Financial Research

Financial Research Analysis

Finance is the best indicator of a company or that of the competitors to identify the health status of the business. So it needs proper utilizing of research facilities which can reveal certain important functions such as recent success & failures of the company, opportunities for risk reduction, and development of new products based on current market trends. It helps you not only to take decisions and actions of your business and also represent the position of the competitors in market.

BPO Bangladesh is the customized service provider of in depth financial research analysis for major companies. Our professional team is highly trained in all aspects of the process which help you to take quick, result and data driven decision to increase profit and reduce risks.

Step-wise process for financial research:

  • Initial meeting & free assessment
  • Finalizing KPO deliverables
  • Collection & analysis of financial data
  • Evaluate data & freeze financial plan
  • Follow up meeting & review of place
  • Acceptance of plan & modeling
  • Deployment of financial models/frameworks
financial research
financial research

Our end-to-end financial research services include:

Equity research: Our in depth analysis of equity claims on your business, and other potential competitors in the industry along with opportunity analysis within the field help you to take accurate decisions in your business. We provide initiation and maintenance research reports for buy and sell based on qualitative & quantitative assessment.

Credit research: With the help of our proficient team we evaluate credit opportunities, risks as well as possible threats and help investors to take better informed decisions to avoid any loss. . We can research credit history and availability of your company and  also offer business plans for long term investment opportunities with ensured returns while maximizing available cash.

Retail Brokerage Research: We offer efficient retail brokerage research services for businesses of all sizes to ensure the availability of data needed before expansion or alteration of your business.

Commodities Research:  We offer research analysis on commodity trends for different markets both globally as well as locally. Our research and analysis identify appropriate strategies to help you make wise investment decisions.

Retail Risk Analytics:  We offer extensive research services on retail risks involved in present investment plans. We provide risk analysis on regulations, market competition and channel disruptions that present major risk for retail sector.

Fundamental Analytics We offer full featured analytics service and also ensure fundamental indicators and competitor analysis that provide clients with the right kind of base for any investment opportunity.

Our Solutions

We provide customized research services with insightful inputs which include company profiling, analyst commentary on research reports, sector analysis, briefing packs, comparable company analysis both in your market and in emerging markets for both developing and updating systems, and credit risk reports. We bring you the latest in technology and research to help you improve your bottom line by allowing you to use your internal resources and funds for more effectively.

  • Cost effective
  • Meet research activities within deadline
  • Assured efficiency and quality driven financial research services
  • Financial research carried out by experts
  • Capability for high-end global and local research
  • Industry and domain-specific research services
financial research