Employee Background Screening Services

Background and History Checks (National, Federal, International, etc.) Social and Criminal Security Number Trace + Address History. Instution and Employer Identification Check.

Checks on info such as work history, Education , Criminal Records, Previous Employer, Medical Records, References.

BPO-Bangladesh provides global background check services that are a strategic choice for companies who need precision and compliance in their background screening programs. The benefits of our background check services make it quicker time-to-hire, lower cost-to-fill, safer hires, and a streamlined process. Companies all over the globe trust BPOBD to conduct the screening of their staff and workforces. Our Services:

Outsource Professional Employment and Recruitment Functions to Administrative Service Organization

We offer flexible, Employee Background Verification, employment screening solutions and tests, encompassing various more service.

Our Top Services Designed by Professionals to best suit your standards.

Having the world’s most leading background check technologies and constant investigative services (both digital and standard), only BPO Bangladesh confirms you the nearest thing to total accuracy. That’s why so many Fortune companies—across all industries—turn to BPOBD for all their pre-and post-employment screening requirements.

  • Total commitment to legal and government compliance, privacy and security
  •  Advance technology integration’s into candidate tracking (ATS) and human resource information systems
  •  NAPBS certified, the gold standard in the background verification industry, for the highest levels of quality, compliance and privacy

Compliance. BPO-Bangladesh is a High standard Compliant Background Screening Service Provider, with expert professionals and years of experience in various fields of industries and aspects

Technology. Our services are designed to be more technology-focused, so the overall screening means are more streamlined and modernized (meaning less paperwork for you and your job candidates!).

Customer Support: If you or a candidate have any questions about a particular step in the background check process, you’re going to want to reach out to someone who can help when you actually need it, and therefore we provide constant customer service 24/7. That way the process won’t be unnecessarily delayed and work gets done easily.

Online Screening: We take a deep drive and scan the Social media profiles of the potential candidates, and commonly what comes up on a search is easily adequate for a recruiter or employing manager to run. And these searches usually are a great indicator for any red flags

Using BPOBD as your compliant screening provider will help you adjust your recruiting efforts on the top applicants, choose with more confidence, stay pliant with the latest screening laws, and create a safe and more diverse practical environment — all while staying productive in your recruiting attempts and building a more seamless and productive application process for your applicants.

  • Keep a consistent process
  • Various Types and Sizes of Businesses
  • Cost and time
  • Better hiring overall experience 
  • Obtain a safe working environment
  • Fast, Efficient and Reliable
  • Background Screening
  • Criminal Records Check
  • Pre Employment Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Reference Check
  • Titles held
  • Salary
  • Job duties or description
  • Reason for termination or leaving the company
  • National criminal databases and records
  • Drug and Alcohol Screening
  • Sexual Offender Registry Check
  • Credit Background Check
  • Social Media & Internet Scan
  • Driving Record
  • Professional License & Certificate Confirmation
  • Social Security Number Trace
  • Employment Verification Checks
  • Skills and Cognitive Tests
  • Software Integrations
  • Domestic and global terrorist watch lists

Background Checks, Pre-Employment Background Check

Our expert Background Check Services help employers select experienced and trustworthy employees. Also, they are essential for creating a safe and fruitful work environment. A successful background check plan helps preserve and strengthen a company’s profits, both now and with each new employee, a company hires. Because of this, BPOBD provides a secure, compliant, and dependable background screening process for a companies’ employees. Screening Program includes:

  • Drug Testing & Alcohol Checks
  •  Sanctions, Risk & Compliance Inspections
  •  Education, Employment & Reference Verifications
  •  Driving History and Motor Vehicle Records
  •  Social Media Background Checks
  •  Identity and Authentication Checks
  •  Sex Offender Registry Tests
  •  Federal Criminal Records Search

First Rate Background And Screening Specialized Processes

Background Screening and  Customized Screening Services, E-Verification, Compliance Management with Specialized Employment Verification, Health & Medical Records Checkups.

Having our professionals handle and administrate your background checks doesn’t just take care of the process—it also provides you with proficient information data. Our services offer a standardized manner that manages every case impartially. We concentrate only on the data and save your HR department’s time and energy, enabling them to focus on core parts of your business. Our expert screening team will work with you to form a safe workspace and fulfil all the Verification requirements you have, our quality services.


Providing the resources, skillset and knowledge necessary for employers and companies to ensure a Safe Hiring Program.

Obtain the best quality work staff with the right services with BPOBD:


Identify past criminal records or lack thereof so that you can hire with confidence


Determining the qualification for driving or maintaining a company or personal vehicle for industrial use.


Checking from past workplace accidents, Medical and health care Conditions.


Verifying your candidate’s identity, address history and personal Information.


Identifying any substance abuse form personal history, workplace accidents, medical reports.


Identifying criminal convictions or past data and information to verify compliance with laws and regulations.

Comprehensive background screening services that enable you to make safe and Informed Recruiting Solution.

We work towards establishing the company's deep commitment to compliance, technical modernization, and the agility to respond to constant modifications and changes in the background screening aspect.

Take Your Best Hiring Decisions Services with BPOBD Associates

Identity checks, employment history, education and certifications, criminal records, drug testing and much more!