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A good employee background checking service is more important than ever. Our company is first and foremost a technology company, so we know how to make user experiences delightful. We automate many common workflows so you can save time setting up your account.

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BPO-Bangladesh provides global background check services that are a strategic choice for companies who need precision and compliance in their background screening programs. The benefits of our background check services make it quicker time-to-hire, lower cost-to-fill, safer hires, and a streamlined process. Companies all over the globe trust Bpo.com.bd to conduct the screening of their staff and workforces. Our Services:


We Offer Flexible, Employee Background Verification & Employment Screening Solutions

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Having the world’s most leading background check technologies and constant investigative services (both digital and standard), only BPO Bangladesh confirms you the nearest thing to total accuracy. That’s why so many Fortune companies—across all industries—turn to Bpo.com.bd for all their pre-and post-employment screening requirements.

  1. Total commitment to legal and government compliance, privacy and security
  2.  Advance technology integration’s into candidate tracking (ATS) and human resource information systems
  3.  NAPBS certified, the gold standard in the background verification industry, for the highest levels of quality, compliance and privacy

Using BPOBD as your compliant screening provider will help you adjust your recruiting efforts on the top applicants, choose with more confidence, stay pliant with the latest screening laws, and create a safe and more diverse practical environment — all while staying productive in your recruiting attempts and building a more seamless and productive application process for your applicants.

  1. Keep a consistent process
  2. Various Types and Sizes of Businesses
  3. Cost and time
  4. Better hiring overall experience 
  5. Obtain a safe working environment
  6. Fast, Efficient and Reliable

Background Check and Pre-Employeement Background Check Services

A guide to pre-employment background checks: companies, price, pitfalls and more


Our expert Background Check Services help employers select experienced and trustworthy employees. Also, they are essential for creating a safe and fruitful work environment. A successful background check plan helps preserve and strengthen a company’s profits, both now and with each new employee, a company hires. Because of this, Bpo.com.bd provides a secure, compliant, and dependable background screening process for a companies’ employees. Screening Program includes:

  1. Drug Testing & Alcohol Checks
  2.  Sanctions, Risk & Compliance Inspections
  3.  Education, Employment & Reference Verifications
  4.  Driving History and Motor Vehicle Records
  5.  Social Media Background Checks
  6.  Identity and Authentication Checks
  7.  Sex Offender Registry Tests
  8.  Federal Criminal Records Search

1. Education and Job History Checks


3. International Background Screening


5. Verifications, Licenses and References Check


2. Drugs and Criminal Record Checks


4. Civil and Identity Record Screening Insights


6. Medical and Health Screening and Tests

We Provide the Best 6 Resources and Knowledge Services For Employee Background Checks and Ensure a Safe Hiring Program

Obtain the best quality work staff with the right services with us


1. Criminal Records

Identify past criminal records or lack thereof so that you can hire with confidence


2. Driving Records

Determining the qualification for driving or maintaining a company or personal vehicle for industrial use.


3. Medical Records

Checking from past workplace accidents, Medical and health care Conditions.


4. Identity Authentication

Verifying your candidate’s identity, address history and personal Information.


5. Drug Test Results

Identifying any substance abuse form personal history, workplace accidents, medical reports.


6. Sex Offender Information

Identifying criminal convictions or past data and information to verify compliance with laws and regulations.

Comprehensive Background Employee Screening Services that Enable You to Make Safe and Informed Recruiting Solution

We work towards establishing the company's deep commitment to compliance, technical modernization, and the agility to respond to constant modifications and changes in the background screening aspect.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Employment Background Check

Depending on the type of background check requested, BPO BD collects different information. We need the following information to provide accurate results and protect your privacy:

Driver’s legal name

Information on the License

Year of birth

Address of residence

Number assigned by the Social Security Administration

We collect prior employment and school details (such as name and phone number) if the background check includes an employer or education verification.

A background check may include verification of your employment history to certify that you have the appropriate background and skills for the position which you have explained to the employer. An employer will typically verify the job title, start and end dates, and salary for each position. The employer may also ask for the reason for the termination, as well as whether the candidate is eligible for rehire.

It all depends on how broad and deep a background check is required. Sterling provides the most comprehensive and accurate criminal background checks available. The cost of such a check can range from around $50 to several hundreds of dollars, depending on the intricacy of the screening. Integrating a Sterling screening service into your applicant tracking system or talent management system is generally the best and most cost-effective option if you do a large number of background checks on a regular basis.

Three exclusive technologies are combined into one complete solution in our Complete Criminal Locator tool. For starters, our ArrestDirect finder broadens the scope of a criminal records search for arrest records and convictions by looking for potential aliases and addresses on a Social Security Number Trace. Then, using our expanded countrywide criminal records search, we can extract information from millions of documents. The SSN Trace is then used to locate further records and double-check the data. All of this adds up to the most comprehensive criminal records search in the market, with up to 20% more data found.

You Can Tailor Your Background Checking Process to the Unique Roles and Regulations of Every Industry.