Leading (UGC) Content Screening Program

Our experienced workforce manages and regulates the user-generated Content Moderation like comments, videos, and images to secure they are acceptable to your guidelines or systems of your company and site. BPOBD moderates content on a real-time basis protecting the image of your application/website/online community and creating a safe environment for the users in your online site, thus increasing the popularity and quality of the overall brand.

Screens, Monitors and Approves User-generated Content, Identifies Improper Submissions That Are Spammy, Vulgar, Offensive, or Predatory


Eliminating the offensive & unwanted content to make the social media platforms decent & friendly.


Prohibition of items like weapons, drugs and adult content is essential to improve the website experience and enhance users’ safety.


Observing each and video uploaded online to eliminate any inappropriate content for keeping the platform clean.


Moderating kids and gaming websites to ensure your child’s online safety for seamless enjoyment and learning.


Verifies and Confirms the reliable content and videos including removal of fake and erotic content, making the site safe and family-friendly.


Monitors and Controls the text and Graphics of (UGC) and removes any harmful and offensive content.

We Detect and Block Online Inappropriate Content of Misinformation and Hate Speech in Social Media and Regulate User Profile as Per TOS

Bans and Eliminates Unsuitable and Inappropriate Content of Your Digital Channels

Ban of engagement of restricted items like weapons, drugs and adult content is essential to improve the platform's activity and enhance users’ safety and experience. We consistently control such restricted subjects to keep your platform entirely free from the mentioning and social participation of restricted data. We eliminate such posts, blogs, images, videos and remove false and prohibited items to run a uniform user experience with well-moderated data. Enhanced Services: 


Real-time Management

Our moderators investigate any user-generated content including your brand in real-time.


Cost-Effective Service

Online content and social media moderation services don’t have to be overly expensive. We provide our services at a flexible rate.


Trustworthy Experience

We make sure that user-generated content on your website is safe for all your followers. .



Have our moderators who work with professionalism, accuracy and know, how to engage with your customers.

Unsuitable and Inappropriate Content of Your Digital Channels

Moderates User-generated Images, Videos and Comments to Ensure Compliance With Brand Guidelines and Terms of Service

As a high-standard Content Moderation Service Provider, we’re fully dedicated to making your website the best that it can be. That involves real-time moderation services that promote a wholesome online community. Our services include elimination of subjects such as:

  • Obscene content or abusive or intimidating comments
  • Breach of copyright
  • Child abuse
  • Spam
  • Fraud 
  • Illegal items 
  • Cyberbullying
  • Nudity / porn
  • Drugs/ weapons / Alcohol
  • Celebrities related problem 

We Make Sure That Your Digital Places Are Secure With Acceptable Ugc (Social Media, Website, Forums, Client Reviews, Product Sheets, and More.)

Outsource data the Data Moderation Service to our team and focus on what matters the most– growing your business. We assure you that your digital places are adjusted with pleasant UGC.

We moderate things like: 

  • User posts and comments,
  • Video and images
  • Stories and text
  • Forum posts
  • Product or service reviews
  • Shared or linked articles in social media posts
  • Blog comments
  • Content Writing
  • Social Sharing

Expert Content Moderation Engine and Screening Services to Protect Your Community Including Your Brand Guidelines.

Aside from managing the social contents, we also control the engagement of users in real-time. We employ moderators to trace the online traffic and genuine engagement of the online users. We differentiate between genuine followers and fake profiles by analyzing them to make sure you run your sites smoothly. We conduct this task with the help of an experienced group of moderators to utilize your promotional plans and activities and therefore help you grow further. Our roles are to:

Screens and Monitors Fraud, De-duplication, Image Kind, Cyberbullying, Counterfeits, Nudity, Categorization, and Illegal Things.

Social Media Fact Check

Designed according to your precise guidelines and objectives, to ensure compliance with your organization's policies and legal measures.

Obtain a safe and family-friendly platform for your audience with our expert Moderation Services. 

We also specialize in a lot of other criteria such as search specialization and audience engagement services to best help your brand image and further help you grow your business overall.

Social Media Fact Check

Moderates various content like user-generated content, forum and community content, social media content, website content, image and video-related content.

An expert in moderating and managing content in real-time, protecting and enhancing your brand’s reputation while providing your community with the freedom and liberty to post and share and partake.