Typing Transcription Services

Do you want to outsource transcription to a BPO? Here is where you need to be. Organizations can benefit from hiring a transcriptionist, or even a team of transcriptionists, to support a range of processes and roles.

About Us

Our transcription services and different audio to text offerings square measure typically chosen owing to our glorious name for correct transcription and dealing with various dialects.We also process large volumes of audio and video recordings.

Rates & Pricing

The standard transcription service offered by Way With Words is based on the price per audio or video minute.
A variety of options and turnaround times are available to choose from to determine the price.
The more time taken to complete the project and the fewer options selected, the cheaper it will be.

• You can view our rates and prices online for audio transcription.
• Prices & Rates for Video Transcription online.
• Our captioning rates are also calculated per video minute, while our custom audio to text solution pricing is negotiable based on your volume requirements and service terms.
• Our online Captioning Rates & Prices can be viewed here.
• You can request our machine transcription polishing service by completing the Machine Transcription Services Form.
• Send us your request for our speech collection services using our Speech Collection Form Our Clients.
• We serve a broad range of clients, ranging from individuals to businesses and governments.


Services for Data Visualization

Why choose us?

There are so many reasons to choose Translation Services BPO BD

1. We have years of experience in the industry.
2. Transcripts are available in a variety of formats.
3. All transcripts are guaranteed to be accurate.

4. We provide ongoing training for our transcriptionists.
5. We are committed to privacy and security.
6. We are committed to excellence.

How does our transcription service work?

It couldn’t be easier for our clients to use our transcription service. Please let us know what you need first. A transcriber from our company is then assigned to you. We provide you with a free quote so that you always know what to expect.

You then place your order. We begin working on your transcription as soon as we receive your order. You will have your transcribed documents before you know it. We meet our deadlines and stay within our  budget.

How Does Our Transcription Service Work

Contractor Teams

We select contractors from thousands of applications each month through a dedicated job portal who are all first language experts.

We train all applicants to meet the exacting standards of our clients, verifies their identification, and signs highly confidential agreements with them.

Contact Information

Please contact us at info@bpo.com.bd if you have any questions about the Terms of Service.