Expatriate HR and Payroll

BPO-Bangladesh provides executive expatriate relocations, better salary, better living environment, facility Management and more Payroll & Human Resource Administration Services in Bangladesh.

A professional employer organization (PEO)

Bangladesh PEO & Employer of Record Services.


We offer is a complete human capital management system in the cloud as 100% Automated service. Our 360 degree HR Services covers core Administration support to hire, employ and manage local staff.


Our Payroll Outsourcing Services includes Time and attendance monitoring, Payslip Generation, Updated report on payroll and tax, Handling labor management related issues, Employer access to employees' time record etc.


Foreign nationals must have a business visa or E-VISA and a work permit to work legally in Bangladesh. As we're host-country experience, We can assist expat to pay reasonable taxes and avoid double taxation.


BPO-Bangladesh provides end-to-end & hassle-free outsourced HR and payroll outsourcing services for small businesses, medium-size to large companies that seamlessly integrate to your existing HR and accounting processes.


Our Employer of Record (EOR) solutions is designed for payroll and ensuring that all necessary withholding and deductions are to be made. It's cost-effective, and highly compliant, international expansion tool than setting up own company.


Our Employee Recruiting Services includes Recruitment, selection, and deployment, Orientation and training, Termination and redundancy control Compensation programs, Management and legal reports.

HR and Payroll: Recruitment, Benefits, and Compensation.

Expats Worker Management

We can assist you hiring the employees directly in a process called co-employment or joint employment. This makes processing payroll, tax, benefits and insurance far easier. 

We support your employees from the point of hire all the way to retirement  – covering staffing, employment contracts, offer letters, employee handbooks, employment law advisory, compensation and benefits, terminations (when required), and more.


Hiring employees

Ensure that you are aware of Bangladeshi employment law before hiring staff by viewing our short presentation below, created by our HR team.


Payroll Outsourcing

We carry out monthly remunerations process, private and general payroll, for our international clients. Payroll activities are directly supervised by our Human Resources area and Tax and Legal area.


Employer of Record

BPOBD contract the employees / Independent Professional on your behalf, and will become their legal Employer of Record, allowing you to focus on managing and growing your business.


PEO Solution

If you do not wish to setup and maintain a local company, we offer a PEO Solution which allows you to hire local staff without the administrative and HR burden.

Expats Worker Management

PEO Services | Employer of Record Solutions

BPOBD is a professional employer organisation (PEO), and can act as the official employer of your staff in Bangladesh while you expand your business. Our Solutions will undertake all the HR Management, Online Payslip, HRM administrative requirements, and Prepare Employer & Employee Individual Tax Returns which allow you to focus more on income-generating activities and maintaining your business' competitive edge.

Our Human Resource Outsourcing Services you will get following additional advantages:

BPO-Bangladesh HR team can assist in posting job descriptions and interviewing on your behalf, while our trusted network of recruiting firms can headhunt candidates. Whether you are relocating an existing employee or making a fresh recruitment , our complete employment services provide an ideal first step to expansion.

HR Consulting and Payroll Services

We are a one-stop solution provide of managing end-to-end payroll services of local employees and expats, handling tax and statutory compliances, labour compliance and payroll consulting services in Bangladesh. We focus and work with  outsourced employees , their placement & replacement as per client specifications, whether they are in Bangladesh, 

BPOBD’S experienced professionals looks after the Outsourced staffs’ Employment records/files, salary & benefits Management, Promotions and Increments, regulatory & statutory requirements and all disciplinary & Performance Management matters for our clients.

We specialize in the “tangible” side of HR Employment Contracts, Employee Handbooks, Expatriation, Local Labor Law, Social Security, Remuneration and Benefits, and Terminations.  

We have a wide network covering over 12 cities for Employer of Record services (sometimes called PEO services) -our local partners will employ staff on clients’ behalf, so they do not have to immediately make the commitment of setting up a branch or subsidiary in Bangladesh.

We can assist by providing salary  Calculation, deduction TDS and reporting of social charges, preparation of Withholding Tax on Compensation and submission of the  VAT / TAX and PF Contributions and Monthly returns. 

Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Services.

With Omnipresent it's fast and simple to employ remote talent any city in Bangladesh. Let us take care of payroll, benefits, compliance, taxes, and admin to free up your time.

Employment outsourcing or temporary /  contractual employees’ outsourcing, or manpower recruitment  is a practice that many companies around the country are adopting to achieve greater organizational flexibility, improved efficiency, reduced overheads and a hassle free Human Resource Management. Employment Outsourcing effectively relieves the Management from employees’ day to day HR operations, saving them valuable time and enabling them to focus on more strategic and value adding initiatives.

Expatriate at a Leading Facilities Services.

Deep expertise in E-visas, work permits, Expats relocation and expatriate tax Submission. We ensure strictest compliance with visa and immigration needs, handle all the documentation needs and also assist with relocation as required.