Market Research & Customer Survey

Market Research & Customer Survey system of BPO Company:

The most excellent way to develop your business is to obtain feedback from your target market – your customers who essentially matters the most. Business owners need to discover what consumers think of their product or service, and get hold of their opinions of the competition. As a business owner, you do not have the luxury of time to focus and work on this particular task since you dedicate most of your time to more important matters. So the best way to get this done is to outsource market research and survey to a service provider. Our live answering service makes it easy for you to get the most out of your marketing campaigns. Market research and customer surveys deliver great insight into your markets and buyers, helping you develop more effective marketing and product development strategies.

Our market research and survey services include:

  • Feedback from writing
  • Tracking data from customers via a questionnaire
  • Completely designed report with clearly outlining the results
  • Survey hosting
  • Survey management
  • Data analysis
  • Report writing and statistical document
Member Value through Research


Our Solutions:

  • Our customer and market research programs will deliver a team of specialists to contact accounts throughout your markets. CCBS will quickly canvas hundreds of accounts, generating data invaluable to any market-driven company.
  • In the process, we also identify decisions makers and uncover companies ready to buy your products. The result: better understanding of your market combined with effective B2B lead generation and appointment setting.
  • And we do it at a surprisingly low per-opportunity rate.
  • CCBS recently has run a highly successful market research project for a client in the life sciences industry, which hired us to contact thousands of companies.
  • In a matter of a few weeks our dedicated team of outbound call center agents worked through a list of huge number of accounts and generated them for new sales leads.