Prevent Further Crisis With Third Party Inspection and Quality Services

We are a local company that provides third-party inspection and quality control services. In Bangladesh, we offer soft line and hard line inspection services. We work as a team and have a third-party inspector on staff who may inspect and report on the same day. We also offer independent inspection services.

BPO-Bangladeh Services

Third Party Inspection And Quality Management: Save You Time When You Have None

Whether you’re working on products, projects, or procedures, you’ll need a trustworthy third party to guarantee that your legal requirements and the standards you expect are followed at every level. Our complete variety of world-class third-party inspection and quality services assists your company in reducing risk, controlling quality and quantity, and complying with all necessary regulatory requirements across various locations and markets.

Our inspection and quality control services in Bangladesh are highly valued by our global client base, which includes clients from all five continents. They provide prompt communication, reliability, and eliminate guessing. Even if you’re halfway around the world, our thorough, video, and graphical QC Inspection Reports transport you to the factory. Let us put an end to your guesswork and insecurity.

We evaluate products in the categories of home decor, furniture, clothes, garments, and footwear on a regular basis. A rising range of electronic (mobile device, accessories), electrical (home appliance, lighting, etc.) and industrial (mechanical, components, and construction equipment) products are also inspected by us.

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By minimizing costly business losses such as product returns and disgruntled consumers, our product inspection services can save your company both time and money. Let us help you avoid import risks with a pre-shipment inspection. At Global Inspection Managing, we are committed to following acceptable business procedures based on international standards.

We provide manufacturing and ethical audits to ensure that your suppliers are completely vetted before you place an order with them. While carefully studying any certificates and documentation offered, we can learn about a factory’s manufacturing capacity, how they keep products, what administrative system they employ, and their environmental and social performance.

Our food inspection services will ensure that any fresh produce supplied by our clients is free of contaminants and fully safe to eat. We offer inspection services focused on the production of fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals, nuts, grains, corn, beans, seafood, meat, and poultry. We also make certain that your items are stored in a safe atmosphere throughout the inspection so that they don’t get ruined.

At Global Inspection Managing, we understand the importance of lab testing in the manufacturing process, which is why we only hire the most qualified experts to test your products and ensure that they meet the regulatory and safety requirements of the market you’re targeting, avoiding costly recalls or hefty fines down the road.

Our Services Bring Core Benefits At Your Doorstep To Develop Your Brand

1. Avoid High-Cost Product Defects and Delays in Shipping: By discovering non-conformances throughout the manufacturing cycle, our third-party inspections and quality control (QC) reduce the quantity of costly faults.

2. Determine or investigate corrective actions:
Inspection quality services enable you to assess the overall quality of your order and determine whether any corrective measures are required before any products leave the facility.

3. Keep your company’s name and reputation safe: Customers complain about substandard items, and your reputation suffers as a result. Inspections of product quality help to ensure that customers are satisfied on a constant basis with 24 hours customer care support.

FAQs For Third Party Inspection And Quality

BPO BD has a unique double-checking and control method to keep track of inspections. The QC Supervisor will conduct a double inspection on 5% of the inspection cases. In turn, we’ll allocate various QC to different factories.

It is recommended that a buffer period of at least 2-3 days be set up for the generation and evaluation of inspection reports, so that any issues discovered during the inspection can be addressed prior to shipment.

After the inspection, you may receive the report within 24 hours. Because factory audits take longer to evaluate and prove from all angles when analyzing a facility, the report is accessible three days following the audit.

The shipment is inspected by BPO BD in accordance with AQL rules and all customer criteria. The outcome is then forwarded to the client for review before deciding whether or not to release the shipment. Because each customer’s quality/defect threshold varies, the client will make the decision and notify the provider.

Third Party Inspection And Quality Control Management Services for Factory Audit, Supply Chain Management

We have an expert team of professionals that are experts in a given product category and are strategically placed near major production hubs so that we can get to your plant on time.