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Role of Executive and Administrative Assistants

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Executive Assistants (EAs) and Administrative Assistants (AAs) can have overlapping roles in one organization but be vastly different in another. In some occupations, In Executive Assistants and Administrative Assistants are assigned to separate teams.

We’re here to fill in the information gap that often exists when you ask, “Is there a difference between an Executive Assistant and an Administrative Assistant?”

We’ve compiled data that makes comparing and contrasting the two positions easy. Here’s all you need to know about being an Executive Assistant or Administrative Assistant if you’re just starting out in the industry.

Administrative Assistants Services in Bangladesh Executive Assistant Activities

The basic duties in of an Executive Assistant differ from one organization to the next and from one executive to the next. Most EAs are responsible for resolving issues, developing strategic plans, managing initiatives, planning activities, guiding communications, and much more. The majority of Executive Assistants are responsible for a number of administrative activities, including calendaring and corpora.

Reit.Bd process criteria to find you the right assistant.We manage three criteria for that:


It can be difficult to find the right assistant. It's more difficult to fill conventional management roles in some respects because we understand the personal chemistry and the one-on-one dynamic are so important—sometimes even more so than skills or experience. Our Expert assistants are aware of the people they work with unspoken desires and characteristics. They have a high degree of emotional intelligence: they pick up on subtle signals and respond appropriately in different situations. They pay careful attention to changes in an executive's actions and mood, and they understand the importance of timing and decision in a productive working relationship.

Delegating wisely

The most successful executives consider which aspects of their workload to be delegated to their assistant or restructured to be partially delegated. Virtually all our assistants have a core duty of triaging and writing email responses. In order to plan and follow up on action items, our executives have assistants listen in on phone calls. Most assistants are now taking on more responsibilities.

Getting the Most from Assistants

Our uses an assistant is determined by two key factors. The executive's ability to assign portions of their workload to the assistant is the first. The assistant's ability to step outside of their comfort zone and take on new duties is the second factor to consider.