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Procurement through Contracting & Negotiations

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Supply Chain cost management to optimize spend can unlock 4x more value.

Our effective procurement BPO services enable a company to identify the best provider case and align these suppliers with the company's mission statement. This can be accomplished through helpful conditions and cross functional excellence, which encourage and incubates collaboration. Our effective and efficient procurement approach can help you save money quickly while also improving supply chain agility.

Save time & money

1. Save time & Money

Save time and money. Reduce costs 55%-75% significantly.

2. Greater Efficiency

2. Greater Efficiency

Our efficient procurement process provides an competitive advantage.

generate innovation

3. Generate Innovation

Our procurement BPO services can contribute to innovation product development.

4. Reduce supplier risk

4. Reduce supplier risk

Our effective procurement BPO services focuses on detecting, assessing, and resolving supplier risks.

Types Of Procurement

Procurement can be classified in a number of ways. According on how the business will use the things bought, it can be characterized as indirectly or directly procurement.


1. Direct procurement

Direct procurement is the process of obtaining everything needed to create a finished product. This covers raw materials and parts for a industrial project. It covers any acquire items from a vendors for resale to clients by a trader.


3. Goods procurement

The term "goods procurement" usually relates to the purchase of material products, although it can also refer to software subscriptions. Effective supply chain management procedures are essential for effective commodities procurement. Directly and implicitly procurement are both possible.


2. Indirect procurement

Purchases that are necessary for day-to-day activities but do not immediately contribute to the company's bottom line are considered indirect procurement. This can range from office equipment and furnishings to ad campaigns, consulting services & equipment upkeep.


4. Services procurement

Procuring people-based services is the focus of services procurement. This could entail employing individual freelancers, contingent labor, law firms, or on-site security services, depending on the organization. Directly and indirectly procurement are both possible.

Category Management, Sourcing & Procurement Outsourcing

The procurement process varies widely based on the structure and demands of each firm, but it usually includes the following 8 steps:

1. Identify Which Goods For You

1. Identify Which Goods For You

We can determine which items and services the business requires. A company must first determine its needs for a given product or services.

Choose Vendors

3. Examine and Choose Vendors

Our evaluation of vendors should include not only price, but also reputation, speed, quality, and dependability. Because procurement is typically connected with business identity, many businesses think ethics as well.

Purchase Order

5. Put Together a Purchase Order

Complete and send a purchase requisition to the supplier. The purchase order should be thorough enough to indicate the specific services or items required and allow the supplier to fulfill the order.

Verify Bill & Arrange Payment

7. Verify Bill & Arrange Payment

Accept and pay the bill if indeed the 3 match is correct. Our standardized procedure can assist ensure that invoices are paid on time, avoiding late fees and fostering positive relationships with suppliers.

2. Submit Purchase Order

2. Submit Purchase Order

When an employee or group of employees requires a large amount of new resources or services, we submit a formal purchase request.

Negotiate Price and Terms

4. Negotiate Price and Terms

It's a good idea to receive at least three estimates from providers. If you need to back out of a contract, be sure you have some concrete alternatives. Make sure you get final terms in writing once you've agreed on them.

Delivered Goods

6. Accept & Inspect Delivered Goods

We examine deliveries thoroughly for any faults or damage. Ensure that everything is delivered according to the PO's specifications and that the performance meeting and exceeding expectations.

Maintaining Records

8. Maintaining Records

We at BPOBD assist the company with future reordering of goods at the correct price, as well as auditing and tax calculations. Clear, precise records can aid in the resolution of any potential conflicts.

Procurement consulting and outsourcing services

Purchasing managers and procurement experts employ procurement skills to advise buying decisions within a division or business. They use communication, business, and research skills to figure out which equipment or materials are appropriate for daily tasks or projects.

1. Ensure that each party receives the advantages of the contract.
2. Protect each contract party’s rights.
3. Make certain that each party follows through on their contractual duties.
4. give background information about financial or regulatory audits.

The main advantage of this procedure is that it assures that both the buyer and the seller satisfy their performance needs within the procurement contract limits. Change control, purchasing performance evaluation, inspections, reports, payment services, claims, and recordkeeping are all part of the control procurement process.

1. Holistic Risk Management is a Procurement Specialist skill.
2. Improve long-term viability.
3. Strengthen relationships with suppliers.
4. Take part in a global marketplace.
5. Make use of new technology.
6. Improve your financial procurement skills.
7. Take the lead on innovation.
8. Work together effectively.

Control The tasked with managing procurement relationships, reviewing contract performance, making modifications and corrections as needed, and closing out contracts is known as procurement.

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