Register A New Company in Bangladesh

This page offers a simple, step-by-step process for register a new company in Bangladesh with the purpose of helping and guiding the Promoters. Let's get started !

Documents Required for Company Registration Incorporation

The company registrar requires the following details in order to register a new company in Bangladesh:

1. Company Name

The name must have approval (clearance) before the company may be register in Bangladesh.

4. Paid-Up Capital

The minimum paid-up capital required to register a new company in Bangladesh is one Taka. Surely, It can be increase.

2. Shareholders

Similarly, in Bangladesh, a private limited company may have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 50 shareholders.

5. Reg. Address

To register a new company in Bangladesh, you must provide a local address as the registered address of the company.

3. Allowed Capital

The Memorandum of Association and also Articles of Association both need to specify the allowed capital.

6. MoA & AoA

After that, the company will be form must draft its articles of association (AoA) & memorandum of association (MoA).

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Relevant Information For Foreign Investors

When a limit company is form, foreign investors having industrial projects are highly encourage to register with BIDA. However, registration with BIDA is not necessary for commercial or trade companies. The normal wait period to get register is between 7 and 10 working days.

  1. The approve capital determines how as much as it will cost to register a new company, in general.
  2. Shelf businesses are not allow; the corporation must have a physical location in Bangladesh.
  3. The forex regulations in Bangladesh permit the full repatriation of gains and also investments.
  4. Foreign nationals may work with locals at a ratio of 20:1, also provide they have the require work permits.
  5. FDI investments may be make at 100%, also with very few exceptions.
  6. Directors may be from abroad or locally so far.
  7. Traditional corporate income tax rates range from 25% to 45%, depending on the industry and also type of business. 
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Required Documents For Foreigners

Foreigners who want to start a business in Bangladesh must examine the following factors:You must put in the initial paid up capital and register a bank account in the proposed company's name with the name clearance received from Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC), also known as the registrar of companies. Though, this is a requirement for Bangladeshi company incorporation. Also you can complete all company incorporation procedures without traveling to Bangladesh. In case, depending on the bank you select, creating a bank account can be the lone exception.

All in all of the shareholders and directors may be foreigners. If you only wish to form a private limited company then do not have any plans to move to Bangladesh, you are not need to obtain any especially visa. You are free to run your business remotely and are also allow to come to Bangladesh on a business visa when necessary to handle urgent business problems. At this point, you must acquire a work permit if you intend to move to Bangladesh to run your business.

Post-Registration Formalities For Register A New Company

Documents RJSC has Published:

  1. Certificate of Registration: The company’s Certificate of Incorporation will be issue by RJSC. The registration number, company name, and incorporation date will all be list on the certificate.
  2. Form XII: The names of directors for the corporation is contain in Form XII.
  3. Certified versions of the MoA and the AoA
  4. In addition, you’ll almost probably require the following when registering your Bangladeshi company:
  • Certificates of ownership for each shareholder.
  • Register directors, shares, shareholders, etc.
  • An organization’s seal
  • A company’s rubber stamp
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License Applications For TIN, Trade Licenses, And Other Licenses

You should purchase a commercial space or lease a property in any commercial area after register a new company. The next step is to apply for a trade license & tax ID number. You can require additional business permits, depending on the commercial operations of your organization.

Requirements For Filing Returns

Annual Report: An annual meeting should be held every year. The AGM must be hold in 18 months of  register a new company, and there can be a maximum of 15 months between AGMs after that.

Regular Return: Within a specific timeframe, a suitable return should be filed with the RJSC in the event that the board of directors, the shareholding structure, or any other change.

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This guide will provide you a thorough understanding of the requirements, process, and schedule for registering a private limited business in Bangladesh. Bangladesh has a collection of initial and continuing regulatory requirements for establishing and running a business, similar to the majority of other nations.