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Terms & Conditions

We request that you read the following terms and conditions carefully since they constitute a legally binding contract between you (the reader) and Bpo.com.bd


Please read the following terms and conditions before using this content www.bpo.com.bd The mobile browser site of BPO.com.bd Content Services encompass all in-store applications and other digital publishing services owned by BPO.com.bd.

Registration Access and Use

Users are welcome to register on our digital platforms. We offer the following registration services, which may change in the future. Changes will be incorporated into the terms and conditions page and notified to existing users by email.

The registration service is only available to individual subscribers. In the event that more than one individual wishes to access the same account, or if a corporate account is needed, please contact us. Multiple users will have different subscription rates.

Bpo.com.bd content services that you consume on the digital platforms will vary depending on your registration type, your location, or the offer you subscribe to.

Privacy Policy and Registration

Your personal information that we receive from your registration on bpo.com.bd or other digital products of  Bpo.com.bd will be used by Bpo.com.bd. Our Privacy Policy governs our privacy practices. Please read the following information.

Bpo.com.bd expects you to provide accurate and complete information in the mandatory fields upon registration. As well as protecting the information, you are required to keep your passwords and credit card numbers secure. To keep your account relevant, please update the information periodically. Your information will be used by bpo.com.bd.

Only one user may register at a time. You will choose an ID (“user name”) during registration. Without your permission, no one can use your ID or access your account. The BPO.com.bd Premium  subscription does not allow multiple users on a network or within an organization to use the same ID.

The Bpo may terminate or suspend your Bpo.com.bd account upon knowledge.It is not your responsibility to share your personal access in exchange for premium services. Bpo.com.bd premium service is used by you or anyone using your ID, and you are responsible for preventing unauthorised use of your ID. You should notify Bpo.com.bd, if you believe your payment information has been disclosed, stolen or unauthorisedly used immediately by e-mailing us at info@bpo.com.bd

It is recommended that you do not choose an obvious password (such as your name) and that you  change it regularly.You promise that any messages Bpo.com.bd may send you will be sent via a device or network operated by a third party (e.g. your employer or college) and that you have the right to receive them. Your safe list will ensure that your bsmail receipts are delivered to your inbox. Additionally, you agree that Bpo may discontinue contacting you without notifying you.

Personal Subscription Services

Individual subscription services include access to content behind the paywall on Bpo.com.bd. When you subscribe to Bpo.com.bd Premium access, you are able to access exclusive content from editors at Bpo.com.bd.

It is always possible that the nature of content behind the pay wall will change; the editorial decision is final.

Types of subscription:

You might not receive the same services depending on your country and the device you use. The price and packages of subscriptions may also vary over time.

Contract formation:

BPO.com.bd will try to process your subscription promptly, but cannot guarantee that it will be activated by a specific date. Your payment information and other subscription details constitute your offer to purchase a subscription from us. We will only accept your offer and enter into a contract once we have successfully verified your payment details and email address, at which point we will give you access to your subscription. The BPO.com.bd management reserves the right to reject an offer for any reason, without assigning any reasoning.

Bpo.com.bd  works with third-party content providers to offer bundled services, which will be paid for by the same company. Standard will offer seamless access to all such third parties with a single point of contact. There may be a break in this seamless access due to a technology breakdown, temporary disconnection of the internet connection or other factors beyond the reasonable control of Bpo.com.bd. If this is the case, the contract will be formed once access to the partner services has been  restored.

Third Party Sites and Services

Bpo.com.bd may provide links to other Internet websites or online or mobile services provided by independent third parties, including sites of our advertisers and sponsors (we refer to these as “Third Party Sites”). Third-party sites may also be co-branded with Bpo.com and therefore use Bpo.com.bd trademarks.

If you choose to purchase or use any third party products or services made available on or via Third Party Sites, you should read Section 9 below carefully. Third Party Sites are not covered by our Privacy Policy.

The website bpo.com.bd contains advertising and sponsorships. Bpo.com.bd requires that advertising and sponsorship materials comply with international and national laws. Bpo.com.bd is not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies in advertising, incorrect links, or  sponsorship material.

It is the responsibility of Bpo.com.bd or its suppliers and contributors to make all software available on Bpo.com.bd copyrighted. You are required to follow the terms and conditions when using the program you will need to read and understand any licence agreements. The licence agreement must be agreed to prior to installing or using any of this software. Bpo.com.bd is not responsible for any technical or other issues that may occur if you download third-party software.

Responsibilities we have towards you

It is very important that you read this section carefully. It explains to what extent, if any, Bpo applies except if you are a premium subscriber to Bpo.com.bd, we assume full responsibility (liability) for your use of Bpo.com.bd and any third party products or services we reference or advertise on Bpo.com.bd.

You accept no financial responsibility from Bpo.com.bd or the content, advertisements and links published on Bpo.com.bd If you subscribe to Bpo.com.bd premium services, our financial responsibility will be limited to the price you paid for the subscription.

We assume no responsibility for the use of Third Party Sites or services, including but not limited to advertisements, links to Third Party Products. Websites or mobile applications provided by third parties, such as those of advertisers and sponsors, may be referred to as Third Party Sites on bpo.com.bd. We refer to products and services that third parties provide as Third Party Products

Our Service Help

If you have any questions, email us at info@bpo.com.bd Or you can call to us at: 
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