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Our virtual offices are incredibly easy to use. We work together as a team to serve their members and clients, but we don't always have a single set location.

How Our Virtual Office Rental Works

Know how we manage our virtual offices:

Even though they don't have a set place to be, our work together as a single entity to serve consumers. Startups and small firms who aim to save overhead are especially fond of this type of setup. The development of online office productivity tools and services, such video conferencing, has contributed to the rise of virtual workplaces. Our office has far lower operating costs than a typical office, which is why small enterprises and startups prefer this kind of set-up.

Our virtual offices aid in the development of your company, and we provide both local and international clients round-the-clock customer service. We are also the leading supplier of services in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

High Quality Virtual Office Rental Solutions

Your Business Needs Our Services

Our packages allow you to pick the services you require to get start if you require more than a real business address. With unlimited access to our office centers across the world, you can work wherever you want. You may also reserve office, coworking, or conference room space as needed. Additionally, allow us to send your mail and take your business's virtual office Services provide a hassle free workstation.


1. Business Address

As a company's official or mailing address, it is the recognize address at a real office building that it rents. This address can be use by businesses for official activities.


4. Digital Mail Address

Some virtual offices provide customers the option to view a softcopy of their email before having it forwarded or discarded by using digital scanning services.


2. Online Receptionist

In addition to handling mail (receiving and sending it to alternative addresses), receptionists assist in setting up meetings when they are schedule in the office.


5. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants aid organizations by taking care of a variety of tasks, such as managing company social media accounts, scheduling meetings etc.


3. Business Phone System

The phone system is cloud-base and has a number of features, including an auto operator, extensions, personalize greeting, caller menus, etc.


6. Hybrid Workspace Model

The best approach is to convert a virtual office into a hybrid workplace paradigm. Businesses would profit most from working from an on-site location.

The 4 Extra Facilities Of Our Services

The majority of virtual offices will provide some choices for actual space within their facilities. You might have access to floating desks you can reserve, modest office spaces you can occasionally use, or conference rooms you can reserve. Make important to investigate the specific services  provide and decide if they will meet your needs when you begin to expand.

Facility Management Services

1. Mail Receiving & Forwarding

The majority of virtual offices will provide some choices for actual space within their facilities. You might have access to floating desks you can reserve, modest office spaces you can occasionally use, or conference rooms you can reserve.


3. Teleconferencing

Depending on how you approach it, teleconferencing & video conferencing might be complicated. Having professional, high-quality, and trustworthy equipment in a quiet, work context always presents better than using your laptop's awful lighting.

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2. Live Answering Service

Live answering services (also known as "virtual receptionists") help you stay on top of every phone call your business receives. Customer service agents will answer the phone and follow a loose script created by your business.

bookkeeping Management Service

4. Printing & Fax Services

A few virtual offices provide printing, faxing, and photocopying options. The ability to handle this as a receptionist depends on the situation; in some cases, it simply means that you also have access to the tools.

Why Choose Our Services

Virtual offices are a great option to think about for small businesses, independent contractors, business owners, and growing brands that work primarily from home but desire access to irregular office and remarkable traditional office benefits. It won't be a great fit for every company out there. When you consider the business services that are frequently include with it, the potential to create a professional work space for you, your team, and your customers without the expenses involve with a lease option can be a huge value.


Create a virtual office in Dhaka to launch your company. It is simple to get up quickly because there are two business centers in the neighborhood to select from. Prices for a virtual office package here range between BDT 2,350 to BDT 2,500 per month.

To help you take advantage of every opportunity, we provide a range of expert virtual office services in Dhaka. As part of the virtual office services, pick a new company address in a desirable area. In order to free up your time to concentrate on what matters most, we may also offer you call handling, mail forwarding, and a local phone number. Additionally, you have unrestricted access to our business centers with our virtual office & virtual office plus services. The plus option additionally includes five days per month of use of any office and coworking space.

You could use this new virtual office address in the majority of nations and regions on all of your marketing materials, such as your website, business cards, and letterheads. Please be aware that restrictions for virtual offices vary based on the nation or location. Due to restrictions and limits, packages might not be accessible in all regions.

We are aware that things could change quickly in business. We will move your address for free if you need to use a different center.

You can use a specific regional and national number, which will strengthen the legitimacy of your local presence.

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