eCommerce Catalog management

Outsource eCommerce catalog Product Data Entry management services to us and expand your business opportunities by focusing on core business activities. We can add, changes products, update images and prices and routinely product changes features and specifications as needed.

End-to-end Service Portfolio: Creating, Uploading, Managing
by Cleansing Product Data Including Fb Shoppable Posts, Live Support.

Our services include product data entry services that involve sourcing product information from the web, catalogue or other websites, listing product features and specs, adding stock images and pricing, removing old products, related product data, product descriptions, organizing products across categories and updating the new product. Needless to say, product data entry is a tedious and time-consuming tasks.We can: 


Ecommerce Services details

We Offer a Wide Range of Ecommerce Catalog Management
Including Product Data Upload and Management at Low Cost.

We have a pool of highly experienced and expert professionals with years of experience and advanced workflow. We have a dedicated team of professionals to offer e-commerce product data entry services.

  • We have a pool of profoundly experienced experts who are trained at handling data entry for large amounts of stocks.
  • We offer full protection and privacy of our client’s data.
  • Our rates are exceptionally cost-effective.
  • We adhere to quality management benchmarks and assess the quality at regular periods. Failing in this field can result in poor performance in the online retail market.
  • We offer 24/7 maintenance by both phone or email and have Account administrators who are articulate in many languages.

We have an expert team of online data entry Professionals who have done data entry work for a wide variety of industries, including lifestyle & apparel, electronics, computers, education, and more. So, whatever is your need is, BPOBD can help you. With us, you can access a pool of experienced online data entry specialists.

  • Our eCommerce product listing service offers a quick turnaround time to keep ahead of your opponents.
  • We offer immaculate round-the-clock support of all varieties, which is a vital reason for our clients to put their confidence in us.
  • We make use of sophisticated technology to manage vast quantities of data. This secures the high efficiency of product data.

Image data entry and having the most desirable outcome is a time-consuming task. The conversion of thousands of examined images into an electronic format requires both time and means. The most excellent way to deal with image data entry is to outsource it to our expert professionals who will work on your projects with maximum efficiency and effort.

  • Our product data entry experts are SEO driven, and they ensure to integrate the best SEO practices while managing product data entry tasks.
  • We operate in various languages and offer image data entry services in any language of your preference.
  • 200+ image data entry and data management professionals assuring 99 percent docility with SLA (service level agreement) standards and patterns.

We keep your customers up-to-date regarding your stock availability which is also quite an essential element of eCommerce product data entry. And with excellent Branding Services, we help you always stay ahead of the competition being unique and useful.

  • Search optimization- Strategically placing high-ranking keywords in product headlines and descriptions is a necessary part of eCommerce data entry as it directly affects the searchability of goods.
  • Customer reviews and recommendations are a highly effective way to convince indecisive visitors to purchase products from your online store. They are an essential component and therefore also manage the online reputation of the eCommerce store.


Experience Enhanced Productivity & Effectiveness in Your Non-core Industry Processes

Overcome challenges and grow towards success with BPO-Bangladesh, our team of multilingual and highly expert eCommerce specialists can help you streamline the process by shifting all tasks to BPO BD.

Catalog Data Entry and Management

Catalog data entry and management refers to high-quality data entry services. Our professional expert team offers utmost perfection & efficiency at work, with paying close attention to intricate details while offering ecommerce data entry services. This service includes the data with photos and product descriptions. These data entry services help to effect the sales. This data processing helps to implement the business activities throughout the better product descriptions.

We have a well-versed team of professionals who are adept at catalog data entry & processing, precise category management, attractive product description, taxonomy development, customized offers & all the other aspects of e-commerce data entry.  Our catalog data entry and management processes includes : product categories, paper brochures, product pictures, proper product displays, and overall product management processes. The important elements of catalog data entry can be converted from paper to digital formats like; symbols, text, product, etc.

Some of the key highlights of our catalog management services:

  • Catalog Processing Services
  • eCommerce Product Data Entry and update.
  • Catalog Image add / edit Services
  • Catalog Conversion support
  • Catalog Building & category Indexing 
  • Catalog Content Management 
  • Catalog Update and Maintenance 
  • eCommerce Shopping Data Feeding and distribution. 
  • Google and FB Product Data Feed. 
  • Product Feed and post Submission
  • Virtual Back Office Support 
  • Multilingual Catalog Processing Services

BPO-Bangladesh is among the best product data entry companies and provides streamlined eCommerce data entry for the following: 

1.Catalog data entry service:

Catalog data entry services involve some important multi-tasks. The most important tasks are the appropriate product descriptions, images, shipping methods, current prices, appropriate changes of a product database, the correctness of website, etc. 

2. Creating catalog and catalog indexing:

The catalogs give effective entrance to the customers. The customers get access easily to their preferable product information. 

3. Image support management:

The catalogs give effective entrance to the customers. The customers get access easily to their preferable product information. 

4. Graphics data management:

The graphics data management process attracts customers by creating lucrative images, and background. It also crops and resizes the image.

5. Extensively e-commerce order processing service:

The graphics data management process attracts customers by creating lucrative images, and background. It also crops and resizes the image.

With significant experience in the eCommerce data entry technology, we are experts in product data entry management across numerous eCommerce shopping carts and platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, BigCommerce, Wix and more.