contributes to how we safeguard your critical data. Surely, our priority is to keep it confidential while still making it available to your organization.

Third, there is consulting and advising. Cybersecurity necessitates vigilance. Also, we will consult with you on a regular basis and advise you on what you’re doing to preserve the integrity of the IT safety.

No. Committed technicians are a good idea until they are unavailable when you require them. They are, after all, only human. With the result that over 15 years experience, we’ve discovered that a centrally controlled dispatcher is the most effective. Significantly, our dispatcher can start taking your support ticket, address your needs and priorities, and route your support request to the IT technician or technician who has the necessary experience and skill to resolve the issue. This provides the quickest and most consistent service, as well as resulting in its most satisfied client.

Yes. We frequently collaborate with the inner IT Team to assist with projects, IT Managerial staff, Managed Security, and other high-level skillsets that they may lack internally.

Since the Managed Outsourcing IT services are on a contract basis, they also offer services after work hours.