Computer IT Support In Bangladesh

Our computer IT support specialists help clients with products while working for a computer hardware or software firm. Generally speaking, our IT support specialists are working for several organizations' IT divisions. We assist in Server and PC Maintenance, Network Upgrades and installation, PC and Laptop Support and Fix & Repair, Antispam, Antivirus, and Antispyware.

We Are Serving & Managing IT

We are operating IT support is a reference to the assistance that the majority of small firms purchase. In essence, managing a full IT workforce takes time, resources, and knowledge.

Your company computing IT support issues can be resolve by our professional and also train computer service technicians. Additionally, our professionals are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At this time, whether the issue is with a Computer, server, or network. The most advance and effective remote computer IT support tools are use by our computer repair service. Basically, we make it simple and affordable to outsource your computer IT support.

Outsourcing, Managed Services and Virtual Assistants

We offer complete business computer IT support services. Also, we provide support for a wide range of technologies and almost all major manufacturers:

  1. Desktops with Windows and Apple.
  2. Handheld devices running Apple, Android, and Windows.
  3. Servers for Windows, Linux, and Apple.
  4. Virtual servers from VM Ware, Citrix, and Hyper-V.
  5. Firewalls, switches, and routers from most other manufacturers and also Cisco, SonicWall, and Dell.
  6. Wireless Controllers and also Access Points.
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Affordable Computer IT Support For Small Businesses

If your SMB needs enterprise-grade small company computer IT support, we'll treat your business just like it's a Bangladesh-listed corporation.

The effects on your profitability and operating costs are only a coupled with the many advantages of managed computer IT support assistance. Particularly, a employ full time team of qualified specialists, ready for onsite & remote assistance, is available to your employees.  

Numerous IT support providers provide flexible payment options after that might help your company grow as well as no-commitment, small contracts for onsite and remote services. With 24/7 assistance, our experts are always for you.

Most computer IT support offers bundles with a variety of services, from help with internet connectivity to cloud support.  Bring that, your staff will have a single point of contact when facing technical issues if you outsource your management system to a single team.

Disaster recovery is the method by which you and also your staff would regain control of the digital infrastructure and services in thiat case of a disaster or cyberattack. Even though no one can predict a calamity, having a well-thought-out planning is crucial, particularly in the aftermath of the Covid-19 outbreak.

You’ll have access to safe, high-quality infrastructure and applications as one of the numerous advantages of managed IT assistance. An IT management service depends on a solid infrastructure and better security to safeguard both their own and your data and information.

An IT management service focuses on infrastructure and support for IT systems, and the majority of services also provide cyber security & disaster recovery. When you enlist the help of a professional, experienced team, your software and technology will be maintained current and secure from cybercrime.

Outsourcing, Digital Support & BPO Services in Bangladesh

Make Your Business More Efficient With Our Computer IT Support ServicesWe go beyond the basic minimum, and they won’t charge you for assistance. Your pick of computer IT support company should at the very least offer the six services listed below:

1. Microsoft 365

Microsoft just replaced their old Office 365 with new Microsoft 365, giving the tech sector a much-needed makeover. With this service, our consumers will customize their user interface and make their program suitable for both home and business use.

3. Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas)

Our IaaS functions similarly to SaaS, but for a monthly charge, it also provides you with hardware, specific software, maintenance, and other services. You pay for the service rather than acquiring expensive new gadgets on a regular basis. 

5. Artificial Intelligence

Even if it sounds esoteric, artificial intelligence has fascinating business applications. It primarily refers to computer programs that process massive amounts of data using complex algorithms. As they proceed, processing this data enables them to alter.

2. Software as a Service (SaaS)

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) is an affordable approach to keep your business up to date with the most recent software while also cutting your financial output and maintenance all kinds of requirements that are very important  for a company.

4. Telecommunications

Using our communications network effectively has become a key component of modern company. Consumer communication is no longer limited to landlines. Thus, you require a coordinate system that incorporates your landlines, cell phones, email etc.

6. Managing IT Services

we are a computer IT support provider can be useful if your firm doesn’t have an IT division or if you only have one or two employees on staff (MSP). Also, we  are essentially IT firms that enter into agreements with organizations to manage their IT requirements. 

Outsourcing Managed IT Services

Not a thing, it’s free! We don’t charge you anything for an estimate, but in most situations there is a little travel fee of $25.00. You only pay our travel expenses if you decide not using our service for any reason.

Our regular business hours are from 8 AM to 10 PM. 365 days a year.Therefore, most businesses that cannot wait, a 24 Hour support is open for emergencies, and we charge twice as muchas  if it is after business hours. The best advice is to call between the hours specified if it is not an emergency.

A typical support session lasts an hour to an hour and a half. Depending on how many and how serious the difficulties are, the session may be considerably shorter or longer. An in-home or in-office on-site visit by one of our qualified technical specialists may be required in some circumstances when a computer is severely infested with viruses and/or spyware.

We cater to all sized clients. From a home computer and small office with 1–5 PCs to a small–to–midsize business with 5–50 systems and a network. We also focus on providing technology services to manufacturing, medical/healthcare, and accounting firms.

Our costs are competitive with those of businesses who provide similar goods and services. Other businesses provide systems and services for less money, but all too frequently they provide inconsistent service, quality, and reliability. Our certifications provide quick repairs at a marginally higher price than the well-known vendors, but the end result is frequently lower costs and less downtime.

Our computer IT support expert provides the whole services. They make sure that the network, software, hardware, and general functioning of computers are all in good working order.