Front Office Solution

Front Office Service

Business relies on fulfilling the demands of customers and clients which cannot operate without effective front office operations. Front office outsourcing service directly interacts with customers over phone, including email, internet, fax and other forms of interactive communications with customers. Our front office solutions provide 24/7 continuous and customized virtual receptionist services, live telephone answering and call dispatch services that increase business revenue. Our main aim is to represent your company to the top in the marketplace by achieving the goals related to customer satisfaction.

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Inbound sales

Inbound sales refer to the process where customers place a call to set or confirm order or to get any service from your business. Customers get to know about your business from some kind of offer or promotion such as marketing promotion, a direct mail campaign, media advertisement, contact number on company’s web page, or any type of marketing and sales activity where the next step in the sales process is to place order to the business. When customers place order, the call center agent communicates and works through the sales process to conclude with a sale for your company. Our call center team ensures proper service is delivered to reach your sales target.

Outbound sales

Outbound sales refer to the selling of products and services to the customers via telephone. Through outbound sales call center agent place a call over phone with the potential customers. It offers telemarketing, telesales and also upselling, cross selling to existing customers as well as contacting customers who demonstrated interest by signing up or by contacting your company.

front office solution

front office


Businesses has provided solutions to establish 24/7 contact with customers and clients. Establishing telemarketing service has enabled business to connect with the customers over phone and also ensure regular communication with your clients. A telemarketing service allows to keep track of customers to know the feedback and demand of the customers and sell service according to the need of the customer.

Customer service

Customer service comprises a number of activities including providing assistance, support, information, and answers for your customers to a variety of inquiries. So if you can provide a centralized telephone number or set of telephone numbers then people can  call your business for general to specific support, this service can help you. Our customer service team is available 24/7 serving quality support including receiving feedback from customers, follow up orders, confirmation of receipt of product or service, market survey and more.


Order processing

This process includes taking information from your customers so that a specific transaction or order can be processed. Order processing is mainly done through B2B or Business to Consumer relationships with customers.It is the most important function in any sales process and doing it in the right method ensures that you are one step ahead of the competition in the marketplace and also help in strengthening existing client relationships.

Help desk

The help desk function is considered for supporting your company in supply chain. It involves all kind of support via telephone, email or chat to help you cost effectively work with your customers to help with the problems or questions they might have in any area.


Appointment Setting

It is important to set a direct contact between customers or potential clients of your company to complete the sale or to provide service or to add a new service. The challenge is to set appointment with the client. This service allows businesses to leverage experts who can pursue potential clients and set specific day and time for meeting between that client and a representative from the company.

Market research and customer survey

Market research and customer survey is to know about trending demand of market and business potential. It is important if you want to determine the quality and customer feedback. Our team of professionals can discuss with potential customers and gather information which help you to make better business decisions.