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Outsource UGC Content monitoring services to leverage the experience of professional Part-Time or Full-Time annotators In Bangladesh. We offer Cost-effective Fact Check Bangla News and posts that are submitting to social media and run quick Screening and filter Text, image, video, stories to remain compliant your company policy.

Monitoring User-Generated Content

Our 6 Methods For User-Generated Content Monitoring Services

1. UGC Moderators

UGC moderators will reach out to learn more about the objective and needs you want to be address. We apply a machine learning approach to your branding strategy and goals are high light every step of the way.

2. Blogs and Comments

We track down and react to protect company reputation with a string of false reviews, comment, visual content, social platform and review website, and claims. Customer hold more power and influence than they think.


Each of our content moderation process is executed by hiring individuals to check user posts or artificial intelligence (AI). Our moderator review each post carefully and decide what content to allow from those that should be banned.

4. Ratings and Reviews

Aside from human powered moderation, artificial intelligence (AI) is also utilize to improve how online platforms, communities, and business websites are manage. AI has revolutionize content moderation definition for communities receive massive volumes of user content.

5. Social Media Posts

Outsourcing of content moderator and raise their station in the workplace with suitable salary and benefits, a the significant staff of content moderatordrawn from the existing corps of outsourced workers and others who want to compete for these improved jobs.

6. Online Hashtags Campaigns​

To streamline and centralize oversight, Social media platform each can appoint our senior official to supervise the policies and execution of content moderation. With pre moderation, our moderator check submit content before it is made viewable to the public.

Our Content Monitoring & Commercial Moderation Services

Outsourcing Fact-Checking, and Reputation

Our panel of moderator team examine bias in media from all points of the political spectrum. It include a "Daily Source Bias Check" that examine the truth fulness and bias of various news sources.

We Act very quickly to remove dangerous comment or posts before it reaches innocent eyes and ears!. We are thrive the improve our AI based intelligent to Remove un wanted formats of content from your social and online channels through.

Since, manual UGC content monitoring posts by individuals to influence takes too much time. Therefore BPO team helps you quickly aggregate and leverage user generated content at every view point.

UGC Content Monitoring
Image, Text, Video Moderation

Our 4 Real-Time 24/7 Hours Content Monitoring Live Human Image and Text Monitoring Services

You can now safely Outsource content moderation to the Bangaldesh and create a safe space for your online community to interact and grow.

Misinformation, rumors, and propaganda are attribute of human communication that can be traced back and subsequently filter by highly attentive user-generated content moderation service companies for social media content, spam content detection, and review moderation by our experts

We can now leverage the machine learning, natural language processing, and database query techniques in designing the system. .

Moderate streams in real-time and detect inappropriate scenes as they happen. Safeguard viewers and protect your brand. Label videos with violent, hateful or adult content.

Moderate both invisible and ephemeral audio content in voice-based communities. Prevent abuse in live chat rooms, online education, social media, podcasts, etc.

You can expect our experts to:

  1. Pre-moderation
  2. Post-moderation
  3. Reactive moderation
  4. Distributed moderation
  5. Automated moderation

As a content moderator we can :

  1. Maintain the reputation of your business
  2. Promote a strong and positive community for your brand
  3. Reply to customer questions on your social media posts, blogs and forums
  4. Protect your social media page’s users from inappropriate content or harassment
  5. Use software to monitor content for certain words or image types, then make human judgments about the content
  6. Determine if a user’s post meets the guidelines of the platform and the group
  7. Remove offensive posts, offensive language, and spam comments

Content can come in many ways. It can be a basic text or image post, a blog, an article, a live interview, comments and discussions, live stories or videos, and images shared through online platforms. Our content moderation experts determine if user generated content (UGC) uploaded on your platforms follows specific rules and guidelines.

We can provide high-quality content categorization where we:

  1. Categorize
  2. Sort
  3. Analyze 

different types of content whether Text, Videos, Images, Audio, and Other types of media. We analyze the meaning and intent behind this content and categorize them based on your requirements.

We Have Able To Identify The Right User For UGC Content Monitoring Services And Generate Modernization Using For Social Media

Developing Your Business in a Comfortable Way

Our services are tailored to exhibit a deep Local Language understanding of online user behavior in Bangla and Bangladesh. User-generated content is a robust business connecting tool that could make or break your reputation and success. Word-of-mouth remains a relevant branding tool at present. However, consumers have access to an extensive database of information on the web, making it all the more critical for your business to regulate what people say about your services and your brand online. We provide you data processing services. We are committed to protect your security management system.

The majority of youngsters users are uploading the messages to each other quickly, that creates a new kind of Bangla or Banglish language which is called “Netspeak” (The words, idioms, and peculiarities of spelling and grammar that are characteristics of online documents and communication) has become an irreplaceable choice. Therefore, this study investigates how social media influences user’s behavior of Bangla language on social media, including the internet and the social network, and thus its trend in the future..

Video Moderation
Content Moderation Solutions
Social Media Moderation
Cost Effective
Image Moderation Services
Text Moderation Services

Fast and Well Organized Automated UGC Content Monitoring And Filtering Services for Images, Texts, Videos and More

We handle different social media platforms, forums, and chat rooms in Bangla, Banglish, and English. We adapt to different online community dynamics and translate specific marketing language that resonates with your audience.  In a nutshell, our content moderation service is designed to monitor and regulate user-generated posts by implementing a set of pre-arranged rules and guidelines. We keep an eye on audience activities is relative to all types of social platforms, digital communities when it comes to moderating content, meaning that the main objective is the same. We monitor text-based content, ads, images, profiles, videos to forums, online communities, social media pages, and websites 24/7. Our goal of all types of content moderation is to maintain brand credibility and security for businesses.

Types of Our UGC Monitoring and Screening Services - You Can Leverage on User Generated Text with Us

Our highly skilled and trained, and certified multilingual moderators blend their adroit in native and local (Bangla) languages to moderate all the nuance content uploaded on your different online channels. We do ensure a nearly 99% average accuracy rate in our services which cater as to why businesses must resort to us for:

Moderation Services in 5+ Languages

Our Full Scope Moderation Solutions For User-Submitted

We streamline and improve centralize oversight, online platforms each can appoint our moderator admin to supervise the policies and execution of content moderation. With pre screening, our moderators check submit content carefully before it is made viewable to the public.

Contrary to pre screening, post-moderation makes way for real-time conversations and immediate posting because the contents are check after it’s been posted. Such variation of moderating content works best for websites with social media channels, forums, and other forms of active online communities.

Our professional Moderators use specific tools and techniques, enabling them to duplicate each post and have a closer look at the details of each content. Hence forward, we can decide whether to retain or delete the post.

UGC Content Monitoring

Questions And Answer For UGC Content Monitoring Services

We are proud of the trust worthiness of our employees and advertiser. It’s our responsibility to present products and services in their best light.

Rates are determined by the complex of the project and the time and effort our resources commit.

Yes. Content updates are also offer because we know how important fresh content is for attracting search engine bots and customers.

NO, we do not charge extra for minor revisions, and there are no hidden fees. We make sure you get an accurate and error free copy in the style and format you specify. The keywords will be use correctly and in the right proportion, and all other specifications will be follow. If you would like us to revise the file, we will be happy to help you. We will not rewrite the order completely.

Yes, without a doubt. We follow a strict ‘No Plagiarism Policy’ at BPO.com.bd to ensure you get 100% unique content. Before handing over the copy to the editor, our content writers will check it for plagiarism using a premium tool such as Copyscape. If you request a formal report or screen shot of Copyscape, we can provide it with your write up.

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Our content moderation service provides brand protection assistance for all major industries, financial, marketing technical, legal, medical, tourism, mining, hospitality, media, marketing, real estate, life science, engineering, and so forth. Our skilled and local Bangla language speaking human technocrats have a forte in rendering professional content moderation or brand protection services for user generated content across all social media channels, like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.