Legal Notice and Takedown Policy Services In Bangladesh

BPO BD is the leading notice and takedown policy services provider in Bangladesh. We support the protection of your reputation and your intellectual property rights as a responsible website publisher. Any third-party content posted on this website is not edited, pre-vetted, or reviewed by us.

Notice and Takedown Policy for Easy Trademark Infringement Claims

BPO BD confirms the protection of your reputation as well as the preservation of your intellectual property rights. Our notice and takedown policy was created to balance the risk of prolonged online satisfaction in violation of Bangladesh law vs the damage that could result from an unlawful takedown.

We Work For your Legal Rights

Our takedown notice, along with the allegation measuring rod, provides clear instructions on how to submit an allegation if a copyright violation is suspected. This instruction comprises the following:

  1. Setting up the procedure and connecting the legal clinch
  2. Contact information for the accusation office, which is responsible for removing and handling allegations.

BPO BD is committed to making digital content available online, and we know that material published online may violate copyright laws, contain personal information that could be considered shocking or libelous, and violate copyright laws.

If you’re a rights holder and you’re concerned that you’ve discovered anything on our digital recruitment repository for which you haven’t provided permission, please contact us in writing with the following information:

  1. Details of your contract.
  2. You must provide proof that you are the owner of the rights.
  3. A declaration that you are the rights holder or are authorized to represent the rights holder.
  4. The complete bibliographic details are sufficient to identify it without becoming illegible.

Notice and Takedown Procedure for Building Abasement Claims

Our policy is to suspend access to content that is the subject of a complaint as soon as the claim is validated. If you believe you have been chastised, include the following in your written communication:

  1. If you believe the information on these websites is scandalous, identify it and explain why you believe it is scandalous.
  2. The information from your contract is correct.
  3. You supplied accurate and factual information in the communique.

Notice and Procedure For Building Claims of Copyright Violations

Working as a BPO BD seller As you read the following notes concerning the circumstances in which you might accept a violation notice, keep in mind that a trademark attorney can be a valuable asset in ensuring that your response to the claim enhances your likelihood of success. So, if you believe that any content on these websites infringes on your trademark, please notify us with the following: 

  1. A statement stating that you have a good faith belief that the use of content in the method accusation is not permitted. 
  2. The trademark identification information to have been reasonable enough to allow us to contract you, such as an address, contract number. 
  3. If applicable, include the trademark registration in the contravention.
  4. A declaration that the information contained in the communiqué is correct.
  5. Identification of all allegedly infringing material and information sufficiently sufficient to allow us to find the material.

The company acknowledges, however, that material published online may, from time to time, violate copyright laws, contain sensitive personal data, or include content that may be construed as obscene or defamatory. Please contact us in writing stating that you have discovered material on our site that you have not given consent to, is obscene/defamatory and in terms of copyright, does not meet an exception.

Our Response To DMCA Notice

Only claims of copyright infringement should use the DMCA notification and takedown process. Copyrighted work or works that are wrongly being infringed must be identified in notices filed through our DMCA process. Other types of complaints, such as suspected trademark infringement or sensitive data, cannot be handled through this process; we have other procedures for them.

A copyright owner complains to BPO BD about a User, specifying particular content published by the BPO BD Website or Services that the owner claims infringes on his or her copyright. If the user disagrees with the complaint, he or she can file a complaint with BPO BD.

Our role in the process is limited to deciding whether the notices meet the DMCA’s minimum standards. The parties (and their lawyers) must assess the merits of their claims, keeping in mind that notices must be signed under pain of perjury. We make sure that we are actually to infringing.  We follows the instructions so that lawsuits do end well for us. 

FAQs For Notice & Takedown Policy

Online hosts use our Notice and Take Down service in response to court orders or complaints that their content is illegal. Following alert, the host removes the content. In the case of copyright infringement, as well as libel and other illegal content, notice and takedown is widely used.

  1. Videos
  2. Written words like articles, books, lyrics, poetry, etc.
  3. Audio files
  4. Music
  5. Artwork, photos and other images
  6. Pictures or videos that you’ve posted on your social media accounts
  7. Software
  1. Signatures can be physical or electronic.
  2. Name, address, and contact information
  3. Before the item was taken out, it was noted where it was and identified (URL)
  4. Consent to a federal court’s jurisdiction in the district where you live or where your service vendor is located

No. The good news is that the goal of infringement notices is to warn you that certain activities should cease and to “ask” you to remove any working based material. It’s good practice to send a simply stop letter or email if it caused no serious harm. It swiftly fixes the issue without the need for legal action.

Our Notice & Procedure Service Is A Legal Process

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