Company Registration

We are a full-service consultancy firm specializing in business set up and operations in Bangladesh. We are offering a complete online company registration solution for you. We've spited the procedure into three easy stages to make company registration more convenient and simple.

RJSC Business Formation

Private Limited Company Incorporation


We will apply for Name Clearance for registering your Company. Then we'll collect required documents according to our checklist such as MOA , AOA, Form VI , Form VI, IX, X, XII etc.


In order to bring the foreign shareholding amount, you will require to open up a temporary bank account through submitting the following documents to the respective banks.


We will apply for registration by paying Tax, fee and stamp duty needed. Upon successful completion of all the formalities, a certificate of incorporation will be obtained from the RJSC.


Post Company registration formalities in Bangladesh includes obtaining the Tax Identification Number, Value Added Tax (VAT) Certificate & Trade License.


Foreign companies may open branch offices to conduct business in Bangladesh. Unlike a Liaison Office, a Branch Office can perform broader scope of activities.


In Bangladesh, however, there is a requirement for a minimum of US$ 50,000 inward remittance for all types of entities registered, including branches and representative offices.

Register a Company or Entity in Bangladesh

Company Registration and Formation Service.

If you are interested in registering a new entity incorporation in Bangladesh, one of the most recommended option to start a business is to take resort to incorporating a Private Limited Company in Bangladesh.Once the aforementioned formalities are completed successfully, RJSC generally provides with the certificate of incorporation (Company registration certificate) within 6 business days. It usually takes 2 (two) weeks to register a Company from the date of submitting all the documents to RJSC.

Liaison Office

Foreign companies may open their Liaison Offices in Bangladesh to act as a communication channel between the foreign companies and the Bangladeshi customers.


A Branch Office

A Branch Office provides the advantages of ease in operation and an uncomplicated closure. However, since the operations are strictly regulated by exchange control guidelines, a Branch May not provide a foreign company with the most optimum structure for its expansion/diversification plans.


Rules of Business

We assist with filing all the multi-layered compliance and maintaining the required statutory records. Our experts will help you with the complete registration process.


Company Bank Account

After obtaining the Name Clearance certificate, If there is any foreign investment then the amount for paid up capital need to be remitted through the newly opened bank account following proper procedure.

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Business Incorporation

Entity / Business Registration In Bangladesh

Setting up Branch Office / Liaison Office

A foreign investor intending to do business in Bangladesh has 3 options, and may establish its presence through Locally registered company, Branch office or Liaison office.

LOCALLY REGISTERED COMPANY : Incorporating or acquiring a locally registered company can be the most flexible option to the investor. Foreign investors are allowed to invest or own shares or incorporate companies in many sectors. Foreign company may also establish a joint venture company with either a local or another foreign investor.

BRANCH OFFICE : A foreign investor may conduct business by establishing a branch office of its foreign company. A branch office operates similar to a company except that it is only permitted to conduct business in areas permitted by the BIDA. The permission to operate as a branch office is also subject to renewal after 3 years.

LIAISON OFFICE : A liaison office allows the foreign investor to establish a direct communication channel but not allowed to run any commercial activities. The activities of a liaison office is limited to maintain liaison / coordination between principal and local agents, distributors / exporters’ institutions through correspondences, personal contracts. The office can collect, compile analyze and disseminate business information related to its field of activities as mentioned in the approval letter.

Registration of Liaison Office in Bangladesh

In order to open a branch office or a liaison office in Bangladesh, it is necessary to obtain permission from BIDA. To apply for permission, the following documents are required:

  • Completed and signed application form.
  • Certificate of Incorporation of the foreign company
  • MOA and AOA of the foreign company
  • Particulars of the directors/promoters of the foreign company.
  • Audited accounts of the last financial year of the foreign company.
  • Board resolution approving the establishment of the branch office or liaison office
  • Proposed organogram of the office detailing the posts occupied by local and foreign personnel
  • Particulars of proposed activities.

After approval from BIDA, a bank account must be opened. The purpose of opening the bank account is to remit at least USD 50,000. The remittance is intended to cover establishment and operational costs of the first 6 months. The foreign investor must remit this amount within two months from the date of approval from BIDA.

Registration of Liaison Office in Bangladesh

The final step is to register the branch or liaison office with the RJSC. To register with the RJSC, the following information or documents will be required:

Open and Setting up a Representative Office Office

To open or seek extension of a Branch or a Liaison or Representative Office of a foreign company, We can assist you submitting in prescribed form an Application to Board of Investment of Bangladesh along with the following documents:

Joint Venture Registration

Register A Joint Venture Company in Bangladesh

Are you interested in registering Joint Venture Company in Bangladesh? We can be your right partner who can walk you though this process.

Joint Venture Company Registration in Bangladesh for opening business of local and foreign entrepreneurs and jointly operating the company activities into Bangladesh.  First and foremost, any foreign entrepreneurs can open 100% foreign owned limited company or joint venture Company in Bangladesh. Our team of expert can help you registering the company for you.  Joint Venture Company means there foreign entrepreneurs and local entrepreneurs both jointly operating the business and paid up his/her equity investment of the company. RJSC is the only legal authority to issue company’s registration/ Incorporation certificate in Bangladesh and monitoring all kinds of legal matters into the country. 

Joint Venture Company in Bangladesh

Business Setup: Registrations, Legal and Secretarial Services.

One or more foreign entrepreneur can set up a Joint Venture Company in Bangladesh with collaborating of one or more Bangladesh entrepreneur. The Register of Joint Stock Companies & Firms (RJSC) is the only authority to register Joint Venture Company in Bangladesh.