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We find people who are satisfied and recommend health care services we connect with them by that information we suggest you.


Eliminate Mistakes Our services to make diagnostic and treatment decisions based on healthcare industry relies heavily on reliable patient data.


Customer service success is often a symptom and predictor of underlying organizational problems to give a perfect review.


Your company reputation for outstanding or bad customer service will be crucial in deciding whether or not future patents demand your services.


Customer service encompass more than the amount of time a patient spends interacting with a provider.


7. Losses that were avoided

The first line of defense against expensive errors is customer service program and procedures, as well as staff thorough.


Patient-centric approach Taking a patient-centric approach to customer care is the first step toward providing excellent service.

Boosting Customer Care Satisfaction in BPO Healthcare Service

Healthcare is a service-oriented sector. The quality of care given and the regular interactions between staff and patients determine if a company and its customers survives or dies. The first step in delivering excellent customer support in the healthcare industry is to avoid treating patients as revenue-generating consumers. Taking a patient-centric approach to customer care is the first step toward providing excellent service.

1. Check-In For Appointment

The first in-person meeting with a healthcare company is usually when a patient checks in for a scheduled consultation or a walk-in visit.

2. Delivery Of Services

The patient starts receiving treatment from a healthcare provider at the scheduled time. This is unquestionably the most crucial customer service

3. Care To Be Continued

Many healthcare encounters necessitate more than one practice in many cases, multiple appointments. Patients may need to be referred for testing.

4. Appointed Continuation

Patients and/or healthcare providers can sometimes have issues with scheduling, check-in, or the service delivery experience.

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BPO health care sector is increasingly evolving as a result of technological advancement, and new competing trends and legislation are having a significant effect. In terms of a patient's life and well-being, our healthcare sector is the most vulnerable and important concern as compared to other sectors. As a result, our patients consistently seek better treatment from healthcare providers. However, several service providers lag behind.

To meet all of their patients' needs and increase customer loyalty, the number of BPO health care providers are turning to customer support outsourcing, which help to cut costs and improve patient care. Our well trained customer service support team uses the most up to date technology and facility to keep in touch with your patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week via inbound and outbound calls.

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Appointment scheduling is also the first point of contact between a patient and a healthcare provider. Our organization also gathers basic information about the patient and his or her health care needs during this relationship. With this information, the provider will make an initial assessment of the patient urgency and set up an appointment for them.

Companies in the health care industry should enhance their services:

  1. Cutting down on the time it takes to speak with a scheduling agent.
  2. Cutting down on the time it takes to collect patient data.
  3. Having correct and up to date scheduling data to assist in determining the most appropriate time to schedule the appointment.
  4. Sending appointment confirmation and directions via email, with reminders a few day before the appointment.
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Providers that our health care organization has with other provider.


Marketing materials, ads, magazine articles, and promotional materials.


We create huge impact on potential customers' first experiences.


products and services for them, many consumers can compare commercial ratings.

Ensure Best-Quality Healthcare Deliveries

BPO Bangladesh in the consumer experience is finding and choose the goods and services that the patient requires. To assess our health care choices and find the best products and services for them, many consumers can compare ratings, commercial, references from other provider, and suggestion from family and friends.

Making Wonderful Customer Experiences For 17 years

In healthcare, customer service encompass more than the amount of time a patient spends interacting with a provider.

  • Many contact points and connections between the consumer and the healthcare provider make up the end-to-end customer experience.
  • Each of these experiences gives the organization the chance to shape the customer view of the quality and importance of the treatment he or she is providing.
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We take positive or negative any feed back from customers. Then we  recommend our health care service provider to update quality according to it.  .

BPOBD Team offers customer technical support, recruitment process outsourcing, & back office solutions from its Bangladeshi-based outsourcing call center. We also have Marketing materials, ads, magazine articles, and promotional materials, all types of marketing related call center solutions.

We gather correct and up to date scheduling data to assist in determine the most appropriate time to schedule the appointment for customers.

At BPOBD.COM, we hire a team of authorization specialist experience in the protocols and requirement for gaining authorization from the payer. Our knowledge able workforce will contact the payer and the checking physician, when applicable, to verify coverage and get authorization for products.

 Seldom there are circumstances when an item is on back order, meaning the manufacturer has not filled BPOBD’S purchase order and does not have enough inventory in stock to fulfill your order. BPOBD will ship upon receiving the back ordered items from the manufacturer. There are circumstances when an order may need to be shipped directly from the manufacturer. When an item is on back order, we are available to review your order and assist in identifying product substitution.

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