Patent Research

Patentability / Novelty Research

Patent research is conducted to determine that if an invention has met all the requirements of novelty, usefulness, and non-obviousness. It is usually performed prior to the preparation of the patent application to verify if the intellectual property or invention of an individual is unique or novel enough to be patented.

Our skilled professionals cover all the subscribed patent databases that cover patents from around the globe. The search report elaborates all the details of the relevant patent/prior art documents, along with our comprehensive analysis. Additionally, electronic copies of the patents are provided for our client’s verification and to check quality. It is the most professional first step in the patent process as searching for the novelty of idea/innovation before starting its production / commercial use.


Patent searches we provide:

  • Novelty or Patentability
  • Invalidity or Validity Check
  • Accelerated Examination
  • Collection/State of the art
  • Right to use/Freedom to operate
  • Infringement/Non-infringement
patent research

Our Solutions :

  • Access rich professional search experience in patent field who are experienced in using various technologies.
  • Our professionals have access to wide range coverage of patent and non-patent databases across globe. They can identify the strengths & weaknesses of searching through the database & know how to search for maximum impact and effective search results.
  • Identify various features of the invention that may have the potential of a patent grant.
  • Formulation of patent and non-patent search strategies.
  • Identify documents that are relevant to the invention by conducting an exhaustive prior art search in various databases
  • Thorough analysis of each of the identified relevant documents.