Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation Service

It is very much important to have in depth knowledge for implementing different tax procedures in tax preparation. BPO Bangladesh gives you the experience of expertise to ensure maximum tax savings and incentives in a fast, affordable and secure method.

Our tax preparation outsourcing services not only document the client’s tax return but also provide them the maximum output and solutions to deal in a proactive manner and focus on their tax planning strategy in correspondence to tax protocols. We value our client with our maximum effort to deliver the best outcome in tax preparation:

  • Customized tax outsourcing services according to client’s need
  • Latest use of Tax software
  • Meeting filing within deadline and handling of tax compliance workload
  • ASP/FTP technology
  • Quick turnaround time
  • e-Filing of income tax return
  • Accurate maintenance of data
  • Minimization in operating costs and maximization of efficiency
tax preparation

How We Work

Our increased efficiency of tax procedures facilitate companies to minimize operating costs and maximize efficiency by adding economic value to your business .

We follow a clearly-defined, result-oriented process in preparation of tax outsourcing service that goes through the following stages:

  • Stage-1: Scanned documents received from clients
  • Stage-2: Data entry into Tax Software
  • Stage-3: Auditing of Tax Returns
  • Stage-4: Review through end-to-end with client and finalize
  • Stage-5: Submission of prepared tax to the client for filing

Our Tax Preparation Services:

  • Tax Validation
  • Liability Calculation
  • Returns Preparation
  • Form and Certificate Management 1040 (individuals)
  • Form and Certificate Management 1065 (Partnerships)
  • Form and Certificate Management 1120 (For companies and Corporations)
  • Interpretation of the taxability and treatment of various accounts