Furnished Coworking Space To Help The Organizations To Increase The Productivity

We provide the best coworking space. In a coworking space, employees who are often not affiliated with the same company get together to work in a communal workspace.

Why Is Coworking Office Important ?

Save your time and money with our rent coworking space services. Coworking’s rising significance is due to the way its advantages and disadvantages are balance. Afterward,  the advantages and disadvantages of coworking spaces are straightforward and evenly balance. After all benefits excees disadvantages by a wide margin. 

Coworking Work Spaces Expose You To Chance And Opportunity

You’ll see that a coworking space is different from a typical office when you enter there. Overall, you’ll observe a variety of folks working diligently at their own workstations and conversing animatedly with others around a big standard table. This is the culture of the share office space.

Save time & money

1. Save time & Money

Save time and money. Reduce costs 55%-75% significantly from establishing a traditional office space.

 2. Flexibility

2. Flexibility

One may be quite flexible with these choices, unlike with hiring a real office, which one gets with coworking office space

generate innovation

3. Increased Productivity

If a freelancer does not choose a specialize coworking space, also they are unlikely to find a setting that allows them to focus entirely on their job.

4. Creativity Boost

4. Creativity Boost

Switching around your workspace is a great way to clear your mind, and also brainstorming with others may help you be more creative.

Types Of  Shared Office Space

There is a coworking space for any purpose and situation thanks to unique build outs, relax periods, and a excess of enticing facilities. Finding the type that best meets your wants and goals is, of course, a challenge.


1. Conventional/Open

Conventional coworking spaces tend to focus more on creating an open, unite working environment rather than being specifically tailor to one sort of business or individual.


3. Corporate/ Professionals

This sort of spaces for coworking targets tenants that are more corporate or professional. It will have a calm, private ambiance and be more affordable than a high-end venue. This helps the employees to focus more.


2. High-End/Full-Service

In general, a high-end shared office space will have greater amenities than one that is more average, and it will normally provide more membership incentives as well. For example: Industrious sites offer commercial kitchens, food etc.


4. Industry-Specific/Specialized

Due to its capacity to customize the environment to specific requirements, this form is preferred by healthcare providers, legal companies, creatives, and other specialist skill sets.

How We Help Clients To Select The Best Coworking Space

Numerous Studies have reveal that open office plans have a detrimental effect on worker performance, in reality with the continual 

background noise and another distractions leading to high levels of stress and emotional tiredness.

1. Identify The Best Location

1. Identify The Best Location

We take information about your choice for the location. We fine the perfect location for you keeping that in mind and try to select the best for you.

Choose Vendors

3. Atmosphere

You can choose a coworking space close to you that matches your style because there are so many to pick from. Also, we concentrate on locating a space that promotes efficient work, ignites creativity etc.

Purchase Order

5. Ensure Privacy

We arrange moveable walls or partitions for the clients if they demands for more privacy then the existing ones in the coworking office spaces. Surely, we try to that people could take the best profits from the coworking spaces.

2. Amenities For offices

2. Amenities For offices

We offer all the necessary amenities in a share work space. Surely, we make about all types of necessities you may need for your organizatons.

Negotiate Price and Terms

4. Flexibility

Professionals from all industries prioritize having flexible work arrangements. If you believe that a change of scenery increases your productivity, also we will make the necessary arrangements for you.

Delivered Goods

6. High Speed Internet

High speed internet is mandatory for the coworking office space. Our company's experts make sure about high speed internet when they rent you any office space.

Frequently Asked Question

A global trend call coworking offers creative and also collaborative office space alternatives to help people expand their enterprises. Unless otherwise agree upon, there are no additional costs or hide fees. Such as extra meeting room time beyond your membership limit, printing, or mailing services.

Eicra’s coworking space

1. Dependable, fast internet

2. Espresso, coffee, tea, and purified water

3. Scheduling a meeting (all membership plans include a certain allotment of time each month)

4. Connect with other members of our online community although our member network.

5. Overall of our members are welcome to attend exclusive events at our venue.

You can share an office, but we don’t divide the cost of the office. Regardless of whether the person you are sharing an office with quits, just one person has to be the paying member and is accountable for the term agreement for the space. All of our members are welcome to attend exclusive events at our venue.

Retail, massage, chiropractic, and another industries are not a suitable match for coworking space. In particular, enterprises that operate by appointment only or that often enter and exit the area. If you’re looking for places that permit these kinds of enterprises, also we can put you in the correct path.

To ensure that someone is available to show you around and answer any questions you may have, tours must be scheduled in advance. Call us to schedule a tour.

Rent Fully Furnished Coworking Space In Dhaka, Bangladesh

Coworking spaces' vibrant environments encourage the development of fresh company concepts and teamwork. They are also quite economical. So take use of our company's coworking space's top services.