Simplify Your Outsource Medical Billing Services

Invoice and billing offshore outsourcing involves hiring a third party to handle medical billing tasks. We get in touch with the debtors, we give them a variety of payment options and discuss pre-authorized payment plans with them.

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Fully Integrated 8 Types Of Outsourced Debt, Invoice And Billing Collection Services.


1. Pre-Registration Our Clients

If a patient has already seen the physician, we essentially preregister them for their doctor's visit when they call to schedule an appointment.


2. Financial Responsibility

Once our accountant has all of the relevant information from the patient, their decision-making will be easy. We handle your money spent.


3. Check-In And Check-Out Of Patients

Patient check-in and also check-out are relatively simple. When the patient arrives we will be asked to fill out any paperwork & help to solve them.


4. Get Claims Ready & Billing Record

Our medical biller takes the billing record from our medical coder and also converts it to a paper claim into the appropriate practice.


5. E-Transection

It's worth noting that BPO Bangladesh doesn't ask doctors to perform any of their transactions electronically to allow standard transactions.


6. Avoid Errors

Manual claims can still be used by billers, but they have major disadvantages. Such as high error rate, inefficient, and longtime process.


7. Third-party services

BPO Bangladesh is a third-party agency or corporation that collects, reformats, and transmits claims from billers to payers.


8. Adjudication Monitor

When a lawsuit hits a payer, it goes through an adjudication process our payer reviews a medical claim and legitimate. Contact us today.

Ensure High-Quality In Medical Billing Process Without Compromise

Medical billing is an essential stage of the healthcare revenue cycle. However, because multiple healthcare providers, insurance companies, and also biller are involve. The medical billing process can take several days or month to complete. Our Medical billing, like medical coding, can seem to be a lengthy and also complicated procedure. But it is actually made up of eight basic steps. Registration, is one of our financial responsibility for the visit, patient check-in and check-out, checking for coding and billing enforcement, planning and transmitting claims, tracking payer adjudication, and also producing patient statement are our core responsibility in medical billing.



Our payer reviews a medical claim and determines whether it is legitimate and compliant during adjudication.

Handle Rejection


If vital patient information is missing from a claim, or if a treatment or diagnosis is miscoded. We handle those rejection.

Law and order


All government entities covered by our Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of get to serve.

Medical Billing Offshore Outsourcing Process in Bangladesh

Revenue Optimization With Accurate Medical Billing Outcome

Revenue Cycle Management For The Patient

The term financial obligation refers to who owes what for a specific doctor appointment.

Once our biller has all of the necessary information from the patient, he or she will decide which services are covered by the patient’s insurance plan.

Since insurance coverage varies greatly between businesses, individuals, and also policies, the biller must verify each patient’s coverage before correctly assigning the bill.

Our Certain facilities and prescription drugs are not covered by certain insurance policy.

If our treatment or service to be perform is not cover by our patient’s policy. The biller must inform our patient that they will be cover.

Overseas Medical Billing Outsourcing Works

Front-of-house procedures such as patient check-in and check-out are relatively simple. When your patient arrives, they will be asked to fill out any paperwork or check the details the doctor has on file. If this is not their first visit. In addition, your patient would be expect to present some kind of official identification. During patient check-in or check-out, our provider office will also do this activities:

Co-payments are often taken at the time of care, but also it is up to the provider to decide if the patient pays the copay before or after their appointment. The medical report from that patient’s visit is submitted to the medical coder after the patient checks out, also who abstracts and converts the details in the report. BPO Bangladesh report that contains demographic details about the patient. 


Insurance Plan

Our ability to bill a treatment is determined by the patient's insurance plan.


Profit Planning

We help you to get your profit from your billing service.


Coding Process

Our coder is usually responsible for the consistency of the coding process.


Project Reporting

We will plan the schedule how to overcome your billing process.

Compliant Paperwork For Medical Billing

Our paper claim form or enters it into the appropriate practice management or billing program. The expense of the procedures would also be include in the argument by Biller. They won't send the entire cost to the payer; instead, they'll send the sum they expect the payer to pay, as specified in the payer's contract with the patient and provider.

  1. We ensuring that we meets all compliance requirements, including coding and format.
  2. Our biller must check the codes to ensure that the procedures coded are billable.

Get Billing Registration Service Today! Online invoicing made easy

Claims also provide information about the provider. which is identify using a Registration number.

  • Some statements may also contain a Place of Service code. Which specifies the type of medical facility where the services were render.
  • Usually, billers must adhere to the Health Insurance Portability and guidelines.
  • Billers must also ensure that the bill complies with billing enforcement requirements.

FAQ - Outsourced Billing & Collections

The 2 main reasons organizations decide to outsource are: one is to reduce costs and have the ability to focus on healthcare goals and also second is insurance plans.

Billing and coding requirements vary from one customer to another and depend on various factors. For this reason, BPOBD propose highly customized services for each of our customers at affordable rates

The main industries for healthcare are  consumer and industrial products, financial services, life sciences, and healthcare, as well as technology, media etc.

The setup process begins once you sign the contract. From our previous experiences, the process takes 3 – 7 days for most physicians. After reviewing your medical facility we can give you a more accurate approximation.

You can use a high-speed duplex scanner to scan the data to our servers, where it becomes entered into our processing systems.

Filing claims electronically is a time saver and a paper claims submission takes 90-120 days, whereas average electronic claims filing will get you the repayment from the insurance companies within 7-21 days. Time can further be deduct if you use all our medical billing service. Plus there are no additional charges for electronic transmission of claims.

Ensured Reimbursement For Offshore Medical Billing Services In The Timeliest Fashion.

We are here for  fast and also simple process to get medical billing service for you. we will give you information to get start.