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We offer offshore services worldwide such as gambling licenses, bank accounts, trust companies, registrations and other benefits of set up a company in ...

Offshore Company Solutions for NON Residents

Here we offer you with the beat of services in offshore company registration in Bangladesh where we welcome clients from outside / abroad and make them to do business over here.

The benefits of hiring BPO as your offshore company are endless, your company can quickly and cost-effectively establish a genuine physical presence offshore with staffed workplaces within Bangladesh’s special economic zone. As part of Global Business Service Provides, allows you the ability to generate an active business income offshore in Bangladesh and benefit from operating from a tax-exempt jurisdiction.

The extensive range of online markets in different parts of the world can be easily executed through the establishment of offshore companies. Businesses who want to grow and stabilize their market in Bangladesh should hire BPO as their offshore company and we will serve the purpose of handling their entire ecosystem of management matters easily and efficiently.

Our services include low tax, location of your business, confidentiality, accounting, auditing, estate ownership, asset and lawsuit security, Telecommunications & related service activities, Advertising, Marketing, Market research, and much more.

Offshore Company Solutions for NON Residents

Investment Benefits of Offshore Company.

BPOBD makes the annual tax filing and accounting obligations are comfortable for offshore companies. Hence the reduction of the accounting obligations help the companies to operate smoothly without much hassle. This helps you achieve getting things done in no time and enhancing your flexibility.

Our Appointment And meeting scheduling services provide the Time management balance, and this helps companies to attract the best talent whether it’s temporary, contract or permanent. Offering employees the opportunity to choose their shifts based on their availability makes it an easier, faster process to schedule their work.

You can obtain payment immediately through the booking service with BPO-Bangladesh. You’ll be able to take a deposit for an appointment or make clients pay for their services upfront in this custom. Therefore protecting your company from any harsh consequences if the customer fails to turn up.

BPO-Bangladesh services provide you with a wide variety of choices. We provide Services to multiple criteria of businesses including Retail, Autonomous vehicles, AI, Robotics, Image Recognition, Health Care, Agrotech, Inbound, Technical support, Outbound call centre services to Global Industries and many more. We also provide Image, Video, Text, Geospatial, Sports, data, 3D annotations.  Our customer service team demonstrates professionalism and quality service.

Offshore Development Center (ODC) Services


BPO-Bangladesh scheduling services make it easier for businesses to find last-minute cover for employees that have called in invalid or can offer employees shifts that work around their schedules, making them more likely to accept..
Will enable you to manage main goals including improving punctuality and securing enough time to arrange and prepare for upcoming appointments with the help of our appointment schedule services and calendar management.

Offshore company services and grow revenue by 33%

  • BPOBD vendors services for back office and front office operations such as payment processing, information technology services, quality assurance.
  • BPOBD offers several service benefits, such as lower costs, global expansion, and higher efficiency, marketing, sales, customer relations.
  • BPOBD is a company that is experienced in different fields and performs at the highest level adopting best practices and use the latest technology. This naturally results in higher efficiency and greater productivity for your business’s success.

BPO-Bangladesh online appointment schedule solution

Our services help businesses to ensure that their employees have a great experience is to utilize our employee scheduling services with calendar sync. This makes it simpler for businesses and employees to handle shifts around pre-existing duties.'s Time scheduling tools can see your and the employees’ real-time availability makes it easier for your businesses to manage and handle time, therefore, working thoroughly.

Time scheduling and management are very essential skills for creating a balanced workflow, understands that, and specializes in those services that provide the complete management of your calendar. Our focus is to give you an excellent balance of your daily tasks.