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BPO-Bangladeh Services

CCTV Monitoring Software And Surveillance Integrated; Modernized with Onsite Access Control; Perimeter Alarm Systems.

Companies encounter several challenges when it comes to the safety of their organization, their assets, and their staff; we provide the exact services you require such as: preventing and reducing the chances of burglary in your company, solutions that will help you in improving employee productivity, settling internal business disputes and reducing on security-related expenses.

Through our Constant Expert Monitoring services, our IT safety specialists can at once spot and fix on-site security vulnerabilities. We monitor throughout the whole structure, making sure smoothness of the work and no dysfunctionalities. We also issue real-time alerts and warnings and notify local authorities, officials, when security violations occur to warn potential invaders and restrain them from practicing any anti-social, harmful or offensive behaviour.

We also alert real-time alarms and inform local officials when security violations occur alerting them about the potential invaders and prevent them from committing any harmful acts, therefore helping you obtain a safe environment.

Why you should choose Open Access BPO

Live-action and identification through safety specialists and of interventions through a comprehensive and profoundly expert CCTV inspection service:

BPOBD has more than 180 CCTV surveillance experts and merged with supervision experience and expertise of over 100 years. Therefore outsourcing CCTV monitoring services to us means you get 100% satisfaction.

Our expert servicing team helps you obtain the highest levels of security with highly efficient dashboards and real-time alerts through calls, phone, email, messages and local alerts and much more.

Don’t worry about the budget, we have a solution for you. Our CCTV remote monitoring services are based on a flexible pricing model, which is ideal for every business type and includes the number of monitoring hours, quantity of operators and supervisors, position coverage and surveillance, location, quality service, and much more

We can save your business records from unplanned interruptions, deception or fraud. Our agencies, delivery stations, tools, and systems are completely solid, protecting your data, reports, information, documents and more from safety violations.

Outsourcing CCTV monitoring services to our expert team, you will receive high-quality services. Our team can protect your firm from any theft, deception, fraud, robbery and undesirable activities and manage things, especially throughout nighttime/rest time, and proactively control vacant and potentially harmful situations.

We not only focus on what’s happening inside your business zone but also deeply understand your business and manifest how you can improve the effectiveness of employees and enhance their productivity. Our expert suggestions and data statistics will help you simplify the activities of your business. Therefore, providing every possible service aspect your business needs.

CCTV camera technology for Optimal Surveillance Services, Network Bandwidth Systems, and Cost-Efficiency. Centralized and Decentralize Technology Services

BPO-Bangladesh has been a principal provider of CCTV monitoring services to its global customers. Our monitoring staff supervises and regulates the use of CCTV and provides 24/7 surveillance at the sites. We ensure that we follow the site policies, guidelines, regulations, and systems in the monitoring of the location and its sites via camera.

We are among the top leading quality service provider of monitoring and surveillance and assist companies to identify gaps in the security systems and help them have a safe and protected workspace.

Monitoring and Inspection systems linked to other software systems for high personal/ identification Examination, call tree applications, crisis administration and Surveillance.

BPOBD helps your streamline all your operations and help you obtain the best security services and best assist you and your organization to work effectively without worrying about the safety of the firm. We specialize in providing services in Private residences, Mobile tower, Warehouses, Empty properties, Banks, ATMs, Factories, Commercial assets, Schools, Office, Remote Working Area