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BPOBD is a leading provider of outsourced corporate secretarial services for companies ranging from startups SME to Large enterprises companies. We prove the most reliable corporate secretarial solutions at a very affordable cost. 

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A dedicated group of corporate secretarial solutions experts at BPO BD has a depth of knowledge in both business and regulatory compliance. At BPO BD, we take care of all of your administrative responsibilities while you unwind at your office. Using our connections with Ministries, we can do your task efficiently and precisely whether you are located in this country or another. You only need to inform us of your requirements and provide precise supporting paperwork.  The time is long gone when you had to wait in line and worry about whether the Ministry would accept your documentation or add yet another unnecessary requirement.

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Marketing and sales are very different, but the goals are the same. Sales is the final stage of marketing, which also includes pricing, promotion, location and products.


Corporate Secretary

BPO BD has the ideology of selecting the best individual for the Corporate Secretarial Services.


Company Strike-Off

We provide you with the necessary assistance as you navigate the complicated strike-off process.


Company Liquidation

Connect our liquidation administrations as needed to ensure a smooth liquidation procedure.


Customs Registration

We register your organization with Dhaka Customs as a shipping and transport company.

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1. Meet Your Legal Needs: Each firm is treated individually by the company secretarial personnel at BPO BD. We are aware that some industries are highly regulated and that it can be difficult to navigate the complicated legal requirements of corporate compliance.
2. Committed Staff: We have a committed team of company secretarial specialists with years of experience in both business and regulatory compliance.
3. Protect Your Hard-Earned Money: For the past ten years, BPO BD has been a leader in helping both domestic and international investors to create the corporate structures they wish.
4. We Focus On Your Plan: After our staff fully comprehends your strategy, we’ll concentrate on the possible legal issues that will come from your first investment strategy.


Risk Reduction


Maintain Control


Cost Management


Data Safety

Our 5 Additional Corporate Secretarial Solutions

Meetings will be scheduled by our corporate secretarial staff in accordance with your needs and course requirements. The board meetings will be scheduled by our corporate secretarial service, and we can also give you all the meeting reports so you can keep a record of them.

Corporate Secretarial

1. Joint Ventures

unfamiliar joint ventures, auxiliary establishments in Bangladesh and overseas, and coordinated efforts.

Identify and Target

2. Potential Objective Organization

In Bangladesh, looking for possible objective organizations in line with organizational systems.

Our team offers corporate secretarial services in a number of nations, making sure that we abide by all local laws and stay current on all regulatory changes. In order to ensure that the highest standard of corporate governance is upheld, we adopt a systematic approach with our clients.

Feedback Processes

3. Investors' Arrangements

drafting memorandums of understanding, investor and commercial agreements, and advertiser agreements.

Offers and Discounts

4. Audition and Execution

Corporate governance is audited and carried out by the executives.

Marketing Prospects

5. Business Responsibility Reports

Drafting "Maintainability Reports" in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative for global companies in an effort to bring foreign stock exchange listing agreements into compliance with section 55 of the listing agreement.

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Compliance concerns are essential for any corporation in the fiercely competitive business world of today. The directors of the company may be subject to fines and legal action if they violate the statutory compliance criteria. At BPO BD, we handle all of your corporate requirements, including business establishment, accounting, bookkeeping, auditing, and tax preparation, as well as corporate secretarial services for compliance and business consulting. You merely need to get in touch with us to start your business, as opposed to employing numerous consultants. We design the appropriate corporate secretarial solutions for you so you can focus on your main line of business. Please get in touch with us so we can better comprehend your company’s requirements.

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Corporate Secretarial & Compliance Services in Bangladesh.

Corporate secretaries are in charge of overseeing the administration of board evaluations, corporate governance audits, assistance in resolving issues related to succession planning, and support for directors’ education, training, and orientation initiatives. Corporate secretaries are essential to the executive team’s collaboration.

Here are the top 6 problems we believe a company secretary can encounter, along with solutions.

  1. Understand the industry. Every business and every board are unique.
  2. Reporting requirements.
  3. Aware of their position on the board.
  4. Establishing a rapport with the board’s other members.
  5. Assisting the chairman.
  6. Blurred boundaries.

A high school graduation or GED and previous office experience are often prerequisites for becoming a corporate secretary. To increase your chances of landing a job, you can also get an administrative certificate or an associate’s degree in business administration.

  1. Both written and spoken communication.
  2. Technical and computer capabilities.
  3. Taking notes while typing.
  4. Organization.
  5. Critical thinking and problem-solving.
  6. Focus on the details.
  7. Ability to provide for customers.
  8. Adaptability and flexibility.

A company secretary is a professional whose duty is that of a legal counselor. A corporate secretary is a business professional who manages a number of vital activities in the ongoing life of a firm.

Company Secretary Solutions in Bangladesh.

Analytics provides a full range of fixed fee corporate sectorial services ranging from VAT registration, preparation of routine board and shareholder notices and minutes and, in dedicated client relationships, director services.