Medical Billing & Collection

HIPAA compliance

We work following HIPAA compliance standard and maintain strict data security measures so that your confidential data remain safe.

Assured accuracy

Data accuracy is maintained with highest quality management standard.

Minimal turnaround time

We ensure that all processes are completed within the deadline so that your revenue cycle remain productive and efficient.


We help you to scale up the resources according to your need and specifications to remain up to date with your financial health.

Proficiency in medical billing software

We are expert in using wide variety of latest medical billing software to ensure that your work gets completed without any hassles

Reduction in operating costs

We maintain standard procedure with regular follow up that can ensure cutting down on operating costs thereby reducing the number of denials.

Medical Billing & Collection Service

Administrative functions like medical billing and collection, insurance follow-up, claims processing can be burdensome which can be a hindrance to healthcare practice. To get the most profitable solution for this tedious job you can choose outsourcing your medical billing services.

Outsourcing your billing function can have a great impact in your healthcare organization functions. When you start outsourcing the entire process starting from patient administration to insurance follow up, to reimbursement of claims is taken care by the provider. Apart from cost saving it can help you to streamline your healthcare operations.

Our experienced and dedicated billing experts with in depth knowledge of various healthcare plans, billing processes, methods and its challenges can provide you with fully integrated medical billing solutions. Our service ensure regular follow-up with insurance companies and assure you with increased rate of reimbursements.

End-to-end Medical Billing Services

medical billing

Insurance & Pre-certification verification

The medical billing process starts when client sends patients list, demographic details and copies of the insurance card through email/fax or secure FTP. After the data is received, then our billing experts will verify the insurance eligibility and benefits before getting a pre certification for procedures and diagnostic tests. At the end pre certification is obtained.

Patient data entry

The demographic details such as name, birth date, insurance details, medical history, etc as provided by the patient are entered to the system by our medical billing specialists. For previous patients, if necessary then validation or modification is done to these details


Medical coding

Our expert coding team works according to CPT codes and ICD-10 coding compliance, so you can send your bills with or without coding we can help you to do medical coding perfectly and for already coded bills we can validate any necessary changes to prevent any denials.

 Medical fee charges entry

The medical fee charges are previously loaded and CPT and ICD-10 coding are entered into the practice management system. Then the billing specialists ensure that all necessary details has been provided in the claim and prepared to be filed.



Medical claims submission

Before submitting claims a thorough quality check is done by our billing specialist, and then the report is submitted. The rejection report that is received from the clearing house is also analyzed for necessary changes and after then the claims are prepared accordingly to submit.

Payment posting

All scanned EOBs/cheques payments are entered into the system for payment posting. The amounts posted in the system are reconciled on daily basis and a daily log is updated with these data.


Account receivables management

All claims are examined and priorities are set. Periodic follow up is done to get the status of each claim submitted to the insurance company.

Denial Management

Our medical billing team can provide you with thorough analysis of denials and partial payments that can facilitate to increase your revenue. Regular follow up is processed for denied, underpaid, pending and other improperly processed claims which are documented in the system. To deal with the denials patients, providers and other payers are contacted and secondary paper claims are processed


Patient statement generation

Our team remain engaged in follow up checks with patients for any pending balance due after the insurance claim is processed. The patient statement is generated and filed on weekly or monthly basis according to your requirement. The follow up procedure is mainly done through email and phone calls. If no response is received from the patient, then those balances is moved to collections by generating a report and send it to you for further action.


We mainly do monthly customized reports including insurance aging report, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) report with detailed information of your financial status and the duration of your claim payment cycle.