Grab Professional Call Center Services and Take The Lead

We are a professional BPO Services Provider company in Bangladesh offering globally competitive customer B2B and B2C call center and lead generation support.

Our Premium Call Center Support fall into 3 categories



BPOBD Inbound Call Centers will handle your incoming calls and save you time and money.

Our inbound call center services include:

1. Answering Services

2. Contact Tracing Services

3. Customer Service and Support

4. Hotline Services (SOX, Corporate)

5. Order Processing

6. Data Breach Services

7.Virtual Receptionist

8. Dispatch Services

9. Appointment Management

10. Direct Response Marketing Support

11. Disaster Response

12. Emergency Call Center Services

13. Recall Services

14. Live Chat



Outbound – Increase sales and revenue with BPOBD Outbound Call Center Services.

Our outbound call center services include:

1. Appointment Setting

2. Contact Tracing Services

3. Business Solutions

4. Payment Protection Program Sales

5. Collection Reminders

6. Seminar and Event Registration

7. Lead Generation & Qualification

8. Licensed Insurance Sales

9. Market Research Data Collection

10.TouchPoint Consultant Services

11. Telemarketing

12. Telesales Services

13. Telesales Services

14. Warranty Program Sales



Automated (Electronic) – AnswerNet’s Automated Call Center Services offer solutions.

Our Automated (Electronic) call center include:

1. Voicemail Services

2. Interactive Voice Response

3. Follow Me Services

4. Dealer Locator

5. Holiday Greeting

6. SMS Text Messaging

7. Appointment Reminders

8. Online Appointment Scheduling

9. Support for Click-to-Message Ads

10. Check In Services

11. Clock In / Call Out Services

12. Email Management

13. Voiceover Talent

14. Fax

ServicesOur Best Call Center Services That Make Your Dream Success


1.Customer support

Customer Support is 1st priority of our call center outsourcing service and communication is key to our business. We managed your call with precision, on 24x7x365 days.


2.Lead Generation

Lead generation is the marketing process that creates the interest among target audience. Our call center follows the soft lead generation process to generate potential leads.


Answering Service

We are ready to provide a direct responsive answering service. As an experienced team, we will ensure to provide high-quality services to meet the goal of answering services.


4.Back-Office Proces

Back Office Processing is our major service. Our call center back-office processes some of the critical administrative roles in an organization technology, accounting, CRM, bookkeeping, Inventory, Human Resource & much more.


5.Consulting Service

We provide the best consulting services & must first consider the goals of the company and clients. Before providing solutions, we work with key stakeholders to give them a deep understanding of the unique challenges facing the organization.


Data Processing

Data processing is a must have in an organization of any size, BPOBD offers reliable, affordable and accurate data entry services. We have well trained experts who incorporates best in class technology to guarantee over 99% accuracy in data entry.

About Us

Why you should choose Open Access BPO

BPOBD offers the broadest selection of call center services and experience in the market.

Your individual needs are the focus of our program design and delivery. We customize our services to fit your business needs. No account is too small or too large.

Why you should choose Open Access BPO

FAQs For Call Center Services

BPOBD has been offering call focus answers for as far back as 20 years. We offer excellent call community administrations to our clients around the world.

Greater part of our customers are from English talking countries like US and UK, yet we have prepared staff who can banter in various dialects like French, Spanish, German, and Dutch among others. Also, we have conveyance focuses across the globe, and have the capacity to enlist local language speakers for any special prerequisites.

We never think twice about your information, Mastercard subtleties, logins and passwords, and other private data. Our representatives are settled on to consent to a non-revelation arrangement before they begin working with BPOBD, and any infringement are seriously managed. You can be guaranteed of your business’ security with us. Peruse more about call place security at BPOBD

Every one of the approaching calls are moved to the voice message during non-administration hours or when the telephone lines are occupied. Our representatives react to those voice messages when the lines are free again, henceforth a call is rarely left unattended.

Our representatives are not urged to offer advantageous types of assistance or perform various tasks, as this will move their concentration and influence the nature of our administrations. Likewise, we are charged on ideal premise, so performing multiple tasks will be out of line to the customer.

Choose Our High Qualified Call Center Services

Customized solutions are available for any business. Virtually any business process that can be performed via phone or web can be outsourced to BPOBD