Business Analytics

Business Analytics Solution

Business analytics solutions are used to build analysis model and work with simulations to create scenarios, understand practical implementation and forecast future states. It comprises data mining, predictive analytics, applied analytics and statistics that is delivered according to the business user.

Companies around the world have realized that in order to remain on top of a highly competitive market environment, managements are choosing to base most of their important decisions such as strategic plans and operational policies on qualified data analytics, credit risk analysis, marketing analytics and fraud analytics.Our outsourcing business analytics solution deals with the application of resources, statistics and operational research to solve this business and industry problems.

  • Research to identify relevant solution
  • Research to identify needs (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary)
  • Defining business strategy
  • Creating enterprise architecture
  • Working in close connection with clients (client-site) to gather information and provide quick solution
  • Avoid cost
  • Identifying new opportunities
business analytics

Key Segments in Outsourcing Business Analytics

We focus on targeting the right audience at right time.Our solutions facilitates to measure what matters most today, reveal best actions, and achieve predictive insights that lead to the right actions for making future decisions.

Marketing Analytics: Marketing analytics involves survey, research, secondary research, data mining, statistical modeling and data synthesis to realize and predict customer experience. The major portion of marketing analytics involves in collecting customer feedback.

Risk management analytics: Companies utilize credit risk analysis to understand and predict an expected claim amount depending on past data analysis. This analytics method is used for high risk business.

Data and Operations Analytics: Data and operations analytics make use of IVR analytics, performance and productivity, demand forecasting and demand management customer satisfaction analysis, etc., to identify & redesign the IVR strategy based on user segments and user preferences.

Finance and Investment Analytics: Finance and investments analytics sector demands industry research, company evaluation, due diligence, equity research and analysis, financial reporting and risk assessment.