Payroll Processing

payroll processing

Our end to end payroll process services include:

  • Processing of payroll and payment
  • Compliance with payroll-related formal duties
  • Payment of employee withholdings and employer contributions
  • Maintaining database of all employees
  • Data entry of attendance, increment and changes in salary
  • Salary structure creation on the basis of Company norms
  • Updating Tax Deducted at Source and other deductions
  • Generation of reports
  • Data processing for recording payroll accounts and employee accruals in books
  • Calculation of paychecks and tax obligations based on employee time sheets

BPO Bangladesh has core competency in payroll processing which allows your company to focus on core tasks offering high flexibility, scalability and staffing. With our experienced team, we calculate accurate payroll processing by maintaining strict data privacy and security within time schedule.

Payroll Processing BPO

Effective payroll processing is an important part of an organization in order to enhance productivity and improve administration. It is one of the major functions of Human Resource department. But it can be a challenging task regarding volume, affordability, time complexity and legislation. For smooth payroll management, outsourcing can help you to save resource and get rid of the time consuming hassle of payroll processing without the need of manpower or infrastructure restrictions.

BPO Bangladesh with the combination of the latest software technology and expertise skills can assure you irreproachable payroll processing by gathering overall data of employees, obtaining timecard data, calculating the payment of each employee and then depositing that pay into their bank account or payroll check.

Steps followed to do payroll processing:

  • Set up their payroll software system with the company and its employee information, together with the owner’s payroll account and employee’s accounts for direct deposit
  • Request or acquire time data each pay period to input into their payroll software system.
  • Add new employee info and provide state needed new-hire reporting
  • Calculate the performance chart and gross pay by confirming hours worked each pay period as paid or unpaid
  • Work with your payroll, processing pre-tax deductions as well as post-tax deductions
  • Make deposits to employees’ accounts or mail or deliver paychecks and advices to your office or to employees’ homes
  • Pay all due payroll taxes and insurance
  • Provide business report