E-Visas and Work Permits

BPOBD team can assist applying E visa from the applicant’s home country, which it can be done online easily. We can guide you to Work Permits and E-Visas which can save your time and efforts.

E Visa and Work Permit Application Consulting Support


An Expert, adviser, employee, individual who appointed in a government, semi-government, autonomous bodies, projects and equivalent organization in Bangladesh


A work permit / employment visa may be issued for maximum three (03) months with single, double or multiple entries. Duration of stay in this category is maximum 90 days.


Extension up to three years could be obtained from Department of Immigration and Passport in Bangladesh. The Extension time duration can be changed based on the decision of the authority.


Please note that the validity of the visa begins from the date of issuing. It is generally not to counted from the date of travel on your application form.


A VISA application and Two recent photos with Original Passport. A Letter from your employer of Bangladesh with Appointment letter & contract.


Recommendation letter from the concern Ministry in Bangladesh, BOI, BIDA or BEPZA is MUST. The Recommendation is sent before applying Visa application.

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As a Host Country,  We can hire talented employees on behalf of your company and provide consultation to obtain the necessary working visas for every member of your team that will be moving to Bangladesh.


Work Visas

We can help you complete the forms and guide you through the application process.


Outsource Operations

If your company is planning to expand or outsource operations to Bangladesh, We have a skilled team to support you.


Work Permit

Bangladesh has a specific process for issuing work permits that will allow individuals from foreign nations work in the country legally.

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Work Permit in Bangladesh

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Types of Work Visas in Bangladesh

Decision of the Board of Directors of your company regarding extension of employment of foreign nationals need to mention of salary & other facilities. The decision must be duly signed by directors / CEO present in the meeting.

The usual processing time for a Bangladesh visa is about 02 (two) weeks. In some cases it extend 1 week more,  so applicants should plan accordingly to ensure that they will receive their visa in time to travel and begin employment.

There are many types of visas for visitors to Bangladesh, including:

E-Visa Processing

Documents Required for processing E-Visa

The following document is required to processing E-Visa under Industrial catagory.

All of the following documents shall have to be attested by the Chairman/ CEO / Managing director/ Country Manager/ Chief executive of the Company/ Firms.

  • Copy of registration letter issued by Bangladesh Investment Development Authority.
  • Copy of the memorandum and articles of association.
  • Certificate of incorporation in case of locally incorporated company.
  • Board resolution for employment of foreign national mentioning the name, nationality & passport number of the expatriate
  • Photograph of the expatriate.
  • Copy of the passport (Full set) of the expatriate (whole of the used part).
  • Appointment letter/Service agreement/transfer letter of the expatriate.
  • Certificates of all academic qualifications & professional experience of the employee
  • Copy of the advertisement for filling up the position, in which the expatriate has been appointed with date of publishing and URL of  the online advertisement
  • Specific activities of the company
  • Statement of manpower showing list of local and expatriate employees with designation, salary and allowances, nationality and date of first appointment.
Documents Required for processing E-Visa

Work Visa and Permit Consulting Services.

Our consultation can help you Obtaining the job permit in Bangladesh for work purposes – including E-visa, E1-VISA or P1-VISA from Bangladeshi High Commission offices abroad.