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Serviced Office Solutions For Small Business

Operators provide their clients with access to private, ready-to-use office space on flexible terms by renting out individual serviced office or entire floors.

As an alternative to traditional office space, more firms are resorting to flexible commercial property solutions like virtual offices and serviced offices. They are managed, completely outfitted, and provide straightforward monthly, all-inclusive rates as opposed to lengthy leases and hidden expenditures for maintenance, building costs, furnishings, and equipment installation. Businesses may grow up or down as needed with the use of flexible leases, which can also secure office space for remote staff located all over the world.

Executive offices, managed offices, and business centers are other names for serviced offices. The facilities’ upkeep and business-friendly operations are the responsibility of companies who operate serviced offices. Spaces may be set up for the optimum outcomes, whether a single office is required or adjacent offices are joined for a greater number of employees. This kind of flexible workspace is a part of a larger worldwide trend as companies search for more flexible methods to lease office space.

Strategic Solutions For Serviced Office Space

1. Location is Key

Finding a suitable IP tax regime can greatly increase the group's effective tax rate since the location of the operation's core entrepreneur is crucial because it frequently houses the group's intangible assets.

2. Scalability

Serviced offices are offered with immediate occupancy. These offices have all of the characteristics. The offices are fully equipped and have "plug and play" connection, so businesses can move in and start operating right away.

3. Limitless Access

The majority of the serviced office facilities and services operate on a pay-as-you-go basis, but some of them may have an additional fee, so it's always a good idea to ask your host before renting.

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Amenities We Give In A Serviced Office

The following features are frequently included in serviced offices:

1. Completely furnished room: Serviced offices are always fully equipped and offered for immediate use.

2. Lunch space and kitchen: These workplaces often have a lunch area and a tiny but effective kitchen.

Landline and Wi-Fi: The offices come with a Wi-Fi contract. Services for landlines and the internet are free of charge.

3. Office supplies: Serviced offices are equipped with all the necessary office supplies that your workers will require. This comprises office equipment including a printer, copier, and other amenities.

4. On-site Staff: Your office’s main building probably has staff members stationed at the main entrance to provide security and assistance if you need it.

5. Reception: It’s unlikely that you will be given a separate reception for your office space; nevertheless, you will often find one at the ground level of the building that is fully staffed, outfitted, and prepared to answer calls on your behalf. However, because to the presence of other businesses in the building, your company will not be able to consider this reception exclusively as its own.

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Who Usually Goes For Serviced Office Space?

1. Start-ups & Entrepreneurs

Serviced offices may be incredibly helpful for new businesses, independent contractors, and business owners. You may rent office space for a reasonable price without being bound by any long-term agreements. You may network with other freelancers or start-ups in the offices.

2. Companies Expanding In New Markets

Serviced offices may be a big advantage when seeking to expand into new business markets. A serviced office is a great temporary solution for a few months, for instance, if you are headquartered in the south and want to spread your new business throughout the country.

3. Growing businesses

Instead of renting office space, you could invest in serviced offices. If you are bound by a contract and are expanding your business or organization  quickly, there is a good risk that you will all wind up stacked on top of one another since there won’t be enough room for expansion. 

4. Project-based teams

Serviced offices are advantageous for teams who want a workspace for a brief time at a specific area. This is very common in present world. Coworking spaces and serviced offices are excellent options if you are working on a project for a limited time and don’t want to work from home.

Frequently Asked Questions

We start with an initial consultation and organize your entire search, finding space that meets your criteria and arranging all viewings and subsequent negotiations.We believe that having the right office can make a massive difference to yourbusiness prospects and your workforce’s happiness. We pride ourselves on matching businesses with the right office space and we do this by getting to know our clients personally.

Yes. In order to make an interim shift as stress-free as possible, we have ties with several workspace providers and can arrange a short-term solution at a reasonable price. A long-term office solution is something else we can assist with. Since they are flexible and typically vary from 1 to 36 months, these contracts allow firms to scale up or down as needed over the duration of their commitment. Additionally, some operators provide office space for hire by the day or the week.

1. VAT (Local VAT rates apply to all office quotations and related services.)

2. Ad-hoc services: in certain office spaces, conference room usage, printing at event space rentals, or your rental may contain a little allowance, can be paid separately.

3. IT & Telephony: While most operators charge a small monthly cost per telephone line and outgoing calls are paid based on usage, basic internet access is typically provided.

Although every organization is unique, the number of employees on your team is a decent indication of how much space and desk space you’ll require. A serviced building’s private offices are divided up by individual. As a general guideline, operators allow 40 square feet per person within each cubicle, however the allocation per desk might range from 25 to 60 square feet per person based on the operator’s brand, offerings, and style. Less room is required per person as the team size increases since the concentration of workstations maximizes the utilization of available space. Please be aware that since they are all included, shared amenities are not taken into account in this computation.

Serviced offices provide a completely secure setting that is monitored by CCTV. Modern security systems control and monitor access to most buildings to provide optimum peace of mind.

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