Right Facilities to Manage Expat Workers

Our Facility Managers (FMs) are the facilities and operations professional experts who delivers a wide range of building-related services and direct operations to include large aspects of commercial and residential buildings and related building systems.

We Offer 6 Approaches to Make Facilities Safe, Secure, Functional, and Resilient for Foreign Employees

1. Accommodation Support

We deliver a wide range of building-related services, manage physical resources such as critical building systems, and direct operations in office and residential properties.

2. Optimized for Efficiency

We have Integrated, Smart and Efficient Energy & Building Intelligence Innovative facility management Solutions that are Optimize Efficiency with our experienced team.

3. Facility Management

Our operations are environmental friendly and legal & statutory requirements on labor, health and safety are followed through specialist, innovative sustainable facilities management solution.

4. Corporate Rentals

Foreign company running Business in Bangladesh, planning to provide vehicle, car or transpiration facility to it's employee, We can support your operations through the provision of business car leasing. We have most affordable yet brand new car.

5. Furnished Apartment

We have Fully Furnished & Serviced Apartment for short or long term rentals & extended stay suits, corporate housing, or fully furnished apartments, we offer a comfortable, affordable alternative to conventional basis rental in Dhaka.

6. Short/Long Rental

We’ve got 5 self-catering accommodation options in Bangladesh where you can freely choose for both Short / Long terms based Accommodation in Fully Furnished service Apartment / home in anywhere in Dhaka.

Go Beyond Keeping Amenities Quality UP & Drive Your Business Forward

BPO-Bangladesh promotes a holistic life-cycle approach to managing facilities with the highest standards of integrity, dependability, attention to detail, also teamwork. And cooperation while accepting the need to travel, to live overseas, and when necessary, to live away from family. Hence we consistently run maintenance and also repair services, minor renovation and construction, equipment replacement projects, reviewing contractor invoices for contract compliance, analyzing. And negotiating contractor claim and change order requests, compliance with manufacturers and contractor guaranties and also warrantie.

Our professional team has a set of demonstrated knowledge of architectural and engineering drawings and designs, also building information modeling, building codes, fire/life safety detection and suppression systems, environmental management best practices and also procedures applicable to facility management, minor renovation and also construction projects.

Financial Management

We deal with financial matters related to the day to day operation , including budgeting, accounting, cashiering, accommodation exchange, vendor payments, and also travel claims.

PEO Facilities
Human Resources Manager

Our HR team oversee time and attendance and implements policies and also procedures which conform to local labor regulations and also provide recruitment, and recognition support to foreign employees.

Accommodation Type

We provide Accommodations which are classified into six types, base on your requirements. This can be arranged (1) Hotel, (2) Tourist Guest House, (3) Tourist Villa, (4) Tourist Village, (5) Tourist Apartment, and also (6) Tourist Camping for expats.

Facilities and service
ITO and Communications

Our FM makes sure all data and voice communications systems across video, radio, satellite, computer, and all IT communications equipment. The offices strives to keep communication secured with also 99% high uptime.


Enjoy Your Best-in-Class Service Office in Bangladesh

We provide our clients with customized service solutions that fit their unique needs. The only way to ensure we can deliver this solution is by utilizing the skills and also talents of our most important resource, also our people.

We believe that combining training and HR processes that empower employees. Our unique self-delivery model and our expertise and also best-practices form the best foundation to give our employees a sense of purpose and also personal accountability.

Hence We provide highly Integrated Facility Management Services such as business process outsourcing, Property Services, Catering Services, Security and safely protraction, Cleaning Services, Workplace Management, Workplace Experience, Human or Capital Projects, Energy and also Sustainability, Health Safety Environment and Quality, Critical Environment, SMART Cleaning, and also Technical Services in Bangladesh.

According to our experiences, we found that, a well-kept and well-maintained business environment helps improve productivity, happiness quotient and your employee morale.

Our team can assist you achieving it as needed.

If you are seeking office to set up business and also expect to get the most impressive benefit. The best choice for startup business in Bangladesh. Hence We can recovery your business with smart Office and consult Work permit and visa at initial low investment.

We consider for the height standards in selecting location, arrangement and construction of any facilities. Issues here include consideration of a safe and healthy location, application of appropriate construction standards. Provision of adequate and sanitary living conditions and provision of appropriate leisure and also health facilities.

After finalizing the accommodation and approve by you. We focus on few issues around its operation and management. These include the type of staff who will manage it, development of appropriate management policies. Such as security and also grievance procedures, and ongoing liaison with local communities. All such policies will be align and set subject to your regular prior review and approval.

After finalizing the accommodation and also approve by you, we focus on few issues around its operation and management. These include the type of staff who will manage it, development of appropriate management policies. Such as security and grievance procedures, and also ongoing liaison with local communities.

Well-Designed Accommodation and Cost-effective Transportation Service For Foreign Expats.

We can arrange accommodation for family or kid’s schools transportation facilities for International moving workers / work places of a foreign any company. Hence We can also assist obtaining visa and work permits. 

A multinational company when you have a foreign staff are working also who are intending to relocate to Dhaka. We are here to calm your jittery nerves. When moving to a new city like Dhaka, obviously you have to consider the location based on safety, and community, nearby conveniences, price, transportation and also other factors. Our professional Facility Management Services in Dhaka where you can enjoy working as a also foreigner.

Dhaka, Sylhet and Chittagong is a fast growing and also business  developing city. As the economy of Bangladesh grows at a rapid pace,  these cities are also seeing a greater influx of expatriates, and also this growth will continue. You might find yourself a beautiful home even outside the mentioned areas also. So feel free to check out other locations as well.

FAQ For Expat Facilities Management Services

If you are planning to stay and work in Dhaka for long term. Then Bashundhara  would be the best residential area for you. Along with the airport, Gulshan, Banani and alos Baridhara these most commercial areas are just a few minutes away from Bashundhora and this is a top most choice of expatriates, who particularly require everything in one place. Hence Not only will they get gorgeous apartments, also get access to great universities, schools, grocery stores, restaurants, banks, offices, hospitals, and also shopping malls, everything in one place.

Facilities training

Expat training benefits your employees to recognize how their new culture affects their social and professional connections. Also Then teach them everything that’s are important to know to survive in this country. Moreover, encourage them to develop the abilities they’ll need to adapt to their new living and also working situation.

Recruitment Procedure, Employee Retention and also Motivation, Skill Development Training. And Obtaining Corporate Culture are the most common issues. Also  That are challenging for HR departments today.

Fail-safe salary, job roles, headquarters’ support; hosting environment features; and social adjustment are all characteristics that also influence expatriate performance.

Personality factors that helps an expatriate to adapt new environment are: Interpersonal Skills, and also Social Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Strong Competence, Intercultural Adaptability, Communication Skills, Versatility, Leadership, and also Patience.

The staff and his immediate family are cover by local or international health insurance also as per the host country (Bangladesh) policy.

Performance Appraisal for Expat workers will be in accordance with host country (Bangladesh) also policy (as per corporate policy).

When You Are Busy Moving as Expatriate, We've Got Your Back.

Enjoy Our most affordable yet high-standard accommodation and transportation facilities.